Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Wanna Be a Cowboy....Again

Okay, this is the second video (although it appears on here to be the first) of me listening to my singing rat. We couldn't decide which one was cuter so we decided to put up both. You vote for your favorite by posting a comment on the one you like the most. In this one..I'm being real cool and laid back as I enjoy the tunes of this hip rat. Enjoy!

Papa's Surprise

At my birthday party Papa gave mommy a big surprise! He made her this trunk coffee table for her. She had been expecting it maybe for Christmas but we got it sooner! It's great because it doesn't take up much space and I can hold all my toys in it so they don't clutter the house. And it's on wheels! So if I'm feeling frisky and need some space to run and play all we have to do is wheel it out of the way. It will be great for some dance parties mommy and I will have once I can stand on my own! AND it looks just like the ones in Pottery Barn! Papa, you did a great job! We are just loving it so much! Thanks a ton!

I Wanna Be a Cowboy

Check this out! This little rat sings to me and I just LOVE IT! It makes me dance and laugh every time. Supposedly mommy got this for daddy years ago as a joke. But they passed it down to me...a family heirloom. Hope it makes you laugh as much as it does me!


This is what I do to let mommy or daddy know I'm not happy and that I want them to get me right now!

I'm One!

We're a little late posting this but here I am on my birthday, September 25th! Do I look like a big one year old? A lot has happened in a year! I am so surprised at how fast it went by! It seems like yesterday I was just entering the world and pretty helpless. Now, I can drink out of a sippy cup, crawl, say a few words, clap my hands, roll over, pick up my own food, and a whole sleu of other neat things! AND to top it off...I'm already going to be a big sister! Wow! What a way to end my first year in this world!

Since I'm one, I had to go in for my one year check up. It was not very fun. I had to get three shots and they also pricked my big toe so some blood could squirt into this tube thing. But they did say I was a good bleeder. I'm proud of that. But I was really scared during my checkup. I screamed and shook and reached out for mommy but for some reason she didn't get me. She had to hold my arms down. I didn't like it at all. But they did weigh me and I am a whopping 16 pounds even! And I am 28 and something inches long! They said I'm right on track with weight gain as the other kids my age. He was real pleased! They say I'll come back in a few months...maybe I'll be walking then!
Oh Yeah...mommy went to her appointment and things look good. She saw the heartbeat of my little brosis (brother or sister). They think she's a lot earlier 4-5 weeks. So ignore the counter up there..she has to go back next Friday for another ultrasound and a more accurate idea of the due date!

Some More Birthday Cake

Here I am eating cake on my actual birthday. I am so glad we had some leftover for me to enjoy again. I love this stuff! I made sure I got really messy so it would make for a good picture. How much longer til I get another one of these birthdays?

Me and CJ

Isn't CJ sweet? He thought I would really enjoy it if he rocked me. I don't think he knows that the swing actually rocks by itself but I didn't want to rain on his parade. It had been a long day and I needed a break. CJ was sure understanding. Hey I realized that it's good to be so small like me because you can still use the swing! It really is soothing to me after a busy day of playing!

Enjoying the Outdoors

I like being outside. I really like it when it's a little windy and it makes my hair blow! My newest trick is to blow kisses. In one picture you can see me starting to do just that. I like to blow several at a time though. I want to make sure everybody gets one. And of course we stuck one of me sucking my thumb. It's still quite the comfort for little ol' me.


Here we are outside some more. I'm checking out this grass stuff. I don't quite know how I feel about it yet. It's really prickly. I think I prefer to sit on my quilt and just look at the least until I'm more comfortable with the situation. Oh yeah, and then there's Emmett. I thought this picture was pretty funny with his tongue sticking out! So I thought I'd just throw it in with these other pictures. Oh're such a funny guy!


Well, these pictures were actually taken a couple of weeks ago but because we've been so busy lately we haven't gotten them up yet. Mommy decided to adorn my feet with these Now I have noticed other kids wearing them; however, I've never actually worn them other than my little flip flops and those ballet slippers when I was really little. I guess since mommy is from Alabama she didn't think I needed to wear shoes. But, now that the weather will be getting cooler, I can no longer grace the outdoors barefooted. So mommy had me get acquainted with some of my shoes in the closet. Here I am checking out these pair of kicks. They are quite interesting. They have a flexible feel to them and when I pull at them they don't come off. I would think that would be an important characterisitc of a good shoe. I guess I'll get used to them. I do enjoy having naked feet though. There is something liberating about it. But until warmer weather comes back to stay for awhile, I will be sporting this new style...these things called shoes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mommy and Daddy's Surprise

Well, I got another big gift for my birthday! Mommy and Daddy said I will be a big sister in several months! I think it was a surprise to them too! I can't wait! If it's a boy, I've gotten a lot of practice with my buddies Mac and CJ. If it's a girl...that would be great too because I just love my friends Ellie and Hayden! So we've added another ticker to my blog to keep you up to date as to when the baby will arrive. Mommy goes to the doctor on Friday and will have a better idea when the baby will be due! This picture was from the slideshow at my birthday party. It was the last slide that appeared to let everyone know our big news!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Birthday Party

You've asked for it and now we've posted from my first ever birthday party! It was a ladybug party. Here I am at the beginning of the party sporting my birthday hat, made by mom, as well as my birthday outfit. It says, "It's My Birthday" and of course is sporting a ladybug. I have a matching bib to go with it! It was quite the party. My family and a few close friends came out to help me celebrate! We have SO many pictures but just put up a few to give you a taste of this wonderful event! It was a special day and I will always remember it...well only because we'll have pictures and video of it..they say I won't remember much of this time in my life. Isn't that a shame?

My Birthday Cake

Since I was having a ladybug party, mommy looked up on the internet how to make a ladybug cake (isn't the internet a wealth of information?). So here they are. Mine's the little one. You'll see in just a minute how I tore it right up! We stil have alot leftover if anyone out there would like a slice!

Eatin' Some Cake

Man! I never knew what I was missing out on until now! Why didn't ya'll tell me this was out there! It's like nothing I've ever tasted before! And the rush I get afterwards is amazing! I felt like I had a burst of energy! It was so good I didn't even stop for the camera when mommy and daddy took a picture with me! Wow! I'm gonna ask for this more often!

Washing it Down

All that cake sure made me thirsty! I realized how good milk and chocolate cake go together! I think I'd drink my milk better if I had chocolate cake to go with it every time! I don't think that will go over too well with mommy and daddy though!

A Group Photo

Here I am with Grandma and Allie. Allie really enjoyed the cake. She couldn't wait to eat it! I'm so glad she got to come. And look...she even wore a ladybug dress! And you too Grandma...thanks for helping make my day special!

Gifts Galore!

So after eating the cake I got to open A LOT of gifts! Who knew all this happened on your birthday?! Of course, I'm not too good at controlling my hands least not well enough to do some controlled tearing of paper, so mommy had to help me with my presents. I got so many nice gifts! I just couldn't wait to get moving and start playing with everything! What an exciting time!

Last But Not Least...

Finally, I got my last gift...a Wheely Bug. Mommy and Daddy picked this out especially for me. As you can see it matched the theme of my party! It's so much fun! Of course, I still need the help of an adult to insure I don't fall off. Give me a couple months and maybe I can do it on my own! I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty more pictures of me cruising on my ladybug!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This One Goes Out to Smruti

Hi Smruti! Though we've never met, my mom has told me wonderful things about you. In fact, she told me you got me this awesome shirt (along with a sweat jacket, but you know the weather here has just been too hot to accessorize with that...but I will). I love the teddy on the pocket. So from little ol' me to you, I say thanks a ton! I hope we can meet one day soon. You seem like a sweel gal! Love, Hannah

Standing Tall

Well folks, guess what else I have up my sleeve? Since I've been crawling I have been more interested in standing too! For awhile I wouldn't even give it a second thought. I refused to put my feet below me. But now, I'm feeling up to the challenge. So, watch out, I just might be walking soon!! You never know with little ol' me!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby Kyle

Well, last weekend Mommy and I made a trip to see Kyle. He's doing great. This is actually the only picture we got of ol' Kyle. It seems we took a lot of other pictures instead. Keep reading to find out what those were. But Kyle is a sweet little guy. I tugged on his hair a bit to make sure it was real. It is for those of you who weren't sure. He's much bigger than I was at that everyone tells me. They said I was two months when I was the size he is now! Goodness Kyle, you're gonna need a lot of food to fill that tummy! Glad to see you big fella. Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks at your first birthday party...MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!

So Sweet

Isn't Allie sweet? She gave me a great big hug! And she let me play with this cool Little People Farm! It has all these neat animals in it. They are so much fun! I also got to watch Allie dance around her room a lot and sing. She's a pretty good singer...she knows WAY more songs than I do! I just know a couple. I've got a lot to learn don't I?

Playing with Allie

We spent a lot of time at Allie's house visiting the whole Sanderson family, including the new addition...Kyle. Kyle wasn't very active. I was hoping we could play together but he didn't seem too interested. He just ate and slept and did some poo poos. But good ol' Allie sure played with me alot. She even got down and took some shots with me playing with her Little People Farm. She has so many neat toys. She was really nice to let me play with them. Isn't she a good cousin? Can't wait to see her again at my party!

Enjoyin' My WHOLE Milk!

Also while I was in Birmingham I REALLY enjoyed my whole milk (Mommy is slowly weaning me from nursing). I just drank and drank it. Can you see it all over my mouth? I was a mess! After drinking all that milk Grandma had to give me a bath because I was soaked to the bone. I was super sticky! I got it in my hair too! I sometimes like to hold the cup upside down for fun and let it drip onto my head and face. Mommy doesn't think it's so funny anymore though!


Unfortunately, this was the last positive experience I had with my milk. Since this day, I have refused to pursue anymore of the whole milk experience. Instead of gladly bringing it to my mouth to sip, I shove it off my seat to watch it spill all onto the floor. At least Emmett enjoys it. Mommy is hoping one day I will get past this difficult season.

Played with Papa

While we were in Bham (I like to use that lingo) I also played with Papa! You know, I like ol' Papa. He's a funny guy! It just seems he always is in his big chair. But Papa, mommy said that's what Great Papa did...sit in his special chair! So now you have your's! I can see why you like it so much...I enjoyed my stay in it as well while I watched The Backyardigans! Thanks for sharing your special chair with me Papa...that means a lot! I know I wouldn't let just anyone sit on my special pig chair!

And Played with Grandma

I also played with Grandma. . .alot! She was so bent on getting me to crawl that she keep these legs busy by always moving things out of my reach! It was worth it though Grandma because now I'm a crawler (go to the next blog to see what I mean). She's so much fun! She has these toys upstairs that she lets me play with...the ones she kept putting out of my reach. She even gave me a bath! I had a great time with much so that I got worn out! So that's why I'm sucking my thumb was just a busy weekend with lots of fun things to do so by the time mommy and I got ready to go I was whipped! Can't wait to see you again Grandma and Papa!

Watch Me Go!

Well, well, well, you'll never believe what I can do now! I can CRAWL! FINALLY! I've been experimenting with it for the past month or so now and am proud to say that I figured it out. Mommy and I went to Birmingham this past weekend to see my new cousin Kyle. Well, I was playing with Allie in her room and she has this neat car...its name is Lightening McQueen(some of you may be familiar with him). I really liked it! So much so that I wanted to chase after it. So I got up the courage to move my legs foward and presto! I was crawling! Grandma and Mommy and Allie all saw me go! And then Aunt Melissa came in to watch me! This video is not of me in Allie's room. No, I've gotten much better since Sunday when I did it. This video is of me today, Thursday. Now, instead of just a few short crawls, I can crawl across the room! I'm a little leary of crawling on the hardwood so I'm not as good there. But here I am crawling after mommy's cell phone. I really LOVE that! So enjoy! Who knows, maybe I'll be walking soon! I've become quite the little dare devil lately!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Other Boy Buddy

Meet Mac! He's my other boyfriend! He comes to see me on Wednesdays and Fridays. I love playing with him. In fact, I love it so much that I have been known to give him a few kisses! Mommy said it's okay for now...but then I should hold off for awhile. I just want him to know how much I love him coming to play with me. We have a good time together too. Here we are just being silly. Mac really likes the camera. Give it a few days though Mac and you'll be sick of it! Trust me! It will lose its edge real quick...just like a piece of chewing gum (Okay, okay, I've actually never had chewing said it was a good comparison though so I ran with it)!