Saturday, February 24, 2007

Look What Else I Can Do!

Not only can I spin the caterpillar but I can also spin these things...I don't know what you call them but when you spin them they make different sounds. I like this one too! Thanks again Grandmamma and Grandaddy for this super gift!


Here I am daydreaming of rice cereal and warm baths. I am known for my many pensive faces. Doesn't this almost look like a professional picture with the black background...provided by grandma's black shirt.

Patty Cake

When Grandma came she taught me this fun song with hand motions. Here we are playing Patty favorite part was when we rolled the dough and when we bounced up and down! That was a lot of fun! Mommy is going to have to play that some more with me! Thanks for teaching me that song Grandma! And thanks for the wonderful visit!

Grandma Hart's Visit

Grandma came to see me again! Boy I was excited that I couldn't sleep very well! I wasn't a good napper because I knew Grandma was here and I don't see her much so I wanted to stay up and play. (Sorry the pictures a little blurry)

Look What I Can Do!

I can spin the caterpillar! I love to do this on my activity center! It's so much much that it wears me out. The other day I got so worn out I layed my head down and started to suck my thumb. Mommy knew I was tired so she got me out and put me straight to bed (after getting a picture of course!).


Here I am again on my stomach resting comfortably. This is a huge change from the many teary eyed frowns I am often known for while on my tummy! What can I say...I'm growing up!

A New Position

I finally figured out how to lay on my stomach comfortably. Instead of planting my face straight into the ground I figured out how to turn it to the side and suck my thumb! This isn't so bad!

Ready for Spring!

Do you like my hat? It fits perfectly! Mommy said it will be spring soon and it will start to get warmer. I won't need to wear my winter hats but I will need to start wearing sunhats to protect me from the sun's strong rays! So we tried this one on the other day to get ready! I think this hat will work!

My Floor Mat

Mom figured out how to turn my Pack n' Play into a floor mat. It's been a lot of fun. There's this crazy duck (I think you can see him in this shot) on there that keeps staring at me. I've kicked him around a few times to let him know that is annoying. But I just LOVE the music it plays. When I kick these buttons music starts to play and bright lights flash! Mommy laughs because I "change the station" when I kick a different button while it's in the middle of another song. She says I'm like her when I do that. I hear her change the station a lot when we ride in the car! Mommy and I also dance really crazy when the music comes on. It makes me laugh!

Monkeying Around

So here we are being silly again! Now I know where the expression monkeying around and monkey business came from! Marley is so crazy! He insisted that he sit on my head! I got a good chuckle out of it! He is just so funny and full of surprises! I can't imagine what he will come up with next!! You silly ol' guy!

My Buddy

Meet my buddy, Marley the Monkey. Isn't he cute? I wish you could feel how soft he is too! Here I am loving him. He is my special friend.

Am I Funny or What?

Mommy and I were playing around the other day and we thought it was so funny when she left my onesie on my head. We laughed and laughed. I told mommy to get a picture of this and put it on my blog. I thought other people would appreciate it too!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Better Fit

This is my Sunday dress. It used to be so big on me but now it fits just right. I thought I'd give you a professional pose to model it best since I am such a big girl now. Cheese!

So, Do You Like Um?

So here I am in my first pair of jeans. Mommy said enjoy the easy fit now because when I get older they will be a pain to find the right fit. I think they look pretty nice. They're still a little big around my waist but they don't fall off so we decided to give them a go. Grandma, mom said you had a nice fringy coat I could wear with it that she wore when she was a little tike.

Mommy's Little Helper

I like to help seems she always is trying to do some laundry each day! It looks like a pretty demanding job. She tells me I can help her when I get a little bigger. She told me how she used to have the job of folding the washrags when she was little and helped grandma. Maybe I can do that job too one day. But for now this is the best I can do. I told her that to ease her load a bit she could just put me in the basket with the clothes. I thought this wouldn't be as cumbersome as having to hold me in one arm and the basket in the other. I thought it was a pretty good idea!

Look How Strong I Am!

While I was playing on my floormat the other day I got really excited and started kicking around a lot...I didn't know how strong I was and I knocked the whole thing over! I think I surprised mommy because she was working on the computer for a couple of minutes and when she turned around I had pulled it all down! I know everyone thinks I am just a little squirt but I have muscles...don't underestimate the strenght of a shrimpy baby!

Friday, February 16, 2007

My Activity Center

WOW!! Who knew I had THIS??!! Mommy just got it out today. I am still a little small for it...mommy had to add some towels to hold me up so I wouldn't fall forward. But I still had a good time. There are so many neat things to look at! I can't quite reach all of them but I sure can't wait until I can. Grandmamma and Grandaddy got this for me for Christmas mommy said. Thanks so much!! I can't wait to play and play on it!

Milk Please

Allie let me borrow this cool shirt! I really like it because it says what I am always thinking!!!

Before Eating Cereal

Mom said I had to eat some cereal today. She thinks it might add a few pounds to my lanky body. Who knows, maybe it will. But she said I had to wear a bib because I might get messy. I am really excited about this! I can't wait to see what this will be like!!!

After Eating Cereal

Here I am after I ate my cereal. Boy, I sure did get messy! I told mom to move the camera closer so everyone could see just how messy I got. It was hard to keep it in my mouth...I kept pushing the cereal out with my tongue and biting down on the spoon. It's a good thing I had my bib on. Mommy had to give me a bath after that! I feel like such a big girl now! Just a few weeks maybe I'll be a porker!

Silly Hannah

I know I have a tendancy to go crazy taking pictures of Hannah! But I just want to share her cuteness with everyone! Here she is after a bath being super cute. I actually got the camera out to take a picture of her sucking her thumb while I was changing her but she stopped doing that and started making some pretty adorable faces so we did a little photo shoot! We have so much fun!! Look at the last picture...doesn't her little neck look so small? I call her my little turtle!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, here I am in my Valentine's Day suit! Grandmamma and Grandaddy got this for me. But we had a slight problem. Not shortly after mommy put me in this I had a little accident...well actually it was a BIG accident! Mommy picked me up from my playmat and I was soaked through all the way up my back! I REALLY had to go! So unfortunately I only got to wear it an hour or so on Valentine's Day...but I will wear it again...don't worry. Before mommy took me out of it she made sure she got some pictures. I especially like the heart on my bottom. I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Check This Out!

Hey, check out my robe! I am a BIG girl!! Mommy and daddy have robes and now so do I!! After bathtime mommy suits me up in it to help keep me warm while she is getting my diaper on and putting lotion on my rather dry and itchy skin!! Our good neighbors, who sadly moved away, got me this robe and mommy has been waiting and waiting for me to be big enough to fit in it. I think I look rather cute don't you?? I want to tell the Phipps thank you so much for my robe! I feel really special in it!! (Can't you tell by my BIG grin!!!)

A Valentine's Day Gift

When Grandmamma and Grandaddy came they brought me this Valentine's Day Minnie Mouse! She is ALL pink!!! I just love her! I am going to put her with the Minnie Mouse Papa gave me when he went to Orlando! I guess Minnie Mouse is going to be one of my favorite characters! Thanks Grandmamma and Grandaddy for my special Valentine's Day gift!!

Me and Grandaddy

I was excited when mommy told me Grandmamma and Grandaddy were coming to see me on Saturday. Here I am with Grandaddy. I had such a good time with him! I can't wait to play some more with him! Thanks for coming Grandaddy! I love you!

Friday, February 09, 2007


I love to snuggle with mommy and daddy. It's so cozy! I also love to watch the tv, which I can see very well from this position. The other night daddy and I were watching tv and I was so you can see from me sucking my thumb...that always means I am super relaxed. The other day mommy wasn't feeling great so I decided to sit with her to cheer her up. I think it worked! She is smiling!

I Caught Um!

Now I can grab my feet!! I have looked at them so long and have been trying to figure out how to get a hold of those guys and lo and behold...the other day I caught um! Here's how it went down....I was on my changing table and mommy was changing my diaper. My legs naturally kick up a little. Well that day they REALLY kicked up and got really close to my hands. So I reached very far with my arms and opened my hands and took a wild grasp and before I knew it...I was touching my toes!!! I did it!!! So now I like to do it a lot. In this picture you can tell we were in the middle of changing my diaper since my onesie is still unbuttoned some. So I tried my new trick and it worked..AGAIN!! I really do it only when my feet are naked. It's easier to grasp then. It's a little harder to do when I have my onesie covering my feet. But I will keep trying because I am learning..hard work pays off!!

Shakin My Maraccas

I love these! Grandma and Grandpa Hart got these for me for Christmas and mommy and I have been playing with them. They're a little too heavy for me to hold so mommy or daddy will shake them for me and I just smile and laugh because they make such funny noises! Daddy is playing them for me here. They also teach me how to count and to say the colors in English AND Spanish. I can't wait until I am a little bigger so I can shake them myself!!! Tocamos La Musica!!! (Let's Make Music)!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snoozin Away

I got a little tired in the car when we went to the bank. I was so warm and snuggly and the car's purring sound put me right to sleep. I didn't even notice when Daddy got me out of the car and took me back into the house. I had a good nap!!

Allie, you're a good reader!

Grandma, Allie, and Aunt Melissa stopped back by on their way back from Aunt Ashley's on Sunday. Allie decided she would like to read to all of us so here we are listening to her read the colors. She did really well. Even Emmett enjoyed this time together. I can't wait until I can do that!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Taking Care of Hannah

We tried to get a nice shot of everyone sitting you can see...that didn't happen. Allie wanted to share her "drink" with Hannah but Hannah wasn't too fond of it! (don't worry there wasn't anything in it!) Maybe next time Allie!!!