Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Shots

Hannah told me I'd get my picture taken a lot. Boy, she wasn't kidding. Last night, Mommy just kept taking pictures of me in my swing. I pretended I was asleep most of the time. I thought that might deter her. However, I think she liked that I was asleep because I had a ton of shots taken of me. I think I'm easier to take pictures of than Hannah because I'm not so mobile. Oh least Mommy thinks I'm cute! I'm thinking once Grandma leaves there won' t be as many photo ops...or at least not enough time to take them! I'll hang in there for one more day!


Mommy was lucky to catch this little "gassy" grin while I was swinging. I thought she would appreciate my little smile!

Snug as a Bug

At first I didn't really like my swing. It scared me. But now, I am enjoying it...much to Mommy's delight. Yesterday, Grandma put me in on my side and boy did I love that. It was perfect because I could stay curled up...just how I like it! I even slept in there for quite awhile...long enough for everyone to eat without crying and watch a little after dinner tv. I thought they needed a break.

Havin' Some Fun

It's not too often I let the world see my eyes. I'm still pretty pooped these days but every now and again I like to open them up to explore my surroundings. So here I am, doing just that.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Thanks Grandmama

Check out my new big sister shirt!! Grandmama got this for me and boy do I love it! I really love the ha-poo (hair bow) that the girl is wearing (I think she's supposed to be me). Thanks so much Grandmama for this special gift!! It makes me feel like I am officially a big sister!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Favorite Thing

Since I've come into this world my most favorite thing is to be held. In fact, I often won't sleep unless I am being held. However, I am doing better at sleeping in my crib at night. In fact, I gave Mommy a big break when I slept for a 2 1/2 stretch followed by a 3 1/2 hour stretch last night. I think Mommy was very thankful for the rest. But I still insist on being held during the day. I'm not too good at napping in my crib yet, or anywhere for that matter. I have a feeling all that will change though when Grandma leaves and it's just me, Mommy, and Hannah during the day. But I will milk it while I can until then.

Thanks Grandma

Well since little Grant has been here so has Grandma. I think she's here to play with me but I don't know. I do enjoy it though. I think we'll all miss her when she leaves on Sunday though...especially Mommy because now she'll have to keep up with me and Grant by herself. The other day Grandma was getting ready and Grant and I gave Mommy a run for her money. With both had meltdowns at the same time. Grant wanted to be held and I wanted something different to eat. Mommy got through it but I'm sure we'll throw more of those at her before long. It's all about becoming a seasoned Mommy. Thanks Grandma for all your help the past two weeks...we'll miss you when you're gone!


Hannah, I gotcha!

I Love My Brother!

Grant is a pretty funny guy. Since he's been home we've had quite the few laughs. Since it wasn't so long ago that I was his age...I still can understand his humor. I love my little brother!

Here's How You Count

Hannah: Grant, look, this is ONE, can you say one?

Grant: Uh....

Hannah: I don't know what comes next...I just know...this is one. Come on's your turn.

Grant: What in the world are you talking about?

Grant Thinks I'm Funny

So I told Grant a joke...can you tell he's chuckling? In fact, he's chuckling so hard his eyes are closed. Man, he's good to have around to boost my ego!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Little Helper

Well, Grant is now warming up to the swing. I told him he'll like it if he just gives it some time. Today he decided he wanted to give it a shot so I went over there with him for moral support. I even helped push the swing. I think my presence helped. He ended up swinging for thirty minutes or so. This is a big step for my little brother who often just enjoys being held. But now he's branching out...with my help that is. He sure is lucky to have me around to get him adjusted. I didn't have that. I had to learn the hard way.

Bathtime Fun?

Who said bath time is fun? It sure isn't for me. I mean, who wants to strip down naked and have a wet cloth run all over you? I didn't have to do this why are we starting now?

I'm Not So Sure About This

I'm not so sure about this sponge bath thing. In fact...I'm really not sure about it. Hannah seems to think baths are great...not this guy. . .as you saw from previous pictures. But maybe it will take some time and then I'll enjoy it.

What I've Been Up To

Some of you may be wondering what I've been up to since Baby Grant has entered the picture. Well, I've been up to a lot of playing and I must say, I'm having a grand time! I've gotten a lot of attention since Grant has arrived...hmmm...I think I may like this change. The other day Daddy took me back to the lake in our neighborhood. We did all sorts of stuff. I think he's trying to get me to like the great outdoors...just like he does. But now that Grant has arrived, I think he'll be more of the one to follow in Daddy's footsteps. But I do like getting outside with Daddy. Thanks Daddy...I love you!

What I've Been Up To

So, some of you ask what I've been up to since I've been home. Well, you're looking at it...that is what I've been up to during the day. You see, during the night I don't sleep quite as well. . .unless Mommy is holding me...then I sleep pretty darn good. But when it comes to sleeping in my crib, I'm not so thrilled about that. It's just not the same as snoozin' all curled up in a ball against Mommy's chest. I get some pretty good sleep that way. But I'm not so sure she does!

Comin' Home

Here I am in my car seat on the way home from the hospital. I didn't mind the ride. It felt funny wearing clothes though. But I liked my yellow suit. It was comfy and cozy. I didn't really stay awake for the ride, as you can see. But I'm sure I'll have plenty of other chances to catch the view.

My Daddy

This is my proud Daddy..most of you know him by John. I'll call him Daddy. I think he's real excited I am a boy. I think Mommy and Hannah were too because it takes the pressure off of Hannah to go hunting with Daddy. So now, that will be my job. Daddy said he'll take me fishing too. Boy, that sounds fun. But Daddy, wait until I can sit and hold my head up. I'm a little too floppy to go now. I'll work extra hard on those tricks though so we can go sooner than later!


So these are Mommy's sisters...Aunt Ashley and Aunt Melissa...and of course MY big sis...Hannah. From what Hannah has told me..I think I'm really gonna have a lot of fun with Aunt Ash and Melis. They've taught her all sorts of how to head a ball, how to jump on the bed, and how to stand on one foot. She seemed so excited to have them around. So ladies, I can't wait to play with ya.


So this is my Papa. I think I'm gonna like this guy. I am so happy that so many people want to hold me and love me. I love to be held so I think I've got the right people around. Papa, I can't wait to play with you.

That's My Little Brother

So I am officially a big sis now. See me sitting with my little brother, Grant? I still just call him bebe...but I'll get the Grant down soon enough. He sure is cute..and big. Man...he's definitely gonna be a member of the Chub Club. . .there's no question about it. He could be the president. I'll have to talk it over with him when he's a little more awake.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Grandmama and Grandaddy

Here I am for the first time with my Grandmama and Grandaddy. I think they like me! I was so happy they were there to greet me as I came into the world. I can't wait for more fun times with you guys!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The New Fam

So here we all are...the FOUR Harmans. This is our first official family photo. I think we look pretty good. I mean, I'm a little mushy after coming into this world and Mommy's a little bedraggled from the work of pushing me out...but Hannah and Daddy look good...well...this is who we are...the Harmans.

The Big Sis

Hey guys! I'm a big sister!! I'm not still too sure what all of that entails but I do know that means there is a "bebe" around now. I have impressed everyone with how mature I have been handling this new arrival. I love him..what can I say? I like to name all his body parts...especially his nose. I like to call him "bebe" and am still working on the name Grant. The past few days have been so fun for me because while Mommy and Daddy have been at the hospital, I've been kicking it with my Grandma and Papa and Aunt Ash and Aunt Melis. Boy! Has it been fun! I've been so busy that I've been taking 3-4 hour naps because I'm just so worn out from the fun!

My Grandparents

Not only were Mommy and Daddy there to see me into this world, but so were my grandparents. Grandmama and Grandaddy were there and so were Grandma and Papa. They were thrilled to see me too. They must be some really good grandparents because they all came in the middle of the night to see me come into this world. That makes me feel really special!

There She Is

Okay, so here's my Mommy. It took them long enough to get me over here! This is much more poking and prodding and I can be with someone who I am familiar with. Mommy and Daddy seemed so happy to see me. And boy was I glad to see them after all the commotion of coming out. Finally, I'm home.

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Where in the world am I? Or so I thought once they thrusted me over onto the funny table thing! One minute I was relaxing in a nice watery environment all to myself and the next I'm suctioned out of there and thrust onto a table where they poke and prod me everywhere! Where is that Mommy of mine I've heard talking so much? Surely this old man with long hair isn't who I've been listening to all this time! I sure hope not!

Forcing A Smile

I don't know that this smile was real...Mommy's contractions weren't too fun. They sure weren't for me...but to make the best out of a situation..Mommy smiled. Thankfully after a few hours they finally gave Mommy an epidural only to have a lot of it worn off by the time the last hour or so arrived when the crazy..and I mean CRAZY pushing occured. Phew!

Mommy and Daddy on the Way to Have Me

Some nice folks said they would take a picture of Mommy and Daddy as they waddled into the hospital Monday night. You see, everything started moving along after Mommy's water broke at 9:30 Monday night. I was ready to come into this world. I had waited long enough. Mrs. Kim stayed at the house with my sister Hannah who was already in bed. Little did she know that when she woke up she would be a proud big sister to me!

Meet Grant

On Tuesday, May 20th, at 5:30 am...I made my quite dramatic move into this world. Mommy and I had quite the time getting me out but after lots of pushing I shot out into this world. Actually..they had to suction my head out...odd feeling I must say...but thankfully they got me out of there. Everyone was amazed at how big I was...9 lbs. 12 ounces...the same size Mommy was when she was born. And I was/am 22 inches long! Quite a big boy!! Here's a vulnerable shot of me. Hopefully the others won't be quite so vulnerable! Oh and my full name is Grant Michael Harman.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

No News

Well, we thought we'd have my little brosis by now but still no baby. We were ready to go Saturday cause Mommy was having good contractions but then they stopped. I was all ready to go. So we're still waiting. Mommy just may make it to her next doctor's appointment on Tuesday. If she does, we'll give you an update then.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mommy's Update Part Two

Well Mommy and I went to see the doc today to check on my new brother or sister. We discovered he/she may be coming sooner than later. Mommy is 3 cm. dialated and 80-90% effaced. She went to the hospital when she was 4cm dialated with me! Overall Mommy feels pretty lousy. She complains of an achy lower back often and lots of cramping. So far, this progression is a little different than what she experienced with me. We're hoping to see my new little sibling within the next few days...Mommy is really hoping for that!! We'll keep you posted...and check back often for possible pics of the new arrival!

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Great Allah and Manamena

There's my frog...sorry for the disgruntled face...I was deep in thought.
I'm pointing to Maggie over there.
Well, today my aunt Ashley...whom I call Allah (which causes Mommy to laugh so...don't know why) and Maggie...aka Manamena...came to say hello. And not only that...they came bearing gifts. You'll see my fashionable backpack in pictures below. And a nice lady Ashley works with gave me a big frog that says ribbit!! Boy was this a treat! I was thrilled to be reunited with Maggie after a long period of seperation. In honor of our loving relationship, we have posted several snap shots of me and Maggie enjoying our reunion together. I can't wait to see Maggie again soon. She's such a special friend...and Allah, you're not so bad yourself!!

I Can Only Imagine

I can only imagine Maggie what you think about all day. But perhaps if I sit here and stare at you long enough I may just get a glimpse into that pensive mind of your's.


Ooooo, Maggie. I just love you so much! It's such a treat to have you at my house!

Nice Collar

Maggie, I like your pretty blue collar. It accents your beautiful eyes.

Maggie's reply: well, there really wasn't one...but had she replied...I'd like to think she'd say...Hannah, thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

Just Like Maggie

I thought I wanted to be just like Maggie...well that is I wanted to lay down like her. So I gave it a whirl. It turned out to be not so great. You see, I couldn't hold my head up as well as she could, therefore, I couldn't take in all my surroundings. I couldn't see all those smiling faces peering at me. So, I didn't stay like Maggie for long. Instead, I chose to enjoy Maggie for who she is while doing it from a more comfortable position...from my bottom.

My Backpack

A view from above with my Kitty Backpack
A side-above view, that provides a clear shot of the kitty.
My sitting up view.
Aunt Ashley brought me this cool backpack. Here I am modeling it for all to see. It's a little kitty for those of you without sharp eyes. I loved it so much that I kept it on for the rest of the afternoon. Mommy says I can put all my toys in there for when we go places. It might be good to take to the hospital when I meet my new brother or sister. Maybe I can put some toys in the there for my brosis to enjoy as well. Thanks Aunt Ash!