Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Goalie Perhaps?

Inspired by the Olympics, I've been training hard to be the best athlete I can be. A few days ago I thought that my aspirations were leaning toward becoming a gymnast. However, after stumbling upon this new skill I'm also considering being a soccer player...a goalie at that. Or maybe Newcomb. Do any of you remember that exciting game? Mommy and I have been busy throwing the ball back and forth to one another. I surprised us both when I caught it. And I caught it again and again. Mommy was really excited. So excited that she managed to get it on tape. That's right folks, here I am catching a ball. Who would have thought that catching a ball would be worthy of posting on a blog? But it least in our household. Now, please the video Mommy tells me to turn around and then laughs at me. Turn around to me means to do so repeatedly. So that I did. Apparently Mommy was asking me to turn around to face her. Oh well. And yes, I love my boots. In fact, I think they help me to perform to my best ability. Some people have lucky socks, underwear or swimsuits. Me? I have my lucky boots. And for a final note, Mommy tosses me the ball again at the end but I wasn't ready. I just have to make that clear. Communication is key in sports. Mommy apparently doesn't understand that. Enjoy!

I'm Getting the Hang of This

I'm finally getting the hang of sucking my thumb in an upright position. You see, before now, I could only manage to wiggle my thumb into my mouth while lying down on my stomach. But as you can see here...I'm finally getting successful at sucking it while sitting up. I'm hoping...maybe Mommy is moreso...that I will be able to get it in my mouth while riding in my carseat. Perhaps that will make for some more calm and enjoyable car rides for everyone.

Best Friends

You guys remember Ellie, right? Well, she's my best friend. I call her "Ah-ya." She got to come and play with me the other day because her Mommy, Mrs. Kim aka "Keem" had a doctor's appointment for Ellie's soon to be brother or sister. Mommy is paying Mrs. Kim back for all the times she had to drop me off at their house while she went to the doctor when she was pregnant. We always have such a good time together. We did all sorts of fun things. I showed Ellie my Aqua Doodle and she really enjoyed that. I was helping her navigate this new toy. She seemed to do pretty well though by herself. I was proud of her! I'm glad Mrs. "Keem" will be going to the doctor more so Ellie and I can have more fun together!

It's Mommy!

Mommy doesn't get in many pictures because she's the one usually taking all of them. She wants some pictures of us and her so we won't think she was MIA when we remienece (I have no clue how to spell that word). So here she is. . .her hair much shorter. For those of you who don't know...Mommy takes to the scissors sometimes to cut her hair. It's a bit of an addiction for her. Some are addicted to chocolate, some to tv, and some to other bad things...but not Mommy, no Mommy is addicted to cutting her hair. It's a habit she's trying to stop. . .because it gets too short. But thankfully hair grows back out. And it's a shame that the one picture we have together...I'm a little distracted. I saw a bug and wanted to chase after it but then remembered I can't walk...or even crawl or scoot for that matter. Oh well.

We Love Our Daddy

Here I'm trying out a new pose. I thought it was endearing.

And here are some shots of me with Daddy and Hannah. Daddy says when I get older he'll take me fishing. I'm ready for those days to come. Everybody else is always on the move and I have to have somebody move me around. I'm trying to do it on my own though. I'm pretty squirmy these days. Mommy has to buckle me in the swing and the bouncy seat. ..something she never had to do with Hannah. And I'm even making strides to roll from my back to my stomach. I think I'll keep Mommy more on her toes than Hanny did/does. But I'm a boy...I'm supposed to be active!

Aren't We "Coot?" (Cute)

Like Grant said, we got to go to the neighborhood lake last week with Mommy and Daddy. Grant got his own photo shoot but I missed out because I was with Daddy. But we did get a couple of shots of us together. Grant wasn't so much in the mood anymore though. I kept telling him to get it together but he just wasn't feeling it. So I gave the best smile I could at the time while Grant was off in la la land.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Me Again!

My pensive pose....

Well, here I am again, doing another photo shoot for Mommy. But I did enjoy this one. Mommy really got me to smile good for her. You see, the other night after supper we all went over to the lake that's in our neighborhood. They have really comfy furniture up there. So while Daddy and Hannah walked down by the lake, Mommy and I relaxed under the pavillion. That's when we took these shots. I can't help but smile when Mommy smiles at me. So we played that game and Mommy snapped away!

Bate, Bate, El Chocolate!

Betcha didn't know I knew some Spanish did you? Well, in fact, I do. Last week Mommy made some brownies and I got to help. My big job was to stir. Mommy taught me a Spanish rhyme that she learned when she was in fourth grade. It says, "Bate, Bate, el chocolate," which means, stir, stir the chocolate. And that is what I did. Well, kind of. It was actually VERY hard. The spoon wouldn't turn easily and I got frustrated. But Mommy helped me. I liked the eating the brownie part much better!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This shot here....we mean business...we're on a mission.
Don't we look so cool?

You see, we have these two neighbor dogs that are quite yippy. They're what you call poodles. As much as they drive Mommy and Daddy crazy, they let me play with them because they know how much I enjoy it. This little doggie is called "Jaz-um" or Jasmine. She's quite the hyper pup. She has been known to jump on my head and try to play chase with me. Mommy says, "No, Jasmine," when she tries to jump on my head so now when Jasmine comes up to me I wave my finger in the air and say, "No, no Jaz-um." It works. Jasmine gives good kisses. Mommy even got an action shot. Don't worry, I took a bath that night!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 Months Old

Well, yesterday I turned three months old. It's hard to believe I've been around that long. Mommy was trying to get me to hold a toy yesterday. She said Hannah held her rattle right after she turned three months old. So of course, Mommy threw in a picture of Hannah at three months and me at three months. We look more different I think in these shots. We believe I have Daddy's shaped face and Hannah has Mommy's. That's Mommy's new idea at least. My lips are definitely much fuller...sorry probably wanted that trait! Hannah has Mommy's lips. I think I'm more like my Daddy right now...other than my nose...I definitely have Mommy's nose.'s a look at us both at three months! Enjoy!


Who knew this amazing contraption dangled over me all these days? I sure didn't. That's the one downfall of sleeping on my tummy...I can't enjoy looking around as much. The other day Mommy let me watch my mobile while she worked in my room a little bit. I enjoyed every moment of it...that is until I realized I was getting sleepy and needed to rest on my tummy. But every now and again when I roll over by myself in my crib I find solace in my mobile. I scream for a moment and then see those little animals dangling above me. And then, all is calm. That is...for a few moments...and then I remember...oh yeah, I'm tired...I need to get back on my tummy. So I scream for Mommy.


"I like peesa." The other night we ordered a pizza and it was delicious! There's nothing like pizza to fill a famished tummy after a hard day's training. I can eat a whole piece all by myself! You wouldn't think little ol' me could do it, but after you burn so many calories training, you've got to replace them! And pizza is how I do it!

Don't Forget About Me!

Hannah explained how she was training for the Olympics. Well, don't forget about me! I may be younger but I, too, am beginning my training. You see, I've been kicking these things hanging off my seat. I find it quite invigorating as well as challenging. Do you see the intense focus on my face? Sticking my tongue out helps me to perform at my peak ability. Mommy said Hannah wasn't this active at my age. So it she's doing those awesome moves now I can only imagine what moves I'll be doing when I'm her age!

Here's Lookin' at YOU!

I like to clown around...especially with Mommy. So to make her laugh I pointed at her and said, "Here's lookin' at you Mommy." Now to the untrained ear it sounded more like this, "ah goo...ahhhh...ggggg.....ahhhh." But that's not what I was saying. Good thing we have this blog so I can just use my typing skills (where did that skill come from?) to better articulate myself!

My Fishin' Hat

Mommy and Grandma got this hat for me right after I was born. I guess they thought I had a big head or something because it just now fits. . .kinda. Mommy thought it would be good for me to have a hat to wear to the pool. But it hasn't come in handy because it swallowed my head. And now that it sorta fits, well, it doesn't seem like we go to the pool much anymore. Mommy says it wears her out just to get us up there. So now I'll call it my fishin' hat. Daddy says he'll take me fishin'. But I'm sure by the time I'm ready to do that, this hat will be long gone. Oh well, at least Mommy can have fun taking some pictures of me in it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Olympics...Here I Come

You may just see me one day flipping all over your tv. That's because I have some mad gymnast skills. I've been inspired by the gymnasts on tv and thus have delved into training for the sport. This is my first...very difficult...gymnast trick. This is how I start. Mommy tells me to get upside down.This is what that looks like. It takes poise, flexibilty, and a fearlessness unknown to most men to take on a trick this size. But, I'm not done here, no sir, continue reading to see the next level of intensity take to the stage.

And, for the Lift...

Now, after I'm in my upside down position, I lift my arm up and balance only with my head and my one arm. I even manage to have that gymnast smile while performing. Don't try this at home. This takes much practice and agility. I don't even see any of the gymnasts on tv trying this one during their floor routine. It's just that hard! But wait...there's more....

And...For My Final Trick....

Finally, I bring BOTH hands off the ground for a real crowd pleaser! I know these moves seem very elite for little old me, but, like I said, it's time to train for the Olympics. Hey, if I was Chinese, I could be in the 2012 Olympics!

My Side, Your Side

I make certain these days that Grant stays on his boy blue blanket and that I stay on my girl pink blanket. I don't like Grant getting on my pink blanket. If he does, I've been known to say "Get up Gant." Mommy tells me that's not very nice. So I have to leave him on there if Mommy is around. If she isn't...well...there's no telling what I might do. But Grant seems perfectly content to rest on his blue blanket. So I don't know what all the fuss is about.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ponytail Time!

Now that my hair has grown out some since Mommy cut it, I can now wear a ponytail! Do they call it a ponytail because ponies have tails like this? Don't their tails sit at their bottoms though? But, what else could you call it? Maybe a headtail...because it does look like a tail and it sits on your head. That makes much more sense to me. And what about pigtails? Maybe instead of pigtails we could call them double headtails. But that just doesn't sound as cute.

Yeah for Grandmama!

Grandmama came down the other weekend to play with us. We had a great time! I just love it when she comes! I think she's a lot of fun based on how excited Hannah gets whenever she's around. Can't wait to see you again Grandmama!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mr. Cookie, Say Goodbye.

The other day we made cookies to share with our new neighbors. Mommy saved us a few. Boy was I happy about that. Here I am, letting the cookie know its fate is near.

Putting it Down the Hatch

What a cookie!

Savoring Every Bite

I want to taste each and every chocolate morsel. Mmmm. This is so yummy.

My Work Here is Done...Or Is It?

And that's how you eat a delicious cookie.

"I like (with a southern draw) dat. Mo?"

Everyday translation: I like that. Can I have some more?

Okay, Seriously?

Seriously, how many more times is Mommy going to ask Hannah to tickle me? Does it look like it tickles? Come on, Mommy, give me a break here. I'm just trying to relax.

Relaxin'...It's What We Do Best

I've enjoyed my relaxing time on the couch with my big sis Hannah. There's nothing like a Boppy to make you feel as cool as a cucumber. Hannah prefers pillows. So much so, that she often will go and pull all of the pillows of the couches and pile them up all by her. But this time she was content with just one. I'm not too sure what we were watching. Lately it seems all Mommy has on are the Olympics. She even had Hannah cheering at the men's volleyball game yesterday. AND she's trying to talk Hannah into gymnastics and running. Watch for another post on Hannah's Olympic training. Shawn Johnson, watch out. Hannah's got some mad skills when it comes to gymnastics. As for running, well, I'm not so sure. Hannah still falls down alot when she takes off. But she DOES like to run. She runs back and forth down our hallway. She'll run to the bathroom and then stop and say "ready...go!" and then run back. She'll do this for quite some time. Maybe she falls down because she gets so worn out. Who knows. All I know is I'm going to be busy as soon as I can start moving around!