Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas from Bham

Well, after our Christmas in Kennesaw we drove to Birmingham the next day, Christmas Eve. It was a blast. I saw the Sandersons, Aunt Ash, Maggie, and Grandma and Papa. A fun time was had by all!! Phew! This Christmas thing wears me out!

Getting Some Advice

Guess what I found at Grandma and Papa's? A cash register!! I thought, "Can it be? Another cash register?" For those of you confused by this post...continue reading further and it will all click. Allie was a great help in showing me how to work this fine piece of machinery beyond just clicking the coins together. I appreciated her words of wisdom. They helped me enjoy this toy even more!! Thanks Allie!

Playing Chase

Allie got some slippers for Christmas like I did. Except her's were Elmo slippers. She was pretty adamant that I put mine on too. However, I just wasn't in the mood. Yet, being the determined cousin she is, she followed me closely to get me to put them on. Sorry Allie, I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe next time.

Some Time with Grandma

Grandma was really busy with getting the fixings together and all. But we still got some good time in together. Here we are just hangin' out. Next time I come you won't have so much to prepare so I'll make sure we get good time in Grandma! Thanks for all my great gifts and the yummy food though! All that hard work was sure worth it!

Goofin' Off with Daddy

Here are Daddy and I just goofin' off on Christmas day! We were super excited about the dinner we were about to eat. Can I just say that I really enjoy ham? Oh and pink salad too! It's delicious! I got two big meals in just a few days. I also had delicious food and Grandmama and Grandaddy's! I think I may hit twenty pounds really soon!

Papa and Kyle

Here are Papa and Kyle. just seems moments ago that I was just a little tyke sitting with Papa. Although, Kyle really isn't a little tyke. I think he almost weighs as much as I do and we are almost a year apart! But ain't he cute?

"Bla" AKA Blocks

Check out these "bla." Aunt Ashley got these for me for Christmas. I just love them! Since we've been home I've been busy building away. I'm really good at making tall towers. They seem to fall over a lot. I say "uh oh" and redo it. I don't mind. I enjoy stacking these things on top of each other. Mommy tries to help but I don't really like her to. I like to do it by myself. Thanks Aunt Ash!!

What's That You Got There?

Allie showed me how to put a puzzle together. Grandma and Papa got us both some puzzles for Christmas. Allie is a little better at puzzles than I am so I decided to observe her puzzle skills. I hope one day I can do a puzzle as good as she can!

Merry Christmas From Cousin Allie!

Allie wishes you all a very Merry Christmas from Birmingham, Alabama...ain't she somethin'?

Christmas in Kennesaw

Last Sunday we went up to Kennesaw for the Harman family Christmas. EVERYONE was there...even MaMa (MawMaw). It was a blast...I got a lot of great new toys! My favorite, however, was this cash register....but I don't think it was mine because we didn't take it home. I think it was Anabelle's. But she let me play with it. She's such a good cousin! I loved all of my great gifts. Thanks everyone. I just love my family.

Check This Out!

Look what Anabelle and Wyatt got me for Christmas! It's my very own art easel! I can finger paint on it and draw with a special water pen! I can even put stamps on it! Thanks guys so much! I can't wait to get busy! But first mom or dad will have to get it out of this box for me!

What's This?

So I think I got a little confused as to what my presents were. I mean, I thought this thing was pretty cool but mommy was trying to explain to me that wasn't my gift. Apparently there was a book I was supposed to be looking at that Grandmama and Grandaddy got me. And it was real neat, don't get me wrong, but I've seen tons of books before. But this, this little jewel, this nametag they call it, was a piece of work. I enjoyed staring at it. I appreciate good artwork and this my friends was good artwork.

Guess Who?

Guess who we got to see last week?? My Uncle Daniel, Aunt Dani, Wyatt, and Anabelle!! We don't get to see them much because they leave somewhere called Croatia. I'm not too sure where that is but it must be far because we only see them every once in awhile. In fact, I've just seen them twice in my whole life! They're great. I wish I could see them more. Anabelle and I will be good friends I think...maybe we can be penpals while she's way over in Croatia. We're really close in age. She can walk though. But I don't think she can write yet. Come to think of it, I can't either. Maybe our mommies can write our letters for us...we'll see. But she did gave me some good pointers on walking. She said I'm standing too far apart when I stand up. If I bring my legs in closer it would be easier for me to take a step. Thanks Anabelle! I'll be sure to put those pointers to good use. Here they are opening some of their Christmas gifts!

My New Rocking Horse

Grandmama and Grandaddy got me this amazing rocking horse for Christmas. I feel like a real cowgirl now! Can you believe this horse moves its head and tail and even gallops? I call it my "sey." I like to ride it a lot but I like to watch it move even more. I'm sure mommy will get more photos of me on it soon. I was new to the horse in these pictures so I was a little cautious. Now, I've thrown caution to the wind as I buck around on it. And I can move a lot better when I'm not in a Christmas dress at that (mommy says I can't get it too dirty).

Such a Big Girl

Don't I look like a big girl? Now that I can stand up pretty well I can dig through my bag of toys in my room. You won't believe all the good stuff I found!! It's a whole new world from this view!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Love My Hat!

I know it's not cold inside but I just love this hat. I found it and tried to put it on my head but couldn't. That's why mommy comes in handy. She knows how to do most things. So she put it on my head this morning and let me play with it on. I think I look cool with this on!

My Silly Spaghetti Faces

Just havin' some fun after eating my spaghetti dinner. I like to make mommy laugh and faces like these do just the trick! You guys at home should try them...except it's really funny if you have spaghetti sauce smeared all over so be sure to have that on hand as well.

I Love Spaghetti!!

Mommy fed me spaghetti last night. It was DELICIOUS! And quite messy I must say. . .but messy is fun! Here I am enjoying the squishy noodles!! Yum! Yum!

So This is Where the Noise Comes From

Well, I've had these maraccas for about a year now (thanks Grandma and Papa) and I am discovering new things with them. For example, that noise I've been hearing comes from the bottom of this one marraca. So now I enjoy putting it up to my ear to listen. I think mommy thought something was wrong when she saw me doing this. She tried to show me I was supposed to shake them (like I'm a dummy or something). To assure her I knew their purpose, I did shake them. But then proceeded to place the one up to my ear to enjoy the music again. She finally figured out what was doing and tried it herself. But she said it was quite loud and must be deafening to my little ears. Oh mommy, don't you worry so much!

All Bundled Up at Calloway Gardens

Well last Sunday we got to go to Calloway Gardens with our good friends the Roberts. They had a big Christmas lights show. But we had to wait until it got dark before we could drive through and see them. This is us when we arrived. Can you tell it was so cold outside? Ellie and I had to wear our warm hats and coats. Mommy had to pull my socks up real high too because my pants are getting too short. We had a lot of fun although it was a long day. Ellie and I crashed on the way home. We didn't get any pictures of the lights but all I can say is that they were amazing! I gasped several times as we drove through them. I clapped to the music and said "igh" while pointing to all the beautiful lights. It was a blast...thanks Roberts for inviting us! As for what we did while we waited to see the lights, read on below. Merry Christmas!

Me and My Best Pal Ellie

Ellie and I were forced to take some photos together by our parents. But that's okay because I love Ellie. In fact, we are loving on each other right now. I leaned in to give her a kiss and Ellie leaned in to give me a hug. We're good friends. Oh and if any of you want a kiss from me...I'll give you a big smacker. I just LOVE to give kisses!

Squirmy Me and Mommy

When we got into the Christmas Village there were so many things to see! Can you believe they had LOTS of Christmas trees and ornaments? I'm just used to ours but these trees kept me busy. I was careful to only touch with one finger as I pointed to all the neat ornaments. Mommy tried to get a picture with me but I wasn't the best because I wanted to get around and see everything else! This was the best we could do.

In the Butterfly Garden with Daddy

While we waited to see the lights we went to the butterfly garden. And guess what? There were more than just butterflies there...there were big birds that said funny things. It took me awhile to catch on that there were birds in those funny houses. But once I found out...I wanted to keep looking at them. I kept pointing out to daddy that there were birds in there. I didn't want to leave. I think the next pet I want is a bird. Do you think mommy and daddy will go for that??

With Our Daddies at Calloway Gardens

Here we are after leaving the butterfly garden with our daddies. Ellie was in a more photogenic mood than I was. This was the best I had to offer at the time. But I sure do love my daddy!!!

A Visit from Aunt Ash

I was pumped when I heard Aunt Ashley and Maggie were stopping by to say hello. And this time they brought icecream! I said "mmmm" when I tasted it because it was SO good! Maggie was my gentle friend as always while Emmett was a restless mess. Aunt Ash had some great words of advice she passed on to me while she was here. I made sure I listened intently to what she had to say so I'll always remember it. See you at Christmas Ash and Maggie!

Takin' in the Scenery

Here CJ and I are just admiring the view from the kitchen. We both are longing to get outside but mommy just wasn't in the mood that day...I guess it was pretty chilly. So we'll just admire the fresh air from here and only hope that one day she'll let us actually enjoy it.

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse....

So you guys thought you had seen me at my worst....think again. For those of you inquiring about this I hadn't been out in the rain or fresh from my bath. Nope. I had just gotten up from my nap. What can I say...I'm quite the sweater. I actually just like to snuggle up in the corner of my crib against my soft bumper. And on days where it's a little warmer outside I tend to sweat more. At least I keep mommy entertained each day with my wild hair. I try to surprise her with a new "do" when she comes to get me up from my naps. Who knows what I'll look like next!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Granny Hanny

Check out this short video of me walking with my toy. I would have walked farther had I not been distracted by my wheely bug that was right in front of me. I just can't resist it. I can usually walk all over the place now on my own with this. Aunt Ash saw me and said I look like a grandma with a walker (I'm not really good at bending my knees yet while I walk). So that's why this is called Granny Hanny. Maybe next time we'll get better footage of my awesome new trick! Better yet, maybe we'll get footage soon of me walking all by myself!

Takin' to the Streets! (or Driveway)

So I'm takin my wheely bug outdoors for some really adventurous riding! I LOVE riding my little bug outside. There is just something about the wind blowing through my hair as I race through the open roads (just the driveway really...mommy told me "no" about going into the streets). Mommy and I went outside today and it was a blast! I even got to talk to the mailman. He seemed really impressed with my riding skills. I even went all the way down the side sidewalk. I was flying too! Last night we went out to ride my bug for a little bit too. But I didn't get to stay out nearly as long as I did today. I think it may have been due to the fact I threw a MAJOR fit when mommy pulled me off the wheely bug. She told me with a fit like that I was sure not to ride it again that night. Oh well, I guess sometimes the tears don't work. But I was real good today. When it was time to go in I went without a fight! (I was pooped from all that action)