Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A New Blogger in Town

Let me formally introduce myself.
I'm Molly.
The beagle.
This is my mom and some of my brothers and sisters. We hung out in the back of this truck.
Who were we waiting for?
I guess I was waiting for him...

along with Kate, Hannah, my new mommy, and my new daddy.

At first, I was a little nervous. They took me away from my family. But it sure was warm in that van. I liked it.

And it was in that van that I officially met Kate. A passionate girl she is. Love at first sight I believe. For her at least. I was still trying to warm up to all this new excitement.

 As for Hannah, well, she's much more careful. I guess it comes with age. I quickly learned she was my safe place. And I liked it.

My first day ended with a bath. How embarrasing. Have you ever had an audience while you bathed? I hope not. Besides feeling sheepish, I was incredibly cold and couldn't stop shaking. I was beginning to second guess my new life.

Thankfully my safe place quickly returned and I felt like a million bucks.

And now, it appears I am one of them. I'm one of the gang. And, besides the occassional neck lifts and upside down adventures (mainly thanks to the youngest of the crew) I'm really liking it here. I just hope my brothers and sisters are as lucky as I.