Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Build a Bear Empire

Build a Bear is raking in the dough.
For Hannah's birthday we made a trip to this "special" place and I was reminded on this, the second trip of my life there, that they are preying on the over zealous, stuffed animal lovin' hearts of children.
I know, I know, it's all about the experience, but has anyone else been a little let down by the experience?
Maybe even a little weirded out?
So my children get to stuff the bear, A.K.A step on a pedal that may or may not actually be working the machine, while a hose is shoved into its belly, sort of like reverse liposuction.
This, after I was offered the upsale of an added noise or thanks, the $25 for the bear is good enough, made me feel a little unimpressed. 
So, following the reverse liposuction, it was time to add the heart. Okay, super, a little heart, a little heart that could not be inserted until my children rubbed it on their heads, their nose, their cheeks, and between their hands, Mr. Miagi style, followed by a kiss and a magical wish. It's a bear ya'll...or a pink princess cat, or a purple princess cat. And while I'm all for imagination, this, well, felt weird and almost like a chant was missing from the whole "awakening of the bear" shenanigan.
So, then they get to give it a bath...
That's cool...
until you get to the bath and, well, you set it down and air blows on it.
My kids' response sums it up, "that's it?"
I did force them to put their hands on the stuffed animal to provide a more powerful effect for the pictures.
Well, this is what I got from Grant:
And then there's the whole, pick out an outfit (or a bed, or a car, or a tie, or glasses, or buttons, or earring...)for only a few (like $15) extra dollars.
Some of the clothes I buy aren't as expensive as the bears' who, consequently, are most definitely better dressed than I am.
This time we bypassed the "make a birth certificate" because well, at my house it will be gone in a few days just like the extreme passion for these animals (two weeks later and I've yet to see these animals played with). Though, I could tell my decision NOT to do that was not well received by the somewhat over zealous Build a Bear worker who likely thought I was a kill joy to my kids (who honestly just wanted the animal).
And, while I'm thankful Hannah and her siblings had a great time picking out their 200th stuffed animal, I think next time I'll go the other route, the one where I find a "like new" Build a Bear monkey decked out in clothes, with sound, and in its box for a whopping $1 at a yard sale just two days later.
It will save me a lot of money and the breath in trying to convince Grant that ripping open the bear to take its heart out isn't the best idea, to which he is still confused as to why not.
Thanks Build a Bear for taking my cash, way too much of it, and giving my child a reason to want to cut open something with the intentions of ripping its heart out.
We're thankful for this memorable experience.


It's been awhile.
I've been busy.
Busy sharpening my mad skills across the asphalt, concrete, waves, and even the floors of Hobby Lobby.
The exhilaration is indescribable.
On the asphalt, I'm testing my limits. I'm pushing lightening fast speeds while also incorporating my growing coordination abilities (did you know that gets better as you age?). Who needs to sit on the bike when they can stand? And I can even transfer this skill to the plasma car. Talk about diversifying your skill.
And, I'll be honest, like any good risk taker, there are always costs. I've taken a few falls, brought on some skinned knees and even a raspberry on the back of my leg. Why, just yesterday I found myself pinned under a Hobby Lobby cart after a failed attempt at cart acrobatics (I really need to work on that about embarrassing). But, folks, the show must go on.
(Hannah was a REAL help here) 
And so, like any good dare devil, I face my challenges with a smile. Ride the waves? Sure, I say. Bring. it. on.
And Daddy did. It won't be long before I'm steering the kayak by myself.
Until that time arrives, I'll just beat my body against the waves until they cower at my presence. Go hard or go home, I say.
And that's my game, folks. Fearless.
And, "by the ways," don't underestimate the power of a puddle jumper.
This is Kate, signing out.

Friday, October 03, 2014

8 Years

It's hard to believe that this little blog has been here almost 8 years.

And it all started because of this little baby....

Who has now become this little lady....

Whose baby teeth, a final remnant of those younger years, are giving way to her grown up ones.

And the unraveling continues...

Mommy has learned a lot from you this year.

Oh, what a year.

I think this past year has sharpened us both as it has been the most intense year where life, real life, was screaming at us.

We wrestled through a hard year of school, mainly because I "just wasn't getting it." But, because of God's faithfulness, patience, and grace, He taught me more about YOU. And as He did, He taught me more about ME. We are intricately made people, each very different than the other. Our strengths span across an array of abilities as do our weaknesses. And it excites me to think how He specifically has wired you. You are a mystery to me, my sweet daughter. A wonderful mystery that I have yet to unravel...but one that I look forward to seeing unravel as the Lord works His plan in you.

I do know you are compassionate. Your love for people challeges me. I don't think you've yet to forget your Great Grandpa Larson in your prayers. Your heart desires for people to know the Lord. This has grown over the past year. I don't have to remind you to pray for those who don't know Christ, but, you do remind me.

We've walked through relational challenges this year with those we live life with. I've seen that same fear of man take root in your heart that is in mine. We've wrestled through what is appropriate kindness and what is trying to win people's approval. But you've also stood up for yourself in ways I am so thankful to see.

You've asked hard questions this year. We've talked about persecution, war, and lots about heaven. I'm thankful you have questions. I'm thankful for the time I have with you to enter into these conversations that are so precious and important.

You are a giver. I continue to see this pattern in your life. You like to give people "gifts" whether it be a toy in your room or a wad of cash that you'd been saving up. And while sometimes, my selfish heart wants to question your giving and get you to second guess your decision, I try not to interfere.

While reading and math may not be your passion (yet?), you love to be outside whether it's going on a nature walk or just riding plasma cars with your friends. You are an outdoors kind of gal and I often wonder how the Lord may use that as you grow older. There is definitely a stronger desire in you for that than with the other two.

So, year seven, tears were shed. LOTS. But we also had terrific times and conversations thanks to your growing maturity. I look forward to this new year of adventure and growing. There's no other 8 year old I'd like to be on this mothering ride with than you!!