Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Much To Do

When we went outside a couple of weeks ago (yes, we've been outside since then...but you get the point) I decided to bring out LOTS of toys. Of course my first pick was the Wheely Bug...what I call the "beetle bug." So I took a few spins around the patio on it. Then, I lugged out my doggie aka "goggie." He needed to get out just as much as Mommy, Grant, and I did. So I took him for a walk around the patio. He loved it. I could tell by that smile on his face. Eventually, I moved on to more things. You'll see.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hooray for The Sun!

Well, as Hannah previously mentioned, a couple of weeks ago it was so sunny and warm. So, while she blew her bubbles, I enjoyed basking in the sun. Mommy gave me this pink ball to play with but I preferred the green one. Mommy, what kind of vibe do you want to give off to passerbys? A new friend could be lurking around the corner. I don't want them to see me with a pink ball. That's not manly. Thank goodness she was feeling my anxiety. She tossed the green ball outside too. I was right on that! Thank goodness. I can't have my style cramped.

Get Those Hands Together...

Everyone, get your hands together and let's hear it for....ME! Yes folks, if we had a Clapper (you know, Clap On...clap clap...Clap Off...clap clap...Clap On, Clap Off) I would be able to use it because I can, and do enjoy...clapping!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bubble Fun

A couple of weekends ago the weather was absolutely wonderful. Finally, we could break out of the confinement of our house and enjoy the outdoors. And, with any type of outdoor fun comes bubbles. Yes folks, we broke out the bubbles again. Only this time, I actually got to hold the wand and blow them myself (and eat them at times). It was trickier than it looked. It seemed that blowing even the slightest bit hard hampered the bubble making. And so, after some quick lessons from Mommy, I learned to blow gently. Occasionally I was successful and created some bubbles myself. Still, more often than not, only bubble mixture spewed across the sky. . .and often into my mouth (Mommy said that was because I was blowing it too closely too my mouth...well...okay...I had it in my mouth). All in all, it was a profitable time as I begun learning a new skill, bubblemaking. . .one that I am sure I will carry with me all the days of my life.

Why Am I Doing This?

Why in the world is Mommy making me put this in my mouth? It's dry. It's crunchy. It's a little rough. Basically, it's not baby food. I'm a little sensitive to textures. It takes me awhile to warm up to different foods. Try peas for example. I am just now willing to eat peas solo. I refused them at first (I'm talking about baby food peas here). Then, unbeknownst to me, Mommy began mixing my peas with some of my favorites...squash and sweet potatoes. I ate it. Well, I guess my palet got used to it because now I can eat them alone. I think this cracker is going to take some getting used to...just like those peas. It's not as delicious as it looks folks.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes folks, that time has come where I must spread my wings and become more independent. A few weeks ago (yes we're, as always, a little behind on our postings) I bit the bullet and began to crawl. No longer could I endure sitting in the same place while everyone else didn't. I was frustrated. I needed a change. I took the plunge. And now look at me! I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. My new fascination is with the phone and light cords. I like to pull on them. But Mommy doesn't like me to. I've heard the word "no" more times in the past few weeks than I've ever heard in my life. I thought that with this crawling thing there would be more freedom. Apparently not as much as I had envisioned. But, still, life is good. Crawling is good.

Lost American Idol Audition

American Idol forgot to put me on. I did audition. In fact, here it is. My friend, Ellie, taught me Jingle Bells. I chose to perform it for my audition. The only problem is that I can only remember a few of the words. So, like most American Idol contestants who forget their words, I just make funny sounds to fill it what would be awkward silence. I try to keep with the tune though so as not to be obvious. And, I sing loudly. I think that also helps in covering up my forgetfulness. Please excuse my wet hair and pajamas. We'll just call this one a rehearsal. Next time I'll be better prepared. . .from remembering the words to my get-up. And then I'm sure American Idol will put me on.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It seems that Mommy enjoys taking pictures of us while we're messy. So, here's some more messy pictures for you to enjoy. I'm actually wondering when Mommy is going to teach Hannah some table manners. Aren't girls supposed to be nice and neat? I'm a boy. I'm supposed to get messy. But Hannah, she's not. She's a girl. And to be honest, it's just gross to look at...all that peanut butter and jelly accompanied by yogurt and strawberries plastered all over her face. Please Hanny, give us a break. Use a napkin will ya?

Friday, February 13, 2009


Yes, I'm back in the stroller. And I must admit, I'm having a great time. But you know who's having an even better time? Mommy. Yes, Mommy. It seems that she can get a little extra work done in the kitchen while Hannah strolls me around the house. I think making/cleaning up dinner has gotten a bit easier for her. Well, that is as long as Hannah doesn't leave me high and dry. Sometimes she gets distracted and walks off, leaving me here, alone. But most of the time she's a blast. I like to kick back and enjoy the ride. We squeal together as we race around the kitchen. Only once have I fallen out. It was soft landing though because we were on the carpet. What can I say, I like to live on the wild side a little. I'm willing to take that risk in order to experience life's riding in a pink stroller pushed by my big sis...who loves me. Did you see her giving me a kiss in that one picture? What can I say, I have that effect on people.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hey, remeber "Jazum?" Here she is again. If you're unfamiliar with this canine...she's our neighbors' dog.

Hannah, what's that fragrance you're wearing?

"Jazum, you okay? Is somethin' the matter?"

"This is a great view isn't it?"

Let's hear it for Jazum!

Don't Forget Me!

I had to get in on the action when Mommy was taking silly pictures of Hannah. So here I am, being my silliest. It seems Mommy just can't help but take my picture when I flash my killer smile. . .even if I do have leftovers on my face!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stretchin' It Out

When Daddy asked where I learned such a trick, I told him the truth, from Ellie. For some reason, Mommy and Daddy got a good chuckle out of that. Dinnertime is usually a fun time of day for me. I get to eat with Mommy, Daddy, and Grant! And I can make them all laugh! I was running out of funny things to do so I decided to pull this new trick out of my bag to see what would happened. My desired result occured. Everyone laughed. Thanks Ellie for this awesome new trick. It's a crowd pleaser!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Camo, Wheely Bugs, and Knighthood...a Typical Day in the Harman Hood

These pictures speak millions. Where do I begin? Let's start with the camo. Yes, this is my first, and most definitely not my last, time wearing camo. Daddy is eager to turn me into a hunter by the age of three (just kidding grandparents, no guns yet). Hunting is a must for boys in the Harman Hood. Just ask Daddy. It's not a must, however, for the girls. Just ask Mommy.
Where are the pants, you ask? Well, I pooped on them. Yes, I did. This is typical in our world. Probably every day I have a major accident that requires being stripped of some, if not all, of my clothes. Luckily, for Mommy, it was just my pants. Unluckily for me, it was just my pants. I had to crawl (yes I did say crawl, we are behind these days but I am officially a crawler as of a week or so ago...more of that coming soon) around without pants on for awhile. Do you know how awkward that is? Next time I'll be sure to soil ALL my clothes so then Mommy is forced to put on a new outfit for me.
Where is your other sock, you ask? Well, so typical this is...moreso than the poopy pants. I have quite the knack of taking off ONE of my socks. Yes, just one. Most days I am crawling around with one sock. Who knows where the other one is. This creates an annoying problem for Mommy. You see, there are SEVERAL solo socks sitting in the hamper just waiting for their mate. It's somewhere around the house. I promise. Mommy doesn't believe me though. They still wait, alone, in the hamper.
And then there's the Wheely Bug. Yes, the Wheely Bug, a Harman favorite. I'm enamored by it. I can't take my eyes off of it. And so, Hannah so kindly knighted me with my chew ring as the Wheely Bug Prince. She said she would pass this family heirloom down to me when she tires of it. I'm thinking that may be awhile though. She sure rides it a lot.
And finally, there's our messy floor. Yes, that too drives Mommy crazy. It seems she can't keep it clean and so, often times she gives up and lets it collect the crumbs and drips we give it. Then, when she's just about had enough, she'll give it a good sweeping and mop down only to be confronted with the problem yet again in thirty minutes.
So, there you have it. A typical look into the Harman Hood....camo, Wheely Bugs, missing socks, poopy pants, and dirty floors. Don't we lead a glamorous life?


It's me and Ellie again! She and her family came over a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Daddy's 30th!!! birthday! The sad thing is that this is the only picture taken on that momentus day. Mommy dropped the ball! Ellie and I sure enjoyed the special dessert and time to play together as we celebrated Daddy moving into "old manhood." Ellie especially enjoyed my crown and wand.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Happy Guy

Mommy says I'm a happy guy. And I am for the most part. What doesn't make me happy is when Mommy leaves me alone even for a few minutes. Then I scream. But most of the time, I'm pretty happy. I love to laugh. And I do it pretty easily these days. Some of the funniest times is when we're at the table eating. Between Daddy, Mommy, and Hannah someone is always making me laugh. In this video it was Mommy who got me laughing. And please excuse my messy face. I just finished my lunch. Oh and I like to pretend I ride a motorcycle. That's why my wrists bend back and forth. I'm just revving up my engine.

Dance Party

A week or so ago, my friend Lucy came over to play. And what better way to have fun with my friend than with a dance party! Grandmama got me this really hip children's cd (that, if Mommy is being honest, Mommy enjoys too). We chose to jam out to "Everybody on the Rug." It has a bit of a Latino flair. While dancing, I discoverd that Lucy is very good at following directions. When the singer says, "Everybody on the rug...take a seat-a" Lucy complies and squats to the ground. Good job Lucy. Way to follow directions! I especially enjoy Lucy's prancing moves. Man, she's got to teach me some of these! Then I'll be sure to be the life at any dance party!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This is the Day

I'm getting a little better with my singing these days. My favorite song of choice? "This is the Day that the Lord has Made." Mommy, Grant, and I all sing it while we eat lunch. With all that practice, I've gotten pretty good. I'm actually much better now than what you see on this video. I even have a book that says "This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it." So, at night after we have my short devotion, I say, "I want to rejoice." Mommy and Daddy know that means that I want to read my favorite book. Now I can read it with Mommy. When it comes to my favorite part she lets me do the reading. I just love it!

G-Man Will Make You, Jump! Jump!

Hannah isn't the only cool dude(tte). Check out these mad jumping skills. Woooordddd to all you homies out there. Give me some skin!


Yeah, I'm cool. I know it. But don't be intimidated. I know the big bad pink boots can make some feel that way. Remember, I'm just like any other 2 year old girl. I just like to relax in style while watching some serious Curious George. He's awesome.