Thursday, March 29, 2007

All Grown Up

Don't I look like such a big girl in this skirt? Mommy dressed me up a little today since we were going to the doctor (scroll on down to see how that went). Our neighbors were so gracious to let me borrow some of their daughter, Emma's, clothes. She's about six months older than me. We thought this skirt was too cute. Some of my poses aren't too lady like but don't worry...there are shorts built into the bottom. I like wearing skirts!!

Can You See Me?

Can you see me? I can't see you!! Do you like this new move I do? I think it's really cool. I have started to do it a lot because it's so much fun!!! Mommy gets a big kick out of it when I do it so I like to do it a lot!!!

My 6 Month Check-Up

Hey, you may be saying, these aren't pictures of Hannah's six month checkup! Well, you're right...mommy didn't take pictures at the doctor BUT there is a reason we chose these pictures. Mommy wanted to show what a happy girl I was today despite the fact I got two shots and some funny liquid down my throat. I am getting much better at handling those shots and we found out that at my nine month checkup I don't even have to get shots! Yahoo!!! Well, you may be wondering how the checkup went and how I did at the big weigh in. Well, it looks like we'll still be training for the Chub Olympics!! I weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs. 13 ounces! That's an eight ounce increase from last month...not stellar! I do feel pretty special that I stand alone in the weight percentile for six month babies (0 percentile for those of you who didn't catch that). But the doc said not to worry...I had made personal increase and am steadily moving up (apparently he showed mommy this detailed graph that showed this...hey...I feel pretty special..a graph all about and only about ME!). I think my length was 24 and 1/4 inches...that's in the 17th percentile. I am also a little behind developmentally with my reflexes so that means even MORE training with mom! Like I said yesterday, I have yet to roll over and sit up but it's really because I am just enjoying laying around and chilling out. But I guess I'll have to be more intentional with my playtime because I am worrying mommy a bit. Phew...this baby thing is more demanding than I thought. But we'll fill you in when I surprise you all with these moves I've been keeping under the radar these past two months. Just won't believe your eyes!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Special Time with Grandma and Papa

Here we are all three together having a blast!!! Man, do they think I'm funny. Look at that one picture where Grandma is so tickled! I just love to make them laugh! And they make me laugh too!! I am so ticklish. When Papa tickles my legs and tummy I can't stop laughing. Boy we sure had a good time together!

Special Time with Grandma

Grandma and I had fun together today! She played more Patty Cake with me and I also showed her how I could "stand." She was real proud of me!! Now for those of you who may be I have not rolled over, sat up, or done any other sort of physical milestone. Hey, I'm just not in any hurry. I like to take things slowly and enjoy each stage I am in at the moment. Mommy does practice with me every day on rolling over and sitting up....but it just doesn't interest me...kind of like the whole bottle thing. I like to tell people that I march to the beat of a different drummer. But I am sure mommy will let you know when I do hit those milestones! Anyways...Grandma and I had a blast today...that was the point of this post!

Special Time with Papa

Papa and I had some special time together today. He said some funny things that made me laugh and smile. I was very comfortable with Papa holding me. I really liked touching his face...I am discovering everyone's face feels a little different. Papa's felt a little like daddy's...kind of rough. But that's okay...I still like it! I'm so glad he and Grandma stopped by today on their way to Statesboro. We had a really good time!!

Fancy Feet

Check these out! Today Grandma and Papa came by on their way to see Aunt Ashley in Statesboro. And just look at what they brought with them...these fabulous flip flops. Now, I've seen mommy wear something like these and I've always thought, "hmmm, I wonder how I would look in something like that?" Well, now I've got my very own pair. I made mommy get some close up shots and then a full body picture so you could see what they looked like with the whole outfit (forget the fact most of my outfit is covered up by the activity center). Unfortunately, I don't know how long I can wear flip flops and other sandals because I am afraid I am not going to have the most dainty of feet. I am afraid I have inherited my daddy's awkward mommy says. But I will definitely enjoy the sandals now, when most people think pretty much anything on a baby is cute.

Emmett....Here Boy!

Come over here Emmett! Have you guys ever petted Emmett? Well I have and let me tell you...he is so soft! I love to touch him. But he sure is tough to get a hold of. He's always on the move!! But I think he's a pretty patient least when it comes to me. He lets me grab him...and I must say that I'm giving my best grab...and he doesn't whimper or get mad. I think we'll be good buddies and I think he'll enjoy me more when I can move around a bit.

Tuckered Out

Well, did I ever have such a long day the other day. I couldn't get back to sleep after I got up at 2:00 from my nap. Mommy laid me back down at 4:30 and told me I needed to sleep for a short bit so I wouldn't be cranky. Well, I gave it a good shot at least but I just couldn't get to sleep in my crib. I got so excited about my mobile and my feet that I just couldn't simmer down. So mommy finally came in and got me and told me that I couldn't be cranky if I got up. I tried not to but now I know why I needed one more short nap. I got pretty fussy. But mommy was fixing dinner so I was on my own with this one. FINALLY I feel asleep in my swing for 15 minutes. It took the edge off. But I sure was ready for bed at 7! Next time I'll do better mom, I promise!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Don't be fooled by this picture. I am not the biggest fan of oatmeal cereal. I only agree to eat it because mommy puts a little bit of applesauce with it. She's afraid I am going to be a finicky eater. Not sure what that means..but it doesn't sound like she's thrilled about it. Most times I refuse to open my mouth. I just purse my lips together as if to say....there ain't no way you're putting THAT in my mouth. But then there are more pleasant times when I'm not so hard on mommy. She seems happy during those times. But because we're training in the Chub Olympics (by the way, are there any of you out there that have to train for this thing, if so let me know) I try to comply as I am learning the more I eat the more I gain. Let's hear it for the Chubs out there. I hope to one day be one of you!

Guess What.....

Hey guess what??? To find out what...keep scrolling down...I have something important to say....

I'm Six Months Old Today!!!

Can you read my sign? In case you can' says I'm six months old today! I told mom to add the Whoooo Hooooo to capture the excitement you see on my face.'s hard to believe I'm this old. Life is good though for all you readers out there. Life is good. I'm looking forward to the next six months of my life. Looking back and reminescing (mommy and I don't know how to spell that word) I have really enjoyed the stroller rides, being naked...completely naked,
discovering my voice, discovering I can put my toes in my mouth, bathtime, and airplane. I look forward to what lies ahead and all the new things I will learn these next six months. Hey I'm a pensive gal.

Do I Look Bigger?

I mean, really, tell me the I look bigger? Come on, you can tell me....I can handle the truth. I've been training really hard with mommy in the chub to be the biggest I can be(my big weigh in is only a few short days away) look at me really closely and tell do I look?

Just In Case You Forgot

Oh yeah, and just in case you forgot...I'm six months old! (That's half way to a year for those of you not too quick with the mathematics!)

Oh There You Are! Finally!

Sometimes I think Mommy takes her time coming to get me after I wake up from my naps. I mean...hello...can't you hear my exciting squeals? I mean, I try to be as loud as I can. What more of a hint should I give you that I am awake?! I try to sound happy so it even would motivate her to come and get me. I can understand a slower pace if I was cranky. I mean, who would want to come and see someone who is cranky? But a happy and amiable who wouldn't rush to the crib to swoop that baby up? Apparently not always mommy...but thankfully she always comes and I am still thrilled to see her!

Come and See the Many Faces of Hannah: The What's Over There? Face

What's over there? Something has caught my eye yet again...huh...mommy calls it the ceiling...interesting.....

You Already Know This Face


The I'm Tired But Really Want to Keep Sucking My Fingers Face


The Holding the Foot Close to My Mouth Face


Catchin' Some Rays

So here I am catchin' some rays. Don't worry, we weren't out long. We just wanted to get some fresh air and enjoy the sun for a few short minutes. It was a little too noisy though because they were doing LOUD yardwork next door. AND my hat kept falling into my eyes and I found it a bit annoying! So I told mom it would be a bit more enjoyable inside. So, being the trooper she is, she packed up our things and we headed indoors.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My First Dainty Dress

Here are some shots in my dainty dress I wore to church on Sunday. I did a lot of cool poses for you. My favorite is the shot where I am leaning to the side and looking off into the distance. I thought it proved to be a dramatic effect. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Pretty as a Picture

Well folks, here I am in my first dainty little dress. Mommy and Daddy got lots of pictures of me in you saw from the previous photos. Mommy washed my tights, which have always been too big, to see if they would shrink and sure enough they did! It has a little sweater to go with it but I couldn't keep it was a little big despite the fact it was a three month size! But I sure had fun in this little dress! Mommy and Daddy had to show me off in it!

Me and My Buddy Ellie

Hey! Meet my good friend Ellie! She lives right up the street from me. Our mommies say we will be best friends. I sure hope so. Ellie is a blast to be around! Do you see her holding my hand? She is so sweet! I can't sit up yet but I aspire to be like Ellie one day and sit tall and proud just as she is! Until then, I can only look up and admire her from my back. That's really great work Ellie. Oh and sometimes Ellie makes me laugh too. She said something really funny and man...I couldn't stop smiling. The great thing is only she and I understand that baby talk. If only our mommies knew what she said...they would be laughing out loud too!! One day we might let you in on our little secret!

And Even MORE Visitors!

Well, can you believe it! I had even more visitors last week! Grandmamma and Grandaddy came down to see me Friday night! I feel so special! Here I am with Grandmamma. Do you see what a good listener I am? Grandmamma is very good at reading stories. I enjoy it so much (that's what I am telling Grandmamma in that top picture). I told Mommy that she didn't get a picture with me and Grandaddy!! I am so sorry Grandaddy! I had a great time with you too!!! I am so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Special Visitor!

Well can you believe I had two special visitors this week? Well, believe it! Aunt Ash came the next day! Oh and I can't leave out Maggie. We had a blast together! I showed Aunt Ash and Maggie all my cool moves on my quilt. She seemed pretty impressed I must say and even Maggie thought I had some pretty awesome moves too! Do you see Maggie and me talking? And then Aunt Ash and I were talking too. I had lots to say to them. They were good listeners. Thanks so much for coming guys!! I can't wait to see you again!!

A Special Visitor

I was so excited to see Papa Hart again this week! He was in town on business and stopped by to say hello. He even took us out to Zaxby's! Mommy said I will really enjoy it when I am a little bigger. Until then, I just get to watch everyone eat. But I move my jaw a lot so as to warm up those muscles I will need once I can eat it! Papa and I had a great time together. He took me on a little walk outside and I really liked it. We also watched a little American Idol together but I started to get really tired so Mommy had to put me to bed. Can you believe Sanjaya is still on there?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finally, a Picture Without the Hat

Warning, several pictures following have me in a hat. This one does's actually the last one posted after a long line of hat pictures but the blog puts in at the top. So anyways, thought you might enjoy one without the hat and of course it's me doing what I do best...sucking my thumb.

Takin' it Easy

Well, this is the life. Just kickin' back, suckin' my thumb and enjoying the comfort this ol' pig brings. All I need is my oatmeal and applesauce combo and I'd be set. Man, life is good. I can't complain.

This is Kind of Fun

It's kind of fun posing in this glamorous hat. I feel like a movie star. I got tickled during this picture. Mommy said it turned out well. What do you think?

A True Amigo

So, while we were posing in my hat mommy decided to adjust the brim and this is what happened. This time she called me an amigo...whatever that is. She said now my hat turned into more of a sombrero. Well, as usual, I let her have her fun with me. I mean, what else can I do...she's so much bigger than me.