About Me


Thanks for stopping by my little blog. It's my way to connect with the outside world as I stay at home with my three children.

I enjoy writing, most often humorously as I recount the every day with my kids. I can choose to laugh or cry at the craziness of our life. Laughing most often proves the most therapeutic! I also enjoy taking pictures (though I am no photographer), most often of my children thanks to their ever present bodies!  And so out of these two "hobbies", birthed this blog. A perfect way to infuse the two together.

I am a Christian who is daily learning about what it means to live in light of God's grace as I go about these every day things. I am honored to be a wife and a mother and I am learning, most often through my failures in these endeavors, what it means to live in light of Christ's righteousness and not my own.

And I hope, that while reading this blog, you may find laughter and glimmer of that grace as I recount the every day, most often through the voices of my children.