Monday, June 30, 2008

Picture of the Day

Mommy doesn't have time to post more pictures but we chose this one for our "Picture of the Day." Now, I'm not a crude little guy, really, but for some reason my middle finger tends to stick up easily. Mommy didn't even realize it until she looked back through the pictures as she was uploading them. We could put many lude comments to go along with this shot, but Mommy and I chose not too (but I think the best one, if we did put one that is, would be me saying, "this is what I think of you taking so many pictures of me." But again, we're not going to be crude).

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tutus, Babies, and ME?

Oh my, oh me what have I gotten myself into? I'm a boy and yet I'm surrounded by baby dolls, tutus, and a doting sister. Daddy help! When will we go hunting? I'm helpless here for quite awhile. I need my man toys. But I can't hold them, let alone play with them. Mommy, you better make sure once I can that I have some cars and trucks to be pushing around. I can't be seen like this! It will destroy my image!

Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm....

Now I'm a pretty pensive guy. I have a lot to think about, such as when will Mommy feed me again, when will this diaper be changed, when will Mommy come in a get me up and why in the are gas prices so high?! I'm so pensive that I am even thinking in my sleep. Mommy and Daddy think that on top of being a star athlete (thanks to my husky size and early proven agility..rolling over TWICE now) I will also be a star student. Harvard here I come!

Mr. Smiley

Sorry, not a smiley picture but it made it on anyway!
Lately, Mommy has been calling me Mr. Smiley. I assume I need not say why. The pictures explain it all. But I do like to smile. I'm doing it a lot more now. I like it when Mommy speaks in a high pitched voice. I don't know why I do, but I do. I can't help but flash my gummy grin. I also smile right before I spit up. .. just because I know it just a few short seconds I'll feel so much better. And like most babies, I smile as I am nodding off to sleep. Mommy gets a big kick out of that so I try to do it as often as I can if I can remember. I like making Mommy smile too.

Me and Daddy

Sometimes I like to just sit with Daddy and watch some tv. This particular day I had woken up early...really early...from my nap and wouldn't go back to sleep. So I relaxed with Daddy on the couch with my "blee blee" (blankie) and watched some hunting. I like to see the animals. I see a lot of animals on the ground though. Mommy says they're sleeping. I didn't realize so many animals like to sleep so much...especially on that channel. So when I see them laying down I say something like this, "B, ooo, ni, ni, B." Here's Mommy to translate: "Bear, ooo, night night Bear." I say that for "D's" (deer) too! Daddy says he will take me hunting if I want to. But what's the fun in watching a bunch of animals sleep? And anyways, Mommy says, no way!

Me and Mommy

Mommy realized she didn't really have any pictures of just me and her...other than those at the hospital (she says she's not quick to flaunt those around). So Daddy took one of us. I had no clue or else I would have put on a smiling face. But, no one consulted me about it. So you can't really see me. And Mommy looks a little out of it too. But that's reality. We're two pretty tired people these days!


Last weekend I was getting a bit uncomfortable in my clothes, so with a little whimpering, pulling at my outfit, and some help from they came! Boy did it feel good! Can't you tell by my smiling face? So, for the rest of the day I ran around in my diaper and shoes. Yes, I kept my shoes on. Don't you know what a big shoe fan I am? In fact, Mommy got me two new pair at Payless. That was another adventure we took by ourselves a couple of weeks ago. Yes, Grant screamed the WHOLE time. It's a good thing the kiddie shoes were in the back although I'm not so sure it helped too much because that little guy has a set of lungs on him you wouldn't believe. I think it filled the whole store. Mommy was in such a rush that one pair is actually too big...width wise. My feet have a hard time staying put in them. But I still wear them. What can I say, I love shoes!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Life Has Changed...Let's Start wit Wal-Mart for an Example

Hi friends! You know, life has changed since my lil' bro Grant came along. How? you ask. Well, today I'll start with Walmart for an example. You see, before, it was just me and Mommy...and Grant but he was snugly wrapped in Mommy's tummy. I sat in the back of the cart. All was quiet. Mommy could linger if she felt like it. And I could play outside while she unloaded the groceries. Well, I realized today, things would be different. Today was the first time Mommy went to Walmart with me and Grant and NO HELP. Here's how things have changed:
*We have to leave more early morning trips. We just can't get it together that soon.
*Grant screams the whole way there (did we tell you he HATES HATES HATES his car seat?).
*Mommy seems to loop around the parking lot a few times. Then I realize why.
*We park WAY OUT in East Buddah...but come to find out Mommy was looking for one of the VERY FEW special carts for mommies like her (with more than one kid, both of whom are too little to walk with their mommy) way out in one of the cart corrals. That's why she was circling so much! Thankfully we found one! (By the way...wouldn't you think a place like Walmart with TONS of mommy shoppers would have more of these almost non-existant special carts?).
*I get a new seat in this special cart. No longer do I sit in the that's Grant's spot... so I sit on this special seat that is behind Grant. This takes us a little longer. But then we're ready.
*We take the much longer trek to the door. I think Mommy is having a little trouble manuvering this rather cumbersome special cart.
*Great news! Grant's asleep. I'm cool as a cucumber enjoying my new view.
*We shop...things are going off without a hitch..though Mommy is still a little clumsy with the cart.
*But wait...oh no...Grant awakens...and only half of our shopping is done!
*Grant screams and refuses to be consoled...even with the aid of his pacifier.
*We get LOTS of looks. Some people even stop to talk to Mommy asking how old he is. Sheesh people...can't you see we have a crying baby here and are moving as fast as we can?
*By the way...the whole time I am sitting nicely.
*Finally it's check out time and for the first time at Walmart...we got a sympathy unloader. Now at Publix they do this for you anyway. But the cashier didn't like Grant crying so she let Mommy soothe him (little did she know it wouldn't work until he was out of that seat) while she unloaded.
*I sit quietly.
*We make the LONG trek back to the car. And lo and behold...Grant is asleep. Mommy rushes to load up the car, then loads us in...she is sweating profusely.
*We have an enjoyable ride home.
*We're home. Grant starts screaming. Mommy gets us out. She puts us in the house, Grant screaming.
*I decide to help Mommy and go out of the house. I like to keep shutting the door as she brings the bags in.
*Grant is screaming.
*Mommy only unloads the cold groceries, leaving everthing else scattered about.
* Mommy feeds Grant. I pull out bottles from the cabinets to keep busy.
*Mommy lays Grant down...he doesn't make a peep.
You know, Mommy says if you don't laugh during all of would be stressful. So she tries to laugh. But boy, going to Walmart is quite the ordeal now. It wore us ALL out. Good thing we don't need to go again until NEXT WEEK.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Know, I Know....

I're saying..not ANOTHER swing picture! But there is a point to this one other than just a random "cute" shot. You see, I've finally taken pleasure in watching the birds and butterflies on my swing circle around me. They make me smile. So Mommy tried to snap me in action watching them circle overhead. But I got so distracted by the camera that I ended up actually looking at it instead. Oh well. You get the point.

How Do I Look?

Hannah is really into style. She thought my hair was a little flat and needed some pizazz, so she took it upon herself to fluff it up a bit. I can just see us in 12 years. She's critiquing my outfit and trying to get me to wear something totally not my style. Boy, is this what I have to look forward to? Mommy, Daddy, I think I'll need a brother.


I like to point and name Grant's body parts. He's very patient with me. In this picture can you guess what I'm naming? Waiting...waiting...waiting....okay. Did you guess mouth? If you did, you are correct! Sorry, no real prizes for this game. Just take pleasure in the fact you got the correct answer. Sheesh...everyone thinks they should get something just for being right!

Open, Like This

Hannah likes to show me things, like in this picture. She's showing me how to open my mouth, like she is, and lick the she is. Remember, Hannah is really into licking these days. So, I, being the impressionable brother I am, am doing as she is. I don't have the brush so I look a little silly. But then again, I would look silly even with the brush. You aren't supposed to lick brushes are you?

Spit Up

Most mommies would throw a picture like this out. There's spit up coming out of his mouth, they'd say. Well, not my mommy. Why? Because this captures the essence of me at this stage of my life. I like to spit up. ALOT. Mommy said Hannah rarely spit up. Not me. In fact, I spit up at least 20 times a day. Really. Just when you think I'm comes some more..oozin' out of the corner of my mouth. . .a lot like you see here in this picture. There are other times it just shoots out. I got Mommy good during one middle of the night feeding. It shot down her back and all over the pillow behind her. Needless to say, she had to change and the pillow is getting washed. What makes Mommy happy right now? Clean burp cloths. We go through them like hot cakes. And it's a shame when they're all dirty. But it makes Mommy so happy to see my drawer full of fresh burp cloths cuz you just never know when you'll need another!

My Newest Trick

Well, I told you I would eventually have some better tricks for you. And this's a pretty good one. Wanna hear about it? I ROLLED OVER! Yes folks, I am five weeks old and I rolled over. I wanted to surprise Mommy, so when she came to get me out of my bed from my nap I was on my back (I sleep on my tummy...don't call's is better for me on my tummy)! Boy did she seem surprised! Especially because my sister Hannah didn't roll over until she was 6 months! Mommy says Hannah and I are night and day. She was tiny, I am huge. She had a hard time eating, I do a great job eating. I'm not as good of a sleeper, she was a much better sleeper at this age. I'm a boy, she's a girl (duh). Now, I rolled over at 5 weeks...she didn't until 6 months! Phew! Isn't it funny how we are so different and we came from the same Mommy and Daddy?!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My One Month Update

Yesterday was my one month checkup.

Here are the highlights:
Hannah didn't cry once.
I grew an inch. (23 1/4 inches)
Hannah got a sticker.
That's all.
Here are the lowlights (more than the highlights unfortunately):
I cried the WHOLE time.
I got a shot.
I'm almost not gaining enough weight...I'm now 10 lbs. 9 ounces. I am gaining the minimum amount you can gain (this is bringing back memories for Mommy).
They think I may have acid reflux or be a little colicky.
They pushed my tummy a lot.
So Mommy is busy at work making sure she makes enough milk and eating the right foods to make sure it isn't hurting my tummy. We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Passing the Time

Today, because it was so nice, Mommy and I decided to play outside for a little bit while Grant napped. Here I am just passin' the time before I too had to go take a nap. I'm just chillin', enjoying my chalk. I tried to decorate the garage door with the chalk buy Mommy said, "no, no." I made sure she knew I understood by shaking my finger and saying, "no, no" and "uh, uh," like Mommy says. It felt good in the shade so I just took a seat and enjoyed the lovely day. Mommy, of course, took advantage of me being still and snapped these shots.

Another Swing Picture

You would think as many pictures of me that we post of me in the swing I practically live there. Really, I'm not in it that much. It's just the only time Mommy thinks to take a picture of me. So here is yet another swing picture (my scrapbook is going to be filled with only swing pictures)! Mommy thought it was cute that I was snuggling with my blanket. However, I didn't get to snuggle for long because as soon as Mommy flashed the picture I woke up and lost my position. Thanks a lot Mommy!

What Up?

Yo, this is Hannah here sportin' a new look. Whatcha think? Word on the street is that anybody who's anybody is wearing their hat like this these days. So I had to join the club. Mommy turned it around backwards. She said I was "cool." I ventured outside to show off this dope look but found the sun was getting into my eyes. So we had to turn it back the right way. But I was "down" with that. I could see better.

Pool Time!

This past Monday we went up to the pool. Grant came too but he slept in the stroller the whole time. Mommy and Daddy took turns watching him while the other played with me in the pool. I decided to begin the series of pool pictures with these two shots. Why, you ask? Well, because I, little Hannah, went under the streaming mushrooms! That's a big accomplishment. I went with my cool, older friend, Emma Kate. She took me under and I didn't even cry! Mommy has dipped me under before. But this was the first time I actually walked under them. That was my big accomplishment at the pool and so I thought it fitting to begin our pool pictures with that in mind.

A Shout Out to Mommy

I LOVE to do this in the pool. And while Daddy often does the more adventurous activities with me...I have to give credit to Mommy on this move. She's the one who started dragging me through the water on my back. I loved it and Mommy passed that information on to Daddy. He followed suit and did the same. Thanks guys for those good communciation skills. I highly benefited from it!

My Friends

Here are me and my friends at the pool. That's Judson to the right and my best friend Ellie to the left. Mommy thinks it's pretty funny to have Daddy in the middle of two mommies. He looks like Mr. Mom.

Busy at the Pool

I found someone's shovel and bucket at the pool. Don't worry...they were my friend's. So I decided to get busy and work in the pool with them. I was a little disturbed that Mommy was trying to take my picture while I was working with my new tools. That's why I have the disgusted face in one picture. I really enjoyed this shovel and bucket and was thrilled to receive one of my own as one of the party favors. Man, aren't parties fun?

Me and the Folks

Here's some closeups of me and my folks. . .their names are John and Jess (at least that's what they call each other). Funny story while we're talking about names. I noticed that Mommy doesn't call Daddy, "Daddy" and Daddy doesn't call Mommy "Mommy." Nope. Instead, Mommy calls Daddy, John and Daddy calls Mommy, Jess. Confusing right? Well one day Daddy...or John as some like to call him, accidently made a mess at the table. Mommy, aka, Jess said, "Oh, John." Now part of that mess is permanently on our table (apparently our table is real sensitive to heat and things stick easily to it thus leaving a mark). Well, every time I see the "memory" from that mess I say, "Oh John, mess." This makes Mommy and Daddy laugh so I keep doing it. Maybe I should try my hand at comedy?

Another Milestone

No, I haven't learned to ride a bike or brush my teeth all by myself or even read for that matter. BUT, I have managed to eat my "cho cho's" (Cheerios) all by myself. And I don't even make a mess! Mommy finally gave in and let me do it because she needed to be able to take care of Grant in the mornings. So I, being the good little helper I am, agreeably took on the task of feeding myself my cho-cho's each morning. In fact, we documented this milestone with the above pictures. I wanted to make sure Mommy got each step. There's me dipping my spoon. Then I carefully direct it toward my mouth, followed closely by the big bite where I devour those cho-cho's. Is that a major milestone or what?


I'm starting multi-tasking that is. Not only can I ride my wheely bug, but I can also take my baby for a stroll. That's more than what Mommy can do. Whenever we go for a stroll she only does one thing..that's push us. But me, well, I can do two things at once. If I'm this good at multi-tasking now just imagine what I will be able to do when I'm Mommy's age!

Feeding Time and No Mommy?

I will admit, I was a little confused when it was time to eat and Mommy handed me to Daddy. He doesn't have the "goods" that I know Mommy does. But he did feed me...just with a bottle instead. Apparently Mommy is eager to get me used to a bottle early because Hannah started too late and refused it the whole time. That left Mommy and Hannah together ALL the time...well at least not apart for more than 3-4 hours for a whole year. That can be taxing on a gal. So, I decided to give Mommy a break and I gladly took the bottle from Daddy. In fact, I drank 4 whole ounces. Mommy, I'm glad to help out where I can.

New "Do"

Look what Daddy did to my hair in the bathtub! Yikes! I wonder if it would do that outside of the bathtub? I'm always open for new hair styles. I mean, come on, I did sport the totally awesome electric shock look not too long ago! If I can pull that off I'm sure I could pull this off.

Little Mommy

Since Mommy now has her baby, I like to play with mine more. I've been watching Mommy closely as she takes care of "Gant." So the other day I decided I wanted to lay my baby on the changing mat and pretend to change her diaper. . .while I was feeding her a bottle. Afterwards, I pulled out a wipe and wiped her down. I wiped all over her. But I focused on the mouth. Mommy seems to do that a lot with "Gant." But she does it after a bunch of stuff comes out of his mouth. I don't know how to get my baby to do that. I thought if I wiped her mouth it would come out. But still, nothing. Oh well. I've still got a lot of learning to do with this mommy thing.

I'm Diggin' This

It's taken me awhile to warm up to the swing. But as you can see here...I'm really diggin' it now. Actually, to be honest, I "dig" it when I'm put in there after I've fallen asleep. I'm not quite ready to let it lull me to sleep on its own. In fact, I'll put up a pretty mean fuss before I let it get me droopy. But on this day, I was one happy fella.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Lately, Mommy has taken up dancing so I've decided to as well. You see, her partner is Grant. Grant can get a little fussy and dancing really seems to soothe him. So I had to find my own partner. And this is the lucky fella. So Mommy puts on the tunes and we dance. What's the music of choice? Well it's Boyz II Men...their new motown cd. And Grant's favorite song? "It's Just My Imagination." So Mommy, Grant, me, and my "b" (bear), sway to the music. Mommy has even taught me how to "step touch." So if you stop by and hear a little music jammin' then come join the party!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thanks Uncle Tim!

The following several pictures are taken by my Uncle Tim. As posted previously, Uncle Tim is a photographer in the Atlanta area. We're just lucky that he's my uncle and we get to benefit from his great photography! He took a TON of pictures of me and my famliy. Mommy just had to post them because they were so good. She had a hard time choosing the ones to post because they were all so good. But here are several we liked. Thanks so much Uncle Tim!

Keepin' Busy

You can tell by my shoes that I'm keepin' busy outside. I love to run and play in the grass. It just so happened it had finished raining and the grass was all sticky. We had to do some cleaning off when it was time to go in.

So Cute

Or maybe this one is Mommy's favorite.

Little Hannah

It's me..again...we're in a hurry to get Grant so can't say much for these photos. But this one is Mommy's favorite of me..standing in the grass. Enjoy!