Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is What I Think About That!

Mommy was ready to get that camera snappin' this afternoon. This was my response. Need I "say" more? But as you will see from the next several photos..she didn't get the message!

Keepin' It Real

Today was such a nice day that we took it outside. I decided to enjoy the nice breeze as I sat with Mommy on the patio. I tried to give her some serious poses to add an artistic touch to our ensemble of photos. These were the best I could do. Obviously I had a bit of a hard time staying too serious as I decided to plunge the sidwalk chalk into my ear. But hey, I kept a serious face. How many of you could keep a serious face as you lodged sidewalk chalk into your ear?

Go Daddy Go!

Here I am watching Daddy cut the grass...rather weeds these days. Man, that looks like a tough job! To encourage him, I waved and said "hi" as he passed back and forth. I think he liked it. He waved back and smiled. It gave him just what he needed to keep up the hard work and to see it through to the end.

Artist at Work

I got some sidewalk chalk from Grandma Hart in the Easter basket she got me. So, since today was a beautiful day, Mommy and I went out on the patio to play while Daddy cut the grass. I really enjoy making colorful marks on the ground. Mommy showed me how to write my name and made some other funny marks. They were good and all I guess, but I work better alone where I can fully express myself. So here I am, by myself, expressing myself with sidewalk chalk (Oh and for the record..don't eat tastes nasty).

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!! I am still a little young to get the whole meaning behind Easter but I know it's an important day. Mommy tells me Jesus aka "geshu" loves me very much and this day is all about Him. I'm sure I'll hear all about it as I continue to grow. But I hope everyone enjoyed this day. We had a nice Easter...very laid back. I did get a little basket with a worship cd that I clapped to and a new Veggie Tales movie! It was great...I watched it twice today! Oh and here is my Easter dress that Grandma Hart got me. It's sleeveless and it was a little chilly outside so I had to wear my sweater with it to church. Oh and the things in my hand are eggs from the egg hunt yesterday. They have been with me quite a lot since I found them.

I Love My Daddy!

Here's a tender moment with Daddy! He was giving me some good hugs and I really enjoyed it!! What can I say, I have a great daddy!! I love you "da da."

I'm Gonna Getcha!

I know this shot isn't clear but Mommy insisted we put it on here. This is my "I'm Comin' to Getcha" shot. I like to run as fast as I can to Mommy or Daddy and then give them a big hug. They say I'm really good at it too. So you better watch time I see you I may just be comin' to get you!!

And Some Not-So-Ladylike Shots

It hasn't been very often that when I lift my shirt or dress up there isn't an undershirt. So imagine my excitement when I could lift my dress and see my belly button. I love belly buttons. I love to look at other people's belly buttons. I am learning, however, that isn't appropriate in all situations and with all people. So for now I just get a kick at looking and Mommy's and Daddy's and now, mine! They sure are funny things!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Today we had our church Easter egg hunt at Mac's house. He has an amazing yard!!! You can tell from my picture with Mommy that I wasn't in the mood to be held...I just wanted to hunt some eggs! And boy was it fun! Enjoy the next few posts of us hunting for eggs!

My Pal Emma Kate

This is Emma Kate. She's 6 years old but my good buddy. Here we are takin' a break (sorry the pictures are out of order) from the egg hunt and enjoying the tasty treats hidden inside. She's giving me words of wisdom regarding how best to hunt for eggs. She's a wealth of knowledge!

Hunting for Eggs

Here I am hunting in action! What a blast this egg hunting thing is and this was BEFORE I knew there was candy inside these eggs!

Daddy and Me at the Egg Hunt

Here we are after I got all the eggs I needed. Daddy helped me eat some of my gummies. They were tasty! I was pretty wiped out after all of that hunting so I was happy to have Daddy carry me over to where the bigger kids were.

Way to Go Da Da!

Now, I'm not in this picture...although some may argue I am. And while I can be a turkey at times, this is not me. But today Daddy went turkey hunting and shot us a turkey! Thankfully, I'm at the age I don't quite understand what that means. I am an animal lover and think all animals are alive and well...even the deer aka "dee" on the wall in our guest room or the stuffed pig chair in my room to whom I say "bye bye" to every day. Innocence is bliss they say. But I just wanted to give a shout out to Daddy! Hoorah! Hooray! My Daddy shot a turkey today!

Flip Flop Ad

No, no, this is not a flip flop ad though it does appear to be and maybe it could. It just so happened that I was LONGING to go outside because Mommy put my shoes on so I was standing like a sad little puppy by the door just hoping we would be going out soon. However, Mommy, like always, just wanted me to put on my flops for a few pictures. But they are worth capturing for the scrapbook. Grandma Hart came a week ago and brought me an Easter basket. These cool flip flops were in there. I just love them. I hated to take them off. They're the perfect size for my tiny foot and the perfect style for this spring and summer. What can I say...I'm stylish.


Well, you can't really tell by this photo, but last week Mommy and I were kind of like twins! You see we both had on our silky pink and black v-neck shirts with empire waists that tie behind our backs paired with a black pair of pants. Now I wore my pink sparkly shoes...Mommy doesn't have those kind of shoes so she wore a black pair. But if you saw us together you may have had a hard time distinguishing who was who...well maybe the height difference would give it away, or really the fact Mommy has a big belly too and her hair is yeah, maybe you could tell us apart. But our outfits were just too cute!

My New Favorite Place

Now that I can get around a little better I just LOVE..L-O-V-E, LOVE the playground! I'm especially in love with the slide...aka "lie." When most people look at me they probably think, "she's so dainty and careful." But that's quite the least when it comes to the slide. I climbed up the slide and slid down all by myself...several times. Now, the slide is quite adventurous. I mean, you go REALLY fast. And you can land pretty hard. But that doesn't scare me at all. So does that sound like a dainty and careful girl to you? Mommy was fortunate enough to get me in action. Most of the time I was going too fast for the camera to catch me. But I'm glad Mommy got one good shot...for proof that I am adventurous and don't need a sissy hand to hold as I plummet to the ground. Oh, and isn't that a great shot of little Mac? He loves the tunnel. And I can't blame him...I love it too. He and I had such a good time at the playground last week. I can't wait to go back!

Am I Cool or What?

Our friends let me borrow this rockin' outfit. Don't you just love it? It's toile (don't really know how to spell that...neither does Mommy). I especially like the jacket because the buttons jingle when I bounce around. Oh and the other accessory you see me sporting is my orange ribbon. Obviously, my locks haven't grown long enough yet for me to tie it into my hair (although Mommy did manage to put it in my hair like a headband and that was pretty cool...well until it got in my way) so until then I'll just be carrying it around. I like to take it just about everywhere I go. I'm just really into, bows, socks, hats and I love Mommy's earrings. When can I get me some of those?

And a Few More...

Here are a few more photos of me in my little outfit. I was having a good time and giving Mommy some silly faces so she decided to "go with it" and fire off several shots. What can I say, I'm just a natural for the camera.

Loving My "Sey"

Sometimes I feel like my little horse just needs a hug. And then there are times when Mommy thinks my "sey" needs a hug and tells me to "be nice to the horse" or "love the horse" to which I respond with this action along with "awww". I guess she feels he needs a lot of love. I get the most joy not out of riding him, but out of loving him. In fact, I even like to share my juice or milk with him. I even make the sipping noise for him because I know he has a hard time with that.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sanderson Visit

Guess who came to see me last week? The Sandersons!! Here is Allie to represent her clan. I just realized we didn't get any shots of Uncle sorry "Shaw." I speak of you often so don't think you're not in my heart! They came last Thursday night and stayed through Saturday morning. We had a blast. We went shopping and I got to ride the little horsey ride and Mommy got me some new PJs. Oh and Allie, well she pushed me around in my stroller while Mommy and "La la" paid. It was quite the wild ride but I didn't mind. That was an adventure! Then we got to eat at Zaxby's for a tasty treat. "Shaw" got me a cookie. It was great. Needless to say I took a super long nap and then Allie and I got to go to the playground with our daddies. All in all we had a great time. I can't wait to see them again!

Kyle and Me

Well, here we are...the two September babies havin' some fun. Kyle is a funny guy. I can't wait til he can get around like me and from the looks of won't be long!!

Aunt Melissa and Me

I had so much fun with my Aunt Melissa (aka "la la"). I feel as though I really bonded with her the past couple of days. In fact, I often preferred to go to her rather than to Mommy. Here is our official picture together. I love you Aunt Melissa!

Bathtime Fun?

Can you tell Friday was a long day? I had so much fun but by the end of the day I was worn out. Once it was bathtime I was in no mood for fun. Allie tried to make me happy by displaying some of my toys in front of me. I must say it worked for a moment but only a moment. Mommy had to bathe me fast so I could get into bed. Allie, on the other hand, enjoyed my tub and toys. I'm glad she did. Sorry Allie for my bad attitude. I'll be better next time.

Hangin' with My Cuz's

Saturday morning we all enjoyed some nice couch time with one another. I got to sit with my Sanderson cousins and catch up on some cartoons. It was so much fun! Kyle was happy as always, I was sucking my thumb as always, and Allie was hiding behind her blanket...very common. But we still managed to look cute for the photos. Next time we're all together there will be one more addition...I can't imagine what that will be like!

Kyle, Ain't He Somethin'?

Well, Kyle sure was up for some closeups this past weekend. He just loved every minute of the camera. Isn't he so cute? I just love my little cousin Kyle...and I say "little" loosely. We're actually about the same size and I'm almost a whole year older than him!! Maybe he should be the captain of the Chub Club!

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Today Mommy and I were dancing to the music at the end of The Preacher's Wife. During the song the people shouted, "Hallelujah!" and Mommy echoed. Then, she challenged me to do the same. Well, you know me, I'm always up for a challenge so I did just that! I guess it sounded pretty good so Mommy taped me saying it. Here I am saying, "Hallelujah!" and just in time for Easter!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Playdough and Crayons

Well, the other day I had a ton of fun playing with my playdough and crayons. I'm getting better at coloring. I actually am making distinct marks on my paper. But what intrigued me most about my crayons was how I could pull the crayons out of their holders. So Mommy said she thinks it's time I move to the big crayons without the holders, which have become a distraction to my artistic creativity. Whatever. I just had fun pulling them in and out of the holder thingys. After I tried my hand at coloring, Mommy pulled out the playdough. I didn't try to eat it as much as I did last time we had it out. But I did get a good chunk of it in my mouth. But I'm okay. My favorite part of the playdough was taking it out of the container and then putting it back in. I'm not to good at creating anything. But we had fun. I can't wait to do it again!

Mommy's Little Helper

Guess what I got to do the other day? You're right! I got to help Mommy sweep the floor. You may think the broom was a little big for a runt like me, but I held my own when it came to manuevering the broom around. But I was best at bringing Mommy the dust pan when she needed it. I like helping out around the house. I can even take things and put them in the trash can now when Mommy or Daddy ask me to. But sometimes I put things in there that aren't supposed to go in my toy cell phone or my balls from one of my toys. Those went missing for quite some time until Daddy found them in his trash can in the office. I was hoping they would find them. They weren't getting the hints I was dropping to them about where I hid them.