Thursday, July 31, 2008


Why all the smiles, you ask. Well, today I had to go back and re-do my two month check up. Now, not many people are as lucky as I am to have 2 two month checkups. But because I was so scrawny at my last checkup they wouldn't give me my shots. So over the past week and a half, Mommy and I have been working hard to put some chub on me because we knew they'd be weighing me too. And we did. I gained 7 ounces in the past week! Yeah!! I could tell Mommy was SO very relieved! I'm hoping this might mean she'll stop forcing all that milk, formula and breast, down my throat. No wonder I'm known as the Spit Up King. The doc does want us to come back in another month for another weigh in. Othewise I wouldn't go back until I'm four months. But guess what I overheard? When I go for my four month checkup, Hannah's gonna have her 2 year checkup! That will be a blast!
Oh yeah, here are the official stats from my visit. My head is 16 inches around..that puts me in the 52%. My height is 24 1/2 inches long...that puts me in the 85%, and my weight is 10 lbs. and 14 ounces...that puts me in the 18% (hey it's better than my sister Hannah who is always in the 0%). So my percentages are all over the place! I'm a little disproportionate if you look at those numbers! But that's how God made me to be. I guess I'll just be long and lean. That may just be how us Harman kiddos are. . .a little bit scrawny. But Mommy and Daddy says we sure are cute!

Monday, July 28, 2008

What I Did During Grant's Nay Nay Photo Shoot

And here's what I did while Grant got blinded by the bright lights of the camera. Ahhh, sometimes it's nice to have a baby brother. I can get away with more when Mommy's attention is on him!

Are you SKEERD?

This is my scary face...are you skeerd?

Betcha Can't Do This

Can you stick your tongue out and do the super karate moves?

Warming up My Vocal Chords

Here I am just warming up my vocal chords for a round of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" It sounded pretty good I must add.

Serious Karate Moves

This is my serious karate chop. Don't blink. You might miss it!

I Have a Great Big Sister

Hannah is a great big sister. Everytime she comes near me, I smile. Sometimes she'll tickle me. Sometimes she'll pat my belly. And then sometimes she'll give me a kiss. I was so happy when she decided to play with me today. I couldn't get that grin off my face. I think we'll have fun together when I can run around like she can.

"Nay Nay" Photo Shoot

Whenever I don't have my clothes on or when I'm just in my diaper Hannah giggles and says, "ooo Gant nay nay." Afterwards Mommy says, "Is Grant naked?" So whether it's nay nay or naked...that's what this photo shoot was about. . .me without my clothes. I must say though, I enjoy being "nay nay." There's a freedom to it that is indescribable. It makes me just want to kick my legs around and punch the air with my hands and then let out a big "ah goo."


I'm messy. I don't like messes too much but I'm pretty good at making them when I eat. This mess is a combination of watermelon, ketchup (from my hot dog aka "hot gog."), and applesauce. Lately these days I like to point out messes to Mommy and Daddy. Whenever I see weeds, woods, or rocks scattered about...I like to say "messy." Mommy is afraid I'm a little OCD. But I just like things nice and neat. That's not a bad thing is it? Lots of times when we're out walking I'll say, "oooo, mess!" If my hands get dirty I go up to Mommy and say, "I messy!" Sometimes I won't let Mommy go until she gets whatever is on my hands off.

I Did It!

No, I didn't start crawling or take my first step. I fell asleep in my swing! This may seem like a small task for some, but for me it's a pretty big one. I'm not really good at settling myself to sleep anywhere but my bed. But the other night while Mommy was cleaning up dinner, I fell asleep in my swing. I didn't stay asleep too long, but I did it. That's what counts. Maybe it was my little giraffe that Grandmama gave me that helped!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Sister

Mommy says I'm a sweet sister. I do love my baby brother "Gant." See how I gently covered him up and rubbed his back? Okay, Mommy DID prompt me to do that...but I would have gladly done it without prompting too. He sure was a sleepy guy. It didn't really bother him that I was playing in his crib while he was napping. Oh how I miss those days. . .when nothing short of a freight train wakes you up.

I've Missed You Dear Friend

Here are the other pics from my playtime in Grant's crib. You know, Mommy said this used to be my crib. I didn't remember that until I saw my beloved mobile. Then the memories flooded my mind. I remembered how much I loved that mobile. The little animals brought back so many fond memories. I remembered it played music and the animals spun around. But it wasn't doing that today. So I tried to get it moving myself by batting at the animals. It just wasn't the same though. How, how I've missed you my dear friend.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We Did It!

**These pictures have nothing to do with what I'm about to say.**

Well, we did it! We had a SUCCESSFUL trip to Walmart. I've never seen Mommy move that cart so fast. She's getting quite good at manuevering that big boat of a cart. Grant was quiet the whole way to the store and Mommy wanted to keep it that way. We found the special cart out in East Buddah again. Mommy said, "Thank you Lord!" So I did the same. I too said, "Thank you Lowd!" Mommy loaded us in quickly and kicked it into high gear. We got a little held up in the front of the many slowpokes around here. But once we got around them Mommy flew! I said, "Whoa!" and smiled really big. Mommy started lingering a bit in the cosmetics aisle and Grant started to whimper. Mommy made a fast decision and grabbed some make-up and took off again. Thankfully, Grant remained calm. We moved at lightening speed the whole way through the store. Mommy even broke a sweat! She was probably the only person actually sweating inside! We found a register without much of a line and Mommy continued to move as fast as she could. Grant started crying then...but nothing major. He cried while we loaded the groceries up but once we got back in the car and started moving...he fell fast asleep. This is a monumental day in the Harman household. Maybe we'll celebrate with some icecream!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our First Sleepover!

Mommy let me take a nap with Grant the other day. I enjoyed it very well. Except for the part where I tried to crawl out (that would have been a hard fall). And when I almost rolled over on Grant. It's a good thing Mommy saw me when she did. I could have hurt me and Grant. But once we got to sleep we had a nice rest. That's when she took this picture. I think Grant was sucking his thumb too. I could hear it while I was trying to fall asleep. I kept laughing and saying, "Gant." Okay, you can close your mouths now and hang the phone back up. No need to call DFACS. This picture was staged. Mommy and I wanted to have a little fun for a minute. But didn't I do a good job of pretending I was asleep? And isn't it funny Grant and I have the same sleeping position? Well, even though I wasn't actually asleep. Mommy will post some more shots of our crib time together. But she wanted this shot to linger for a itself!

A Girl and Her Boots

While Grandma was here...she took me and Grant shopping. She got me these incredible boots. Now, I wasn't a big fan at first. Mommy just laughed at me as I struggled to walk in them. So I immediately demanded them to come off. But Mommy was persistent in getting me to wear them. She said they were my "mail boots." See, I love the mailman and I love to go and get the mail with Mommy. So when she said these were my special boots to go get the mail in, I liked the idea. Once we got outside I didn't want to take them off. Mommy took a TON of pictures of me outside with them on. Here are a few of those. Mommy still makes fun of me when I wear them. Especially when I can't get up off the floor with them on. I look like a fish out of water flopping around when I am trying to stand up in them. I can't do it unless I have something to hold onto. Mommy is so busy laughing that she isn't much help in getting me up. What an immature Mommy!!

Fun with Grandma

Grandma and I had fun together. She tickled me and I just laughed and laughed. I am quite the ticklish girl!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me and Grandma

Grandma came and stayed with us for a few days last week. Mommy will post more pictures later. But for now, she had to put this one up. It's one of her favorite pictures. I love my Grandma and was so happy she came to play with me! Can't wait to see you again Grandma!

Good News

Well folks, today was the big weigh in. After a day and a half of pumping, bottle feeding, washing the pump and bottles, and a tighter schedule...I'm happy to say it paid off. I CAN gain weight! I put on two ounces! So, I don't have a problem...Mommy just has to make sure I'm getting enough to eat. And the doctor said to keep nursing and just supplement here and there with formula. Mommy and I were happy to hear it! I go back in a week to finish my checkup from this week. You see, they held off on the shots in case something was wrong with me. I didn't mind that. But I have to go back next Thursday to get those nasty things. Oh and this picture is random...but Mommy said she just loved it...especially of me. What can I say, I'm all smiles these days! Oh and Hannah wanted to make sure everyone knew why she is "nay nay" aka naked in this shots. It was right after her bath. Daddy hadn't gotten her pjs on yet. And, on behalf of my daddy, I would like to clarify that I am NOT wearing a dress. It's a sleeper sack. It's oh so comfy and easy entry for when Mommy needs to change my diaper if I get up in the middle of the night. IT IS NOT A DRESS.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Two Month Update

Well folks I had my two month check-up today. On the bright side, I didn't cry one bit on the way to the doctor. In fact, as you can see from these photos, I was quite amiable. I didn't cry once at the doctor's office either. However, it looks like I may have to step down from my vice presidency of the Chub Club for awhile. You see, I actually LOST weight from my last visit. This was not good news for Mommy. So, they have me on a strict formula diet for the next two days. Then, like my sister Hannah had to do, I have to go back for a weigh in. The doctor needs to make sure I can gain weight. We're not quite sure what the problem is. It could be I spit up too much or that Mommy's milk doesn't have enough calories for me. Hopefully it's a simple fix and I'll be able to continue my role as the Chub Club vice presidency. We'll keep you updated.

Oh No!

As I was playing the other day, something embarassing happened. My shorts fell down! You see, this can happen to me a lot. I have a small waist and a lot of times, clothes don't fit me quite right. Some of my clothes are still 12 month sizes! But these are 18 months...and they're just a little big. It's a good thing it was just me and Mommy at the house. I said, "Oh no," to inform her that my shorts had fallen down. Mommy, being the picture taker she is, decided to snap a few shots while I tried to figure out just what I should do. As you'll see from the series of photos...I finally figured it out!

I Can Do This

I manage to grab hold of the shorts and bring them back up to their proper location.

How Can I Walk?

I try to pull them back up but soon realize I can't walk and hold these shorts up at the same time.

Ahh, This is Better

Finally, I've escaped. There's nothing like feeling the cool air against my diaper. What a relief!

Hello Mr. Duck

Hello, Mr. Duck. Your bright colors amaze me.

Helpin' Out Around the House

Now that Mommy has two of us to watch after, I decided to start helping out around the house more. There's so much for Mommy to get done and vary rarely does it all get done. So I took my hand at sweeping again. If you recall from earlier posts, I tried sweeping. I was a bit young then. Now that I'm older and more mature I can handle the task a little better. Most of the mess ends up around the table these days so after Mommy redirected me from the den (she said we don't sweep carpet) to the kitchen, I got busy. I think I goofed off more though than I actually cleaned!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Papa Visits!

Guess who stopped by our house Tuesday night? It was Papa! I was thrilled to see him! He was in Griffin for business and decided to stop by on his way back to Bham. We had a lot of fun. He threw me in the air (this is Hannah speaking..not Grant so don't worry), he played baby dolls with me, and just tickled me and tickled me. Mommy played a mean trick on me and said, "Do you want to go home with Papa?" To which I answered, "Okay." and walked to the door and said, "Cum on," to Papa. He did come and we walked around outside but then we came back in. I didn't understand. I thought we were going to Papa's house. Then he left without me! I cried and cried and said "Papa! Papa!" I don't think Mommy realizes how smart I am and how easily I understand things she says. So Mommy, next time you offer for me to go home with better follow through!

Papa and Me

Mommy got me up from my nap so I could see Papa. What a surprise! I was a little fussy at first...wouldn't you be too if someone woke you out of a sound nap? But then Papa smiled at me and made funny faces and that got me just a grinnin'. Then he walked around with me. It was a lot of fun but it wore me out. So shortly after, Mommy had to lay me back down. Oh and speaking of sleeping....I've impressed Mommy the past two nights by sleeping 11 hours! Yes, heard me right...11 hours. Mommy lays me down around 7:30 or 8:00 pm and lets me sleep for as long as I'll go...usually until 6:30 or 7:00 AM! Boy did I surprise her! I'll try to keep it up Mommy so you can keep getting rest!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I don't know what Mommy was trying to do to me the other day. I was NOT a good sport about it. She wanted to make me "gagas" (glasses) out of these funny looking things I got from my Zaxby's kids' meal. However, after looking at these photos, I must admit I do look studious.