Saturday, April 26, 2008

4 More Weeks

Welp, my baby brother or sister should be arriving in just about 4 more weeks. Here's Mommy at 36 weeks pregnant. She's going to the doctor every week now. I get to go with her this Monday! Usually I play with Ellie. But I like going with Mommy. No big news other than this little squirt will be out and about soon!! Can't wait to meet him/her!! We'll keep you posted on the progress!

My Pigtails!

So Mommy is getting adventurous with my hair lately. As you can see, she decided to put my hair up in pigtails. I actually enjoyed it because my hair stayed out of my face all day long. There were a couple of times we had to do a little mantainance on it but all in all I found it to be a successful "do." So I'm sure this summer with all the hot Georgia weather we'll be having...I'll be sporting this look quite frequently.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A New "Do"

Well, Mommy decided to try a new "do" on me. I actually like it because it pulls all the hair out of my eyes and it actually stays out! Mommy says I look more grown up too. Oh and she also thinks I look just like Daddy in the black and white photo. So this one goes out to you Da Da!

How Much Longer is This Gonna Take?

Well, since Mommy pulled out the camera again I knew this could be a long afternoon. I got so tired with all her commands to sit here, do this, smile big...that I finally decided to take a break. So I just layed down with "fro ro" (aka ruff ruff) and took a rest. Well, needless to say, Mommy thought it to be the perfect photo op. So here I am..even resting...getting my picture taken yet again. It's a good thing another squirt is coming along...perhaps that will take some of the pressure off of me to be in so many pictures!


Here I am just warming up my vocals with a little voice exercise. Did I tell you I could sing? "Ah, ah, ah ah...ahhhhhhh....."

A New Set of Wheels

Check out our new ride! Thanks to the DeFoor's we now have a double stroller of our very own...the other one was on loan for those of you who forgot! So now, instead of side to side...we ride front to back. I wasn't too sure what to think about this change when Mommy first put me you can tell from my face. But if only Mommy had the camera during our walk. I was just chillin' like a villian in the back seat. I had my legs stretched out, my shades on, and my sippy cup in my hand. I was livin' the life. And CJ seemed to think it was pretty cool too. He was like the driver being up front and all. I think we're gonna like this change. But Mommy said not to get too used to the back seat...once little baby arrives I'll be sitting in the driver's seat.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Swimsuit Season is Fast Approaching

Well, this past week Grandma came to visit me. Boy did we have fun! Well, she was actually very busy with Mommy painting Mommy and Daddy's bedroom and bathroom but we still had fun. Just look at these photos for proof. Grandma kept cracking me up with this noise she would make. It made even my monkey and duckie laugh! She brought me Allie's old swimsuit so Mommy just had to put it on me along with my new hat. I actually enjoyed wearing it and kept it on most of the morning...along with the hat. Boy did Grandma and I have fun chuckling together!! I love you Grandma aka "Ga Ga."

Way to Go!

I love to cheer people on. In fact, when I hear anyone clapping on tv, I like to join in! So while I was lounging in my bathing suit with my good friends "du" and "manamena" (that's monkey for all you who are befuddled by that word), I joined in with the cheers I heard on tv. I can't exactly remember what we were cheering about but I wanted to join in the fun. I was really excited!

A Spunky Look

Do you like my hair? Well, I did it myself. I was tired of the same old hair bow look. So I decided to jazz it up a bit while I ate my goldfish..and please excuse the goldfish protruding from my mouth. I'm still learning about table manners.

My Little Sailor Suit

Grandma got me this little sailor suit at a consignment sale. It fits me perfectly! I wore it to church a week ago and got lots of compliments. However, I'm not so sure what a sailor actually is or what they actually do. But, if they look this good I'm sure they do something neat! These were the best shots Mommy could get with me in my sailor suit. I'm a hard girl to catch on the camera these days because I am so busy!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Go Tarheels!!

This blog goes out especially to Grandma and Aunt Ash...the two biggest Tarheel fans I know (really the only Tarheel fans I know...hey...I'm network is only so big). In honor of March Madness Mommy put this shirt on me that was Allie's. Now, as for Mommy, she isn't a major basketball or even sports fan...but being from North Carolina herself, she does pull for UNC when pressed to choose a team. But as for Grandma and Aunt Ash...I've never seen such commitment as their's. So this is for you guys! Yahoo!

Ball Olympics...Part Two

While I was trying to show Mac my moves on the ball..he decided to call a friend to tell them about this amazing exercise. After he talked to his friend, someone called Mac back, requesting information on the Ball Olympics. Apparently, they had read my posts from a year or so ago and were interested in the new Toddler Ball Olympics. So Mac handed me the phone for me to share some tips with his buddy. I figured more of you may be interested so I thought it to be helpful to post one of my exercises on the blog. This one will be sure to tone those chubby toddler legs of yours'!

Here we go...

So, after Mac handled all the calls requesting tips on how to train for my Ball Olympics, I have decided to create a little "how-to" of sorts regarding my special move: "The Forward Plunge." Please, do not try this without adult supervision. They come in handy when you lose your balance or need some consoling after a rather difficult fall. Okay, do I have everyone's attention? Let's begin.


From the seated position, carefully bend forward until both hands are firmly planted onto the ground in front of you. For those of you who are short, like me, you may have a hard time keeping your feet firmly planted as well. This poses a challenge; however, with focus and determination you can be successful. I managed to keep my toes planted which helped with my balance.

Hold it...

Keep holding...hang in'll feel the burn but it's well worth it. Just think of all those muscles you're toning. Keep holding....

And for a Challenge...

And for a challenge, try lifting one arm off the floor while keeping the other firmly planted. Warning: this is a challenge so it isn't for the faint-hearted. I will try my best to complete the Ball Olympics Workout Challenge for all of us toddlers soon. Until then, enjoy these new moves.

My New Stroller

When Grandmama and Grandaddy came to see me last weekend they brought me this great stroller with a new baby doll! I just love it! I push it around and around. I love to give all of my stuffed animals and dolls a ride around the house. I think they enjoy it too. Mommy says I'm getting a little too comfortable behind the wheels because I also try to push the big strollers around the house! Hey, don't underestimate my strength and driving abilities. My animals and dollies don't seem to complain!

Welcome to My Theatre..Now Playing...Bambi

I call this my little theatre. You see, Mommy introduced me to this great little "dee" aka deer called Bambi and boy do I love him! Every time I go into Mommy and Daddy's room I say "Hi ba-be" and wave really big. Each morning, while Mommy gets ready, she lets me sit on their bed to watch it. I requested to have all the "lillow" aka pillows in the room gathered around me for the best viewing experience. And I'll sit here for almost the whole movie. I'm learning all kinds of new words too from watching it. I can say "woo woo" like the owl. I can say "e-lene" for Feline...that's Bambi's wife. I say, "umper" for Thumper. And my most favorite part is when Thumper's girlfriend sings to him...I sing with her and say "la la la." Mommy says thank goodness I don't totally understand all that goes on in the movie. I don't know what she means. I think the movie is quite exciting and I look forward to many more pleasant viewings!

Time with Grandmama and Grandaddy

Well, some of our good friends from church got Mommy and Daddy a nice surprise night away in Atlanta in lieu of a baby shower. It worked out great for me too because Grandmama and later Grandaddy came down to stay with me! Since Grandaddy came a little later we didn't get pictures with him! But we sure had fun! They took me to the outlets, Zaxby's, and Cracker Barrel. I got some great surprises too! I didn't even realize Mommy and Daddy were gone because I had so much fun. And this was the first night I was away from Mommy. I think I did pretty good. I didn't fuss a bit!! Thanks for coming to stay with me Grandmama and Grandaddy! I had a wonderful time! I love you!