Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Video For You: The US Presidents

For Classical Conversations the kids have to memorize the 44 presidents for the end of the year program. Even though Grant is not an actual "student" this year, he loves to get in on all the memorization. In fact, he learned this faster than Hannah and much more eagerly.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just Go With It

Did I mention that part of being a third born involves playing the part of a life size doll?

There are days I am Hannah's doll. She carries me, only ten pounds smaller than her.

Most days, I'm down with it.

Other days, not so much.

But, she's proud. Proud to be a big sister. Proud that all 32 pounds of her can lift all 22 pounds of me (Chub club paid off for us both). Proud to use the same lingo Mommy uses on us, on me. And especially proud when we have matching outfits.

Yep, she means well. And so most days I embrace the fact I'm a life size doll. Because, chances are, in several years we won't be relating in the same way (that'd be weird).

So for now, I just go with it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Homeschool Diaries: Taking it on the Road

Last weekend, along with three friends, I attended my first ever homeschool conference.

Uncertain of what those few days would bring, I left curious and a bit skeptical.

Every group has its stereotypes and the homeschool group is not exempt from those.

Enter your stereotypes here...

And upon entering the huge church that hosted the event, some stereotypes were confirmed but in reality, the wide array of people simply represented a microcosm of the American culture (after all, I did see a rad dude with tatoos up and down his arm and two earrings).

What was encouraging was that this wide array of people with differing looks and walks of life all were united in their view of education and, more importantly, seeking to impact their family for Christ.

Please note that I am NOT saying you cannot do that outside of the homeschool arena. This is just the arena the Lord has called our family to. And I was encouraged to see other families whose hearts were being challenged in the same way as mine in this specific area.

So, there I sat in seminar after seminar. Overwhelmed, yes. Realize that most of my listening occurs during conversations between a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Our topics of conversation include bodily functions and what the next meal will include. So, imagine leaving that arena and listening to adult speakers speak for 7-8 hours straight on topics such as multigenerational vision, creation and your view's implication of your understanding of God's Word, instilling character into your children through developing habits, and how to organize a typical homeschool day. My world was rocked. But I was encouraged.

I left with a full mind. Lots to chew on. And a strong reminder of the gospel. . .which always provides for a great exhale moment.

The gospel reminds me of God's grace. His willingness to work despite my failures and sin. It brings hope. And it is the message I am called to share with my children each day. They are my main ministry in this short season of life. They are my disciples. It's the epitome of "life on life." And while my life is not always worth emulating, I am thankful for the Lord's grace to work in spite of me.

And so, I press forward, eagerly, as a homeschool mom. I am honored to be able to impact the next generation for Christ by investing in my own kids. My prayer is that as John and I intentionally lay a foundation for our children, the Lord will work mightly to draw them to Himself. And that they in turn, will go and be a light in this dark world, for His glory.

And while most of my days are grueling and hard and very repetitive, these faces remind me that it is well worth it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Cheeser

I'm a big cheeser.

Or so Mommy says.

I'm clueless as to what it means, although I think it may have something to do with this face:

Make this face. Hear "Big Cheeser." It's a simple case of cause and effect.

My Big Cheeser face comes out when I love on my "baa-bees."

Except when I think she may need a diaper change. Then this face emerges:

Poop ain't pretty. Trust me, I've caught a glance or two. I'm already well versed in what to say it the chance of a diaper explosion..."pee-pu!"

But, when funny times does the Big Cheeser...even when it's only funny to me. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daddy's Helper

Daddy's been working super hard. It's no surprise, money has been tight. So, being the other man of the house, I want to help Daddy out.

Therefore, I've started in the paper cutting business.

The PAPER TOWEL cutting business.

I don't know why Mommy asks what I'm doing. It seems pretty clear. But I answer,

"making money for the family."

She then asks how I am making money for the family...honestly I'm unsure what that question meant. I mean, I'm cutting paper. But I answer...

"so we can go to special places..."

When I say special places, sure, the beach would be great..but really all I'm thinking is Berry Mangos or Cherry Berry (though I prefer Berry Mangos) and, always, always, Sonic.

Perhaps my paper cutting business will help in these endeavors. Let me know if you need some cut up paper towels.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Secret "Asians"

I'm sure you know. These pictures are clear. Hannah and I are...

Secret "Asians."

Okay, Mommy said that could be taken as discrimanatory these days. Apparently we're agents, not Asians. We mean no disrespect. It's due to my evolving language and inability to enunciate some words. That is all. No lawsuits. Please.

The Backyardigans are our inspiration. I'm Pablo. Hannah, Uniqua. We also dubbed Kate as Uniqua. Mommy is Tasha. Daddy, Austin...or Tyrone, depending on the mood.

There's nothing like a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, black Spider Man costume, and blue cape to say SECRET agent. Nobody will see through my disguise.

As for Hannah, she's tight. I mean, she's decked out as a Hawaiian princess/ballerina with a MEAN pinwheel as her SECRET weapon. Again, it just screams SECRET agent.


We're here if you need us. Ready to do...well...whatever it is secret agents do. . .besides make AWESOME poses.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Mommy's Moment: Why I Hate Dental Hygiene

I know. Odd topic. Even odder, I'm calling myself out.

Truth be told, it started as a child. Mom and Dad, maybe you knew my wiley ways. I was convinced I'd created an ingenious idea. At the night time brushing, instead of actually brushing my teeth, I made a fist and rubbed the side of it up and down, up and down, along the side of the wall. It makes quite a convincing brushing sound.

Try it. I know you are.

I hated brushing my teeth.

It hasn't changed. Now, I do brush my teeth every morning. That'd be WAY gross if I didn't. But at night, it's a pain.

I'm tired.

And so often times, it goes undone.

And what's the point? I get glowing reviews upon every dentist visit, to John's dismay. I've never had a cavity. The dentist says, "keep doing what you're doing."

I say, "okay."

Dental hygiene, it's a pain.

But lately, I've come to hate it more.

Enter kids.

First, it's brushing their teeth for them. Toothpaste drools from their mouth as you've kept it open one second too long in hopes of brushing just long enough to not have to go through Round Two. Then, if you have a girl, you have to manage to hold her hair back in hopes the toothpaste drool won't find residence in her hair, thus creating a new problem, nasty tangles. And, when they do spit, they manage to spit just far enough away from the flow of the water to leave a glob of what usually is a mix of used/unused toothpaste. You know, the part that actually got mixed with the water and saliva in the mouth and the other part that somehow managed, no matter how intentional the brushing, to remain in pure toothpaste form.

And there it sits. Stubbornly. No amount of splashing will uproot it from it's place of rest.

So, if I were "on the ball" each night I would clean their sink. But I'm not. I'm working on it. So, before long the sink becomes a mecca for toothpaste globs waiting for battle.

But, my hate gets worse. Now, my wonderful children can brush their own teeth.

They, unlike me, love it.

So much so that I find them "brushing" their teeth numerous times throughout the day.

I use "brushing" loosely.

With this new found love, comes more work. For me. More globs have now managed to not only sit inside the sink, but also around the sink as a result of failed attempts to land the toothpaste onto the toothbrush.

It gets worse. Kate now climbs. She, like her siblings, loves all things dental hygiene. So much so, she climbs on the stool to get to both of their toothbrushes. I have found her numerous times standing on the stool in the dark, toothbrushES in mouth. Grin on face. And not only has she used them, but she carries them across the house with the smell of mint flavored toothpaste on her breath and it's sticky remnants on her hands. Maybe it's now I should no longer use the term "dental hygiene." Is unhygiene a word?

The bathroom, it's a war zone all in the name of dental hygiene (or unhygiene). Between the globs of toothpaste that scatter the sink and the fights between all three kids of who gets to stand on the stool and brush their teeth and leave those globs on the sink, it's enough to make you hate the process.

It's enough to deserve a protest.

And I guess I am its biggest late night protestor.

Do I stand alone?

Conversations with...Hannah and Grant

Grant: Hannah squirted water in my eyes.

Hannah: I said I was SORRY! Grant, do you love me?

Grant: Hannah, I'll always love you.

Hannah: Do you forgive me?

Grant: (in an exasperated voice) Han-nah, I forgive you!

Hannah: not when you say it like that.


Me: Hannah, we need to go, we're going to vote.

Hannah: What does that mean?

Me: Well, you know we've been talking about the presidents (we are memorizing the 44 presidents for school and for their end of the year program)? It's time to vote for a someone who will run against our current president.

Hannah: We're going back to school?!