Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Lately, when Mommy lays me down for my nap I just crawl right back up to a seated position. . . well, sometimes...when I'm in no mood to nap. This would be one of those days. Mommy tries to get me in the mood by hanging a blanket on my back. Sorry Mommy, that doesn't help. Then comes Hannah, surely Hannah will break me free. There is a short glimmer of hope that immediately vanishes upon realizing this isn't about me but about her. She just wanted to see me in my crib. She did hand me a bottle of ketchup (play that is). But there's not much I can do with a fake bottle of ketchup. If it were real, well, then I could get out. I'd just squirt that sucker all over my crib and Mommy would have to get me out. But this was beginning to look hopeless. And hopeless it was. Not only did Mommy take back the fake ketchup bottle, but she and Hannah left the room while I sat here. Alone. Waiting for someone to break me free.

Monday, January 26, 2009

8 Months Old

On January 20th, I, Grant Harman, turned 8 months old. Mommy says it's hard to believe. But I don't think so. I mean, 8 months is 8 months. What's so hard to believe about that? So to celebrate my growing manhood I wore these snazzy overalls. These were the third pair I tried on (one may wonder why in the world I have three pairs of overalls, actually I have four pair...but it's all thanks to great friends who share their clothes with us. Because of that I will be the most well clothed boy this side of the Mississippi). The pairs were too small. What can I say, I'm 8 months. I'm a big boy.

No Longer Invisible

The time has now come that Hannah no longer sees me as invisible. In fact, she willingly plays with me and even offers me hugs every now and then. The other day she let me play with her toys and we both got a big kick out of her horsey. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Next Stop, My Kitchen (and blocks for Grant)

After my visit to the Hamper Express, I enjoyed some time in my kitchen while Grant chewed on his blocks. I wanted to make sure Grandma and Papa saw me playing in my kitchen. I do love it and Mommy has been good at giving me time every day to play in my room. This also gives Mommy a place to sit and fold laundry since our laundry room is upstairs. And laundry is an every day chore here at the Harman household. So I'm certain I'll have time every day to play since there is always a basket of laundry ready to be folded.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting in on the Action

Grant can't have all the fun! Once he arrived at his stop, my room, I decided it was my turn to take a ride on the Hamper Express. Except, this time it wouldn't move. Mommy said it had to unload its goods before it returned to the station, aka, the laundry room. So, I decided to at least take a dip in the mounds of clean clothes. Yes, I just soaked in the fresh scent, well, the clean scent, well, really it had no scent because Mommy bought the scent free, dye free stuff. But you get the point. Some kids like to jump in a pile of leaves, me, I like to jump in a pile of my clean clothes. It's a delight. And a delightful time I had. Until I realized the other toys that surrounded me. And so, I stepped off the Hamper Express to pursue other activities that would challenge me and bring me joy as well. More on that in the next post.

Doin' My Share

It seems Mommy needs some motivation when it comes to folding the laundry. So I thought I'd jump right in and help. It just seems that once I jumped right in, I wasn't too sure where to go from there. I'm not too coordinated with my hands yet. Hannah decided to give me a ball to entertain myself while I sat. It seems that she was in this scenario once long ago as well. Mommy still hasn't quite perfected her laundry skills I guess. After awhile, I got a little antsy and was ready to get out of this pile of clothes. When it was all said and done, I did help Mommy by riding in the hamper to Hannah's room. I was thankful for that. Usually I scream quite harshly when I'm left even for a moment in a room by myself. So, this helped in saving me the unnerving fear of abandonment that creeps through my body every time Mommy leaves. And it helped in saving Mommy from a headache that often appears after multiple shrieks escape my little body. All in all, it worked out well for everyone I think.

Does This Make My Bottom Look Big?

Well, does it? I'm trying out some new moves with the ball. This one really seems to give me a good work out. I can feel it in my gluts. Maybe Mommy should try this. She always says she needs a good glut workout.

Aunt Ashey

We finally got hold of her. This is my Ashey. Yes, I named her after my aunt. You see, they both have blonde hair and Ashey is known to wear a hat every now and then. So, I thought it only fitting to name my girl, Ashey. Here's to you Ashey.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And Some More Silliness

Mommy felt like playing with the camera some more after our photo shoot. What can we say, sometimes we get a little bored. So that she did. I thought it would be a good idea for me to peek through my dollhouse. Oh the fun we have.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hannah Time

I told Mommy that the readers needed some more pictures of me...only me. So we did a quick photo shoot. Mommy was disappointed because most of the pictures turned out blurry. But, Mommy was also busy trying to get me to smile by wearing a dollhouse chair on her head. It worked in getting me to smile but not so much in creating a clear picture. Oh well. These were the clearest of the lot. Say "cheeseburger!"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lying Down with a Good Book

Yes, I can read. . .if by reading you mean look at the pictures, chew on the pages, and wrinkle them up. I'm quite a good reader. My book of choice: The Grapes of Math. I'm gonna be smart. I'm already learning how to count by using different techniques...counting by two, grouping into similar groups, and looking for patterns. Yale, her I come.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hannah, The Comforter

I'm starting to take a liking to my role as big sister. At the beginning of this journey, I wasn't so interested...perhaps it was because I was still a baby myself. But, now that I've come of age, I've found it very rewarding to take care of my little brother. You see, if Mommy isn't around (you know just in the kitchen or something, don't worry she never leaves us alone alone), Grant is sad. He "cwrys." I've taken responsibilty during this time to comfort him. Just the other day he ws sad. I went in the room and put my arms around him. I said, "It's okay buddy, I've got chu." After which, I held on to him tightly and put on my serious face. For some reason, it didn't work as well when I did it. When Mommy does it, he usually stops. But not so much for me. I think he was just tired. I love you little buddy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Am I Going to Do with Her?

That's right...this is the work of my sister, Hannah. You see, she took advantage of Mommy being in the kitchen for a few minutes. She seems to think that makes her my supervisor. And, if she's my supervisor she has free reign on what she can do to me. Like this, for example. She thought it would be funny to put a purple basket on my head while Mommy was away. This is how Mommy found me when she returned. Okay, I must admit, it was a little bit funny. But after several more attempts to get this thing to stay on my head I had had enough. Mommy, can you please let Hannah know that this is unacceptable?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ball Olympics...Training

Hannah has taken upon the role of training me in the Ball Olympics. She's a tough trainer. She keeps a close eye on me. Right now were just practicing the front roll. I use my upper body to push off the ball and to pull into the ball. Hannah says this will strengthen my upper body. Between you and me, I'm a little skeptical. I mean, have you seen her upper body? It's just skin and bones. One might say, noodle-like. But, she's bigger than I and while I'm the runt (which won't be too much longer) I am wise to agree to her counsel. But as soon as I can take her, these silly practices will be history. And I'll show her what it means to be tough.

Friday, January 09, 2009

A Visit from CJ

Betcha you've missed CJ on our blog haven't ya? I sure have. I was so happy when Mommy told me CJ and Mrs. Bethany were coming by for a visit the other day. Boy it was good to see that guy. He's grown so much and we can now communicate verbally with one another! That really helps alleviate any frustration either party may be feeling due to a lack of communication. A lot changes in just 7 months. We were a little shy at first but it didn't take long for us to get back into our groove. Mrs. Bethany brought a kite to fly. It was a perfect windy day for it too! Just check out my hair in that action shot. Windy. Mommy and Mrs. Bethany were a little slow at getting it up in the air but once it was airborne it was amazing. CJ and I even got to "fly" it. And guess what? CJ is going to have a baby brother soon too! I know he is so excited. CJ, you'll be a super big brother. I can already tell.

Oh, and for those of you concerned that I may be flashing a gang sign here, no need to panic. I am not. It just so happened that the way I was sucking my thumb looked quite similar to something a gang participant might do. But no gangs in this house. Well, except the Get-a-Long Gang...Mommy says that's the only good gang. What's the Get-a-Long Gang?

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think....I'll Take a Break

This crawling thing is harder than it looks. Finally, I can now get up on all fours and even rock back and forth. So, shouldn't I be crawling? I rock and rock and rock and rock...just waiting for it to happen. Back and forth, back and forth...surely I'm reved up enough. Sometimes I rock so much that I spit up...just too much action on this sensitive stomach. What am I missing here? Mommy cheers and cheers so I must be doing something right. Well, I can only endure so many rockings. What happens 100% of the time is collapsing back to my tummy in defeat. But, there's always a great toy just in reach to brighten my spirit and to help me relax and take a breather. And a breather I need. But don't give up on me. No sir, I'll be crawling before long. I can feel it in my bones! Oh and how do you like my hat?

Keepin' Busy

This is where you will most often find me between the hours of 5pm-6pm. That's when Mommy is frantically trying to get dinner ready before I have my nightly meltdown. Yes, folks, I do cry. There's just something about 5pm that puts me...and therefore a bad mood. Sometimes I find comfort in this exersaucer thing. I have to. After 5 fruitless minutes of all out whaling in this thing, I figure, I might as well look at these things around me because Mommy isn't going to get me. But, we need dinner. So, I try to be a big boy and play by myself for a few minutes. It's just there's nothin' better than playing in Mommy's arms!