Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mommy's Moment: An Encouraging Quote

Not much time to post...but had to share this. What an encouragement and a great reminder of the Lord's love for His children. Hope you find encouragement in this today no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

"Every single thing that happens to us expresses God's love to us, and comes to us for the furthering of God's purpose for us. Thus, so far as we are concerned, God is love to us--holy, omnipotent love--at every moment and in every event in every day's life. Even when we cannot see the why and the wherefore of God's dealings, we know that there is love in and behind them, and so we can rejoice always, even when, humanly speaking, things are going wrong. We know that the true story of our life, when known, will prove to be, as the hymn says, "mercy from first to last"--and we are content."

J.I. Packer, Knowing God p. 123

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mommy's Moment: 36 Weeks


Well, here I am...36 weeks and some days. SO READY. SO READY. I think with each child my patience at the end wanes more and more. My body aches. Restless Leg Syndrome is my enemy. Breathing doesn't come so easily. Sleep is a series of tosses and turns throughout the night while being interrupted by two pair of little feet who like to come in and...just stare. Don't ask me. And contractions have come. To those contractions I say, COME ON! Last week, for three days I had some contractions off and on. Nothing major but hopefully doing something to help this baby come on out. They've let up the past few days but after my visit to the doctor today I am hoping they'll rev back up. Here's how it went.

I got ANOTHER, yes ANOTHER ultrasound. The baby's measurements show it weighing 6lbs. 15 oz. at this point. Honestly, when I heard that I was a bit shocked. That's how much Hannah weighed when she was born. I've technically got about 3 1/2 more weeks! Of course, there is margin for error. On the small end the baby could be 5 lbs. 7 oz...on the large end it could be 7lbs. and so many ounces at this point. The doc said the baby isn't necessarily a BIG baby...just measuring on the big end of the normal range. It's all a guessing game I think. So, what to do? The doc says I have the option of just opting for a c-section or I can be induced at 38 weeks and 3 or 4 days if my body is making progress. Or we can wait. Honestly, right now, if my body is progressing I think I'll opt for the induction. I'm not sure I'm up for the possible challenge of delivering another close to 10 pounder baby and undergoing possible risks for me and/or the baby. And Grant weighed that much 4 days early. Of course my biggest prayer would be to just go into labor on my own within the next two weeks but that may not happen. Either way this little squirt could very well be here in TWO WEEKS. YOWSA. But I'm ready. Excited to meet this little one. Excited to see H and G meet this new little life they have been anticipating for months. Excited to not be pregnant.

And, for your viewing at 36 weeks with Grant and me at 36 weeks with Baby. I still think my stomach looks smaller this go round, thus I'm still thinking girl. But, like I've said before, I'm known to be very wrong about these things. And, if it's a boy, I'm just so pumped for his name! SO PUMPED. We shall see soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally Fall!

"It really is fall," I remind Mommy now every day. It seems that with fall comes cooler weather. Thankfully, that was the reality today. Grant and I exploded with giddiness. Can you tell? Usually Grant's head sweats like something fierce. My face reddens like an apple. The only red apple here today was on my shirt. We romped. We wrestled. We threw leaves. We found sticks. And we ran like crazy. Welcome fall, it's good to have you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Happy Birthday Hannah!

Today is Hannah's 4th birthday! How can that be? I hardly can fathom that John and I have been parents for 4 years already. We have spent more of our married life with kids than without. In some ways I am sad to see year three go simply because it means she's getting older. In other ways, I'm clinging to my pediatrician's belief that if you buckle down on discipline in year three then year four will be a delight. And so I eagerly anticipate year four! Discipline was definitely the challenge this past year. Hannah taught me about myself, my sin, and my ongoing need for God's grace each day as I attempt to point this child to the Lord.

Her personality has developed so much more this past year. Gone are the days we thought she'd be an introverted, shy little girl. I'm excited to see her love people and her fearlessness in making new friends. One day she was at the top of the slide at Chick-fil-a making a new friend...a boy at that...and telling her her name, Grant's name and if he knew her cousins, Allie and Kyle and Baby Brooke. I loved that. I don't know if I would have been so bold at that age. She loves animals, playing outside, rocks (still), acorns, sticks, riding her bike, watching movies and playing with her friends. She's compassionate. There are times I haven't felt so good and she's grabbed my hand and told me it would be alright. She loves her brother and can't wait to meet her new sibling. I think she'll be a great helper. I could not have handpicked a more "perfect" little girl. I love her so much and while it's bittersweet to see her grow up...I look forward to seeing the Lord work in her life.

To celebrate the beginning of year four, we went to Build a Bear. Even though we have stuffed animals out our ears I thought it'd be the perfect place for Hannah. So, off we went to Macon today to pick out the newest perfect stuffed animal. Of course, Grant had to pick one too. John showed him the camo bear (appropriately) and surprisingly Grant LOVED it. Maybe hunting is in Grant's future afterall! Hannah picked out yet another dog...a bulldog perhaps. It was love at first sight. We let her pick out an outfit for her "Fluffy Dog" and the store was kind to throw in two hair bows for free. Afterwards we ate at Chili's for her special birthday lunch. On the way out Hannah told me this was a fun day. . .eating at Chili's and picking out "Fluffy Dog." I was so glad to hear that. I want her day to be special. So after naps it's birthday cookies and her favorite meal...spaghetti (or pasghetti as she STILL calls it). By the way, Grant agreed with John's idea for his bear's name..."Hunter." Yep, Grant's destiny is slowly coming true.

So, year four now awaits us. What will it bring? I'm planning on doing some preschool homeschooling with her as a trial run. We've started a bit and she's loved it. I'm praying that over this year and the next the Lord will help direct us regarding her education. She won't start kindergarten until she's almost six so we've still got some time. We shall see. I'm hoping this year will bring lots of fun, learning, and growing for all of us. I can't wait to share it all with you. Thanks for being a part of our lives!



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Air Hannah

Just call me Michael Jordan or perhaps Michelle Jordan. I know, I'm not a basketball player. Nor am I a man. I'm clearly of a different ethnicity. And I'm not quite up to par with his height or his age. BUT, we know how to use our tongues to our advantage. Check out the air I caught when doing a leap while hanging my tongue out (Yep, that's my version of a leap across the stage. Apparently not a good one based on the chuckles that followed). Somehow Michael Jordan and I both know how to use our tongue to get the best skill out of our hobbies. I mean come on, check out his skills. He caught some mad air while slam dunking those balls...all while hanging his tongue out too. Let's not forget, he's one of the most notable basketball players around. So, I ain't skeerd to hang MY tongue out. If it worked for Michael, it'll work for me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ballerina Party!

It finally arrived. My ballerina party. Miss Anna arrived as a true ballerina. Our eyes wide with anticipation, we watched as she showed us how to dance like true ballerinas. We jumped, twirled, pliated, stretched, and spun. It was magical. From tutus, to pink cupcakes (inspired by none other than the book Pinkalicious), to magical wands, with gummie bears and marshmallows in between, my party was all I hoped it would be. And to top it off, I got to share it with all my favorite people! It was magical.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Keepin Busy

Mommy is trying to keep us busy. She pulled out some rice. She added some spoons and a couple of cups. And we went to town (eventually we'll get more rice and a bigger container but for now this works). It did keep us busy. But even after she carefully explained the rules...disaster soon occured. You see, the rice must only be played with on the yellow towel. It seems in our excitement we forgot this rule. And before we knew it, Grant and I had THROWN rice all over the kitchen. Where was Mommy? Taking a shower. She had faith in us. Faith that we would do the right thing when unattended. We let her down. So, the next 45 minutes we spent helping Mommy clean up every grain of rice that covered our floor. We are still finding rice on the floor. Now Mommy doesn't leave our sight when we pull the rice out. She knows better.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Two Good Quotes

I just visited one of my favorite blogs that I haven't been to in awhile. Post after post imparts Biblical wisdom that encourages my soul. One such post included these two great quotes below. It reminded me of the MANY times my "plan" is interrupted by the unexpected. . .whether it be Hannah getting "stuck" under the bed, Grant locking himself in his and Hannah's room and having no key on the outside to open it (this past week), rice being THROWN all over the kitchen, potty accidents, meal messes, and the list could go on. No day ever goes as planned and some days it is more frustrating for me than others. These quotes, however, remind me that these "interruptions" are part of God's plan for my day. I should welcome these interruptions as an opportunity to serve the Lord in obedience and cheerfulness. And trust that these interruptions are the best circumstances for me and my family at the moment. The other stuff can wait.

"I think I find most help in trying to look on all the interruptions and hinderances to work that one has planned out for oneself as discipline, trials sent by God to help one against getting selfish over one's work. Then one can feel that perhaps one's true work--one's work for God--consists of doing some trifling haphazard thing that has been thrown into one's day. It is not a waste of time, as one is tempted to think, it is the most important part of the work of the day--the part one can best offer to God. After such a hinderance, do not rush after the planned work; trust that the time to finish it will be given sometime, and keep a quiet heart about it."

--Anne Keary 1825-1879 (qtd. in Keep a Quiet Heart p. 9)

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered."

--G.K. Chesterton

This encourages me as I am about to embark on a greater season of interruptions as we welcome our new baby next month. I pray the Lord would help me to see each interruption as part of His plan and that instead of being frustrated and annoyed, I would embrace it and not fret about the part of my plan that isn't being accomplished.

Head over to here for more great posts about biblical womanhood.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Three Thumbs Up

We knew we loved Ada for a reason. She loves her thumb just as much as we do our's. Well, at least in this photo she did. WE give this picture THREE thumbs up!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm Turning Four!

Finally! It seems my birthday has taken FOREVER to get here! I still have to wait a little longer BUT the good news is, it's really getting close. And for my celebration? Well, on the 18th I'm having a ballerina party! Hence my ballerina dress here. Did you know this was Mommy's ballerina dress when she was little? Then, on my actual big day, the 25th, Mommy and Daddy are taking me and Grant to Build a Bear Workshop. For those of you who don' t know, I am a raving lunatic when it comes to stuffed animals. I love them! This seems to be the place to go if you love stuffed animals. So, it's my birthday month and I am super excited! And then, Mommy says, after my birthday comes baby! Hooray!

Monday, September 06, 2010

And Then Comes Grant...

Mommy wasn't planning to have Grant join in the fun. He was napping. But, of course, he awakened to me playing in the flour. That meant only one thing. Mommy cleared a place for him at the table, crossed her fingers, and let him loose. THIS is what happened. He sure had fun though. Mommy and I laughed and laughed at Grant. Thankfully, he didn't mind. He likes the attention. It was after this mess that Mommy decided to use shaving cream next time. And yes, these shots were taken BEFORE Grant's hair fiasco.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Letter Writing

Mommy has been trying to teach me to write my name. The good thing about my only has three letters. What's even cooler? My name can be spelled forward and backward and it says the same thing! Well, I've had a tricky time with my A's and N's. But, Grandmama gave Mommy a good idea. So out came the flour. We know, we know, we got too much but I didn't mind. And neither did Grant (his pictures to come next). After my letter lesson, guess what? I could write my own name! H-A-N-N-A-H. I did that ALL BY MYSELF. We also pulled out some shaving cream one day to write our letters. That was a bit less messy. And just as much fun!! I can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mommy's Moment: 32 Weeks

I'm 32 weeks...nearing 33. I had my doctor's appointment Tuesday. Overall, everything looked good. I was still measuring small according to the "trusty" tape measurer so that was my ticket for yet ANOTHER ultrasound. Thanks to all the visits I am now good friends with the sonographer. I know where she lives, her hobbies (kayaking), her love for football, her relationship status, her rigid eating/workout schedule, and her ongoing education to become a certified nurse. Let's just say we're friends thanks to this little squirt residing in my belly.
The ultrasound provided the opposite results as the tape measurer. I am measuring about a week ahead. The baby apparently is in the 82nd percentile for size and is weighing approximately 4 pounds and several ounces. Of course, the sonogram isn't 100 percent accurate and there is always margin for error. However, little squirt was very compliant and Rebekah, my new friend, said that she got great measurements due to the positioning of baby. She felt more confident in the measurements as a result. The doctor concluded that I must be carrying this baby in my back.
So, is it big? Is it small? I wouldn't be too concerned if it wasn't for the fact that Grant was HUGE (and no one had a clue) and thus made for a very difficult delivery as well as the new facts the previous doctor gave me regarding delivering a big baby again. So, my prayer is that the Lord would give me and John wisdom in how we should go about this labor and delivery as well as the doctors. If my body is progressing, should we induce? Should we wait it out and let nature take its course and trust this isn't going to be a huge baby? Or, if we see it's going to be a big baby do we forego the labor altogether and schedule a c section? My desire is to go into labor on my own (in a weird way I find this exciting and fun and the most conducive to a safe delivery if size wasn't a factor) but my biggest desire is to have a safe delivery of my baby. I will most likely get yet another ultrasound nearing 37 weeks. Hopefully that will shed some more light on the situation. But, I have to remember that this is all in the Lord's hands and ultimately He determines what is best. There is much comfort in that. So, here's my belly at 32 (almost 33) weeks. Still nothing to write home about...but that's our baby in there. Can't wait to meet him/her NEXT month!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

In Training

Daddy says when I get older this will be my job. So, he gave me and Hannah some "on the job training." It wasn't so bad. . .especially with three pairs of hands helping. Daddy said I did such a good job that I can start next week. Yeah right! I wasn't born yesterday!