Monday, August 27, 2007

A Good Friend

This is my new friend CJ. He comes over three times a week. I love every minute of it! Just look what he does! He pushes me around in his walker! It's such a wild and exciting ride. I never know what to expect! He's really good at what he does! I think I'm actually the one who's supposed to do the work but this seems better! CJ, you're gonna be a good friend!

Stopping for a Quick Picture

Admist all the fun, mommy insisted we stop for a quick picture. So, even though we weren't thrilled to, we decided to comply. I told CJ this was normal and to just go with it.

Checkin' Things Out

CJ was wondering if his daddy was here yet so I said, "Just push me over to the window and I'll check things out for you ol' buddy." And that he did. He's a real smart guy! But no daddy yet.

An Unhappy Rider

Well, CJ decided to take a short break...I don't know why! And I was unhappy about that. Mommy said I could get it to move on my own by just moving my feet but I wasn't real pleased with that idea. I mean, why work when someone else will do the work for you? Mommy thinks I may just be a high maintanance gal!

As Fast As Lightening!

I made sure mommy put this one in so you could see how fast we were going...we were going SO FAST that sometimes all you could see was a big blur on the camera! Yeeee Hawww!! Go CJ Go!

Grandaddy's Pick

Well, you'll never guess who picked out this fine looking dress.....Grandaddy!! I've actually had it for awhile and I have been bugging mommy to let me wear it. She just didn't feel like ironing it. But, after much persuading, she finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. So, this past Sunday I was the "Belle of the Ball" in my fashionable dress. Please make sure you see the fine detailing with the pink sash that wraps around my waist to form a dainty bow in the back. Grandaddy, you wouldn't believe how many compliments I received on this dress. I made sure we told everyone that my Grandaddy picked that out for me! They were impressed. Thanks Grandaddy! I love you!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just a Laughin'

I got so tickled today while mommy was trying to get me to play peekaboo again. She looked so funny...ya'll can't see her but she had a towel wrapped around her head. She was getting ready for the day and wrapped her wet hair up in that thing...I don't know why. But, how can a girl take a towel wrapped mama seriously? Come on, mom, what were you thinking? But it looks like it was good enough to make it to my blog, even though I didn't do exactly what she wanted. I hope you think it's as cute as mommy did!

Some New Wheels...On Loan

Check out my new wheels! Well, actually they aren't my wheels. They're actually one of the boy's that comes over each week. He has TWO so his mommy said we could keep this one here for us to play with. I just love it (although I have taken a few spills on it)! I get on and pretend the wind is blowing through my luxurious locks as I wave to friends who I pass by. But before I ride, I always make sure to inspect this fine piece of machinery. Which takes us to my next post....

Checking Things Out

I may be a girl, but that doesn't mean I won't check things out on my car to make sure it will run properly. You see, I know I need to check under the hood to make sure there is no interference. As well as check the gas tank to make sure its got enough juice to run. And then there's the stick shift. I need to rattle it around a few times to make sure it won't get stuck as I drive this baby around. After that, I'll be ready to roll....that is if mommy or daddy push me!!

Being Silly...AGAIN!

Well, my personality is really coming out these days, or so mommy says. I love to be silly and laugh. One thing I like to do is lay on my tummy like this and then look up at mommy and laugh. Sometimes she tickles my neck...that really gets me going! I decided to do it today. I got big smiles from mommy so I kept on doing it! "What will she think of next?" I'm sure you faithful readers are asking yourself. Who knows, but you better come back and find out!

I'm Eleven Months Old Today!

Well folks, this is it. The last pre-one birthday! Boy time has flown! The next time you will see me a month older will be at my REAL birthday...the one that looks so fun. I can't wait! So here are a couple of close ups of me on this, the eleventh month of my life. Mommy calls one photo my school picture photo. She said it looks as if I am taking a picture for a photographer at school. I'm not really sure what she means, but maybe you do.

My First Word, Well Second One Really

Well, we've got some exciting things to talk about. As you can now see, my videos will play directly to the blog! Mommy and I were thrilled! This will make it a lot easier for us! So, for the first video in our new format, I will be showing you one of my first aka "du." My other word is "da da" to which I finally direct to my dad...not just anything in general! Mommy and Daddy finally figured out that when I said "du" and pointed to the duck...I had made the connection! So here I am...enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Little Robe

Well, these pictures don't exactly capture how I felt during these photos. I actually HATE this thing. It makes me feel like a big marshmallow. In fact, I couldn't properly grasp my little rubber duckie and I did not like that. But of course, mommy thought I looked adorable in my little robe and so, as usual, I had to humor her for a few minutes after my bath. Thankfully this robe actually is a little small so mommy won't be trying this thing on me again! Phew! I did have a couple of modeling poses I told mommy to throw in. The other one was actually the only picture I was smiling in. All the others I was screaming in or my legs weren't appropriately positioned. I'm still trying to remember I need to sit lady-like. Oh and I'm a little embarrassed about my ears. Usually my long locks disguise the fact that they stick out a little. But after my bath my hair is so slicked back that there is no disguising those guys. Mommy sometimes calls me a little elf. But she smiles when she says it so it can't be that bad!

The Dippity Do

Like my new do? It's a mommy special. She said when she was little Papa would do her's and my aunts' hair like that in the tub. So she passed this fashionable style on to me. I feel priviledged. In fact, I couldn't stop admiring myself in the little silver mirror thing in the tub. Can someone please tell me what that thing is for? Those of you who wish for this same's simple. Just lather your hair with a lot of shampoo and then gather it together and stick it straight up. It should work just fine. And if you're little like me, take a picture for all to see. Sorry, no adult pictures please!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Grandma's Outfit

Grandma bought me this outfit several months ago and we were worried I would not fit in it soon enough. Well guess what Grandma? I can now fit in it and I just love it (other than the fact it's a little bit of a squeeze to get over my head. In fact mommy thought unbuttoning two buttons would suffice. Well, it didn't and what occured because of that was a long minute of torture. How would you like a shirt tightly wrapped around your face while someone keeps tugging at it endlessly to get it to slide over?)! I'm so happy I can wear it now. It's just my style!

I'm A Big Girl Now!

Well, let me tell you what I did TODAY. Take a look at my crib. Do you notice anything different(for those of you who have never visited my room, don't worry, you probably won't...but for those who have...take a close look). Those of you with a good eye may have discovered that my mattress is now lower than it was before. And mommy is thrilled you can finally see the bedskirt that she just loves!! Well, I got a little adventurous today and rolled over onto my stomach and then scooted all the way to a sitting position. I found that when I do that I can reach the animals on the mobile that I have always admired. That's how mommy caught me. When I was supposed to be sleeping she heard me playing with my mobile. When she entered my room there I was, sitting pretty. So with me being the big girl I am now, we had to lower the crib so I wouldn't start pulling up and possibly falling out. For most babies my age this step was accomplished several months back. I'm happy to not be the weirdo anymore. But with this
new change there have been some adverse affects. I don't nap as well because sometimes I get frustrated always flipping to my stomach. I'm not used to sleeping this way. And too, I discovered some stuffed animals at the other end of my crib that I never knew were there. So during my second nap today mommy found me sitting and playing with them instead of napping. So out went my guests into my play bag. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get the hang of this soon. The other picture is a reenactment of what I look like often when mommy comes in to check on me these days.


I'm pretending I'm in jail and holding tightly to the bars while pleading with mommy to get me outta here. I even offered her my coin from my piggy bank to use to bail me out. I hope it's enough.

Enjoyin' the New View

In these photos I am just enjoying this new view I have of the world. I gave mommy a silly face to take a picture of and then I told her I wanted her to get some shots that capture the joy I feel regarding my new accomplishment. I feel so very proud.

Where's Hannah?

Watch this video of me playing peekaboo. It takes me a little while to warm up so be patient. And if you are listening carefully you can hear me try to say "There she is" which sounds something like "the da da" Enjoy!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting Closer

So as you can see from these new pics...I'm getting a little closer to crawling. I made some major progress this week. Remember I said my mom was watching some little boys now? Well, one started last week and he crawls. I envied his every move. I thought, "Gee whiz, I'd like to do that...just look at all the new opportunities that arise because of his agility." So I was bound and determined to begin working harder. To get back to training. I've been slacking off a bit. So that's what I did. And folks, guess what I can do? When I'm flat on my stomach I can now get BACK UP to a seated position! Yes, you heard me right. I can move from my stomach to my bottom. And that's not all! I can scoot...mostly backwards...but I'm at least getting somewhere, not usually where I was intending to go but hey, I'm moving! And today I did drag myself forward with one leg tucked beneath me while the other one was in the correct position. I'm not going to let these boys show me up. No sir. Not at my house. So folks start watching for my official crawling video.

My New Favorite Toy

This is just ONE of MANY rubber duckies I have. I love them. I love them so much that I insist they go where I go. I like to chew on them. I like to sleep with them. I like to bathe with them. I like to play with them. I cry when mommy separates me from them. Guess who else likes my rubber duckies...maybe even moreso that I do? Did you guess Emmett? Well, he does. Just keep reading to see how much he likes them...but also be surprised by the interesting twist at the end.

Back Off

Emmett wants my duckie. But I tell him he can't play with it. It's all mine. I made sure he understood that before I proceeded with my playtime. Whatever I was doing though, he kept a close eye on my duckie. He just wanted it so bad. He sees me in the tub with him and he watches me bathe with them. He whines and whimpers but he can't have them. When he hears them squeak he really goes bananas! It's like something goes off in him and he just gets all hyper and crazy. But I told him, "Back off big guy, this one's mine."

Standing Firm

Well, I've got to admit...little Emmett is really cute. And he's always been so nice to me when I feed him. He never bites my fingers when he tries to get the goodies out of my hand. He doesn't growl at me. . .even when I tug on his ears or pull his tail. So after pondering our relationship I decided I wanted to share my favorite new toy with Emmett. But Mommy kept telling me "no" (I pretend I don't know what that means). I wanted Mommy to know that it was alright for Emmett to play with my duckie for a little bit. I didn't mind. But while Mommy was saying no to me, she was also saying it to Emmett. And do you know what? That old Emmett listened to her. I know he wanted it. You could see it in his eyes. But he had self control. He stood strong and firm and didn't budge even when it was staring him straight in the face. This duck that he so much coveted was right there for him to take...I was giving it to him....yet he withstood the temptation. Wow. That's all I can say, WOW.

More Hat Pictures

So, like I promised before, here are the other hat pictures that didn't quite make it. I had to show you my trademark pose...sucking my thumb. This was right before my little meltdown! Don't you ever have "one of those days?"

Thursday, August 16, 2007

If You're Happy and You Know It

Here I am with my latest trick! Click on the red x to see me!!

A New Hat

Remember my other beloved pink hat...the one my Aunt Bethany gave me? Well, it's time I give it a break. It's been through a lot. The chlorine in the pool, the intense sun as well as an occassional drop of sunblock hasn't been to kind on it. Now it is quite stiff and spotted and worn. So a couple of weeks ago Grandma, mom, and I found this hat for just $0.99! Now, if it were up to me I would have just told mom to bypass the hat. It's starting to hinder me. But she said it was important in keeping the sun off of me. So we got and, just like mom always does, we had a photo shoot with me in the hat. You can probably tell I wasn't too thrilled. My facial expression in some of these shows it! But mom played a nasty trick on me by strapping it to my head with a chin strap! So no matter I much I pull and tug the hat remains on my head! We have more pictures of me in this new hat that I am sure mom will post soon. You see, the camera ran out of batteries so not all of my pictures got on...but they well. Oh but they will!

Minnie Mouse

Have you seen this Minnie Mouse? Guess where she came from? DISNEYWORLD! I hear it is a grand place! I can only imagine. My Papa got this for me when he came to see me right after I was born (he had a meeting down there....gee...Papa are you sure you were really working??). She has caught my eye moreso now and I enjoy having her company. . .so much so that I insisted that she come down with me and mommy the other morning to dine with me. So here we are waiting for mom to whip up my cereal. It was still a little dark outside (I do enjoy rising with the sun, I feel I can get a lot more fun in if I do...but I don't think mommy is too keen on that...oh's good for her) so we had to use the flash on the ol' camera. So they aren't the best pictures we've ever taken but I wanted to make sure we documented Minnie on my blog.

She's important enough to do so. Thanks Papa for her! I'll take really good care of her!