Friday, December 29, 2006

A Thumb-Sucking Update

For those of you who have yet to see little Hannah tackle the task of sucking her thumb, these pictures help to tell the story. She puts her whole palm on her face and then slowly moves it down until she finds her thumb and to sucking she goes!! Now that she has found this new friend she no longer welcomes her old friend, the pacifier. I know in the future we will have a hard job breaking her of this soothing habit, but until then we enjoy being entertained by it. Before, you could only find Hannah sucking her thumb in her crib, but now she not only will suck it in her crib but also in her car seat. I have been stopped a few times now at the grocery store by people commenting on how cute she looks. I can't help but to agree!

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Grandma and Grandpa Hart got me these crazy rattles and guess what? I actually got one in my grip and shook it around! It made this great rattling sound (I guess that's why they call it a rattle!!). This one I have right now is a little crab with big eyes. Sometimes I have to be careful because I am known to bonk my head with them once I get to really moving my arm. I am just discovering all sorts of things about this body of mine that I didn't know it could do! I wonder what I will discover next?

My First Christmas

Here we are in Birmingham for my first Christmas! Boy there was a lot of action going on! I just chilled out here in this swing so I could take it all in. Since I'm not big enough yet, Mommy and Daddy opened my gifts for me. They said I got a lot of neat stuff that I can start playing with soon. Everyone was so generous to get me so many nice things!

Me, Aunt Ash, and Maggie

This was the first time I could really see Maggie (before she was just a blur). Boy, she is a lot bigger than Emmett...but she sure is sweet! She gave me a few kisses (I smiled) and helped get Mommy for me when I was crying (a girl like me can always use some help like that). She is a good pal! I loved spending time with my Aunt Ashley too! I got to spend a whole week with her!! She took real good care of me and played "weee!" with me by the Christmas tree! She sure is fun! I can't wait to play with her some more soon!!

Pretty in Pink

I loved these cute little ballet-like shoes so I had to take a picture although I feel it doesn't do them justice! Hannah looked so grown up when she wore them!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Thanks Allie for letting me borrow this great playmat! I love to watch the animals move and make noise!! My favorite sound comes from the animal called the parrot (mommy told me what it's called). I smile and smile and try to talk back at the animals as they move! Sometimes I even hit them with my feet and hands...although it's not usually on purpose! This is one of my favorite toys!!

Me and Grandmamma

I was so excited to have Grandmamma come and visit me today. We had such a good time. We did some shopping and I got a new outfit! I started to get a little fussy though so we came home. Here we are relaxing after a busy afternoon. I love spending time with my grandmamma!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Time

Some of Hannah's happiest times are when she is on her changing table without any clothes on! I can get the biggest smiles out of her then as well as a lot of cooing. Her legs are beginning to get a little pudgey and she is getting a bit of a belly. You can kind of see that in these pictures. But I thought these were some sweet pictures of her and wanted to share them with you all!

Me and My Pal Emmett

Well, Emmett decided he wanted in on the action as well. Here we are having a little heart to heart. I am trying to tell Emmett this is my photo shoot and that he will have to wait his turn. Plus Mommy and Daddy already have a ton of pictures of him! But I love my doggy Emmett and look forward to many fun days romping around with him (First I have to learn to walk though).

My Christmas Photo Shoot

Grandmamma Harman got me this super Christmas outfit. When Mommy put it on me she realized it was also too you can see this happens a lot! (I'm just a little squirt!) But of course Mommy had to get a lot of pictures of me in it. I call this my photo shoot. As you can see I have given you some facial closeups as well as some side shots. I look like a natural don't I? I wanted to make sure Grandmamma Harman saw me in my outfit. I really do love it...I just need to pack on some more pounds to fill it out!

Friday, December 08, 2006

We Can't Forget Emmett

I had to add this one with our first born...Emmett. He is a part of the family and lately has felt left out. As I write this, he is sitting ON MY LAP resting his head on my arm. He needs a little this one goes out to our little beagle...Emmett. He has asked me to give a shout out to his cousin Maggie whom he loves dearly and whom he has forgiven for stealing his doggie treats not so long ago.

Let's Try That Again!

Last night we took our first ever family Christmas card picture. As you can see from this picture, Hannah wasn't in the best of moods! (night times aren't her best times!) Needless to say, we did not choose this one but I thought it best captured the moment of last night and should be seen! Thankfully we did get a decent picture without her crying and we will be sending it to you all very soon!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Here She Goes Again....

Here Mom goes again putting me in things that are too big just to get a good laugh. Today she found this hat in my drawer and thought it would be fun for me to try it on for her. Needless to say it was way too big but I think my mom knew that from the get go...she just wanted a good laugh at my expense! So I humored her and sat nicely for a few pictures. If you can't tell from the photos...the hat has a little ball on the top and velcros under my chin. Maybe someday my head will fit in it!

Waking Up

Here is sweet Hannah when she wakes up in the morning, one of my favorite times of the day. I think when she finally opened her eyes she was a little startled by the you can see from one of the the photos with her eyes opened. I got a big kick out of that one!!! I love to gently call her name to wake her up because many times she will start to smile! I had to share this special time with everyone!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

I Found It!!!

Guess what I found?? My thumb!! When I found it I realized how wonderful it was to suck on it!! Now I can't get enough of it! It may be time to trade my pacifier in for this guy! My mommy has caught me several times today in my crib just going to town on it! I don't even realize it (as you can see here I am asleep and doing it!) Oh boy, I think I'm gonna like this!

Yes, Daddy?

Daddy has some very wise things to tell me. I listen very intently as you can see by my hand being pressed ever so carefully to my face to keep me alert to what he has to say. I love to sit with Daddy!

Me and Papa Hart

Here I am with Papa! He was so good to me this weekend because he got me just what I pacifier! I took a little snooze in his arms because I was worn out from the day...and it was just beginning! I love my Papa!

Me and My Cousin Allie

Don't we look cute? Grandma Hart got us these matching outfits for Christmas. I am admiring how nice cousin Allie looks in this picture. It was quite an ordeal to take this picture because either Cousin Allie was crying or I was crying. So our mommies had to step in to keep us in line! This was the best we could do. But we LOVE the outfits Grandma Hart!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

My First Thanksgiving

Here I am with my Aunt Bethany on Thanksgiving Day. We went to Grandmamma and Grandaddy Harman's house. This is my only picture because I slept most of my time there!! Mom said the food was real good!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My First Doll

Grandmamma Harman gave me this's my first ever! This was the best picture we could get with her the other day. I wasn't feeling too photogenic that day and began to fuss after mom kept trying to get my picture. It's good of my dollie though...she always seems to be smiling!! I just wasn't in the mood. But thanks Grandmamma Harman for my dollie!

My First Time in a Dress

Okay, so mommy got me from my nap and wanted me to try on this dress you see me in. Wow! What an ordeal! Mommy said she wanted to see if it would fit for Thanksgiving. It sure took her a long time to get me into it but she said I was super good because I didn't fuss a fact I tried to encourage her through the ordeal with a few good smiles. Once I was all suited up we realized it was a little too big but Mommy said after all that work she was going to at least get a picture of me in it. I think I look pretty nice. I told her to give it a couple of weeks and I should be big enough!

Me and Daddy

I love my daddy! Here we are after I awoke from a nap...I'm still a little sleepy!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Hey! I am growing!! We had to go the doctor this week because mommy thought I might have tongue ALWAYS stays white!! So while we were at the doctor they weighed me and I am now 9 lbs. 2 ounces! Can you believe it? I am growing so much mommy said I can now start wearing my big girl three month clothes!!! So she suited me up today in this comfy sweat suit. I thought it would be good for us to get some pictures since I look so cute! I love this outfit you can see from my big grin! Mommy calls me little Rocky Balboaette with my hoodie and all. I started to laugh!

Our Little Froggie

Here I am right after a bath in my super cool Froggie Towel!!! Two nights ago I decided to play a joke on mommy and daddy and tinkled on them both. I first decided to tinkle on mommy while daddy got my bath ready and then after some complications getting the water to stay in the tub mommy handed me over to daddy and he wrapped me up in my froggie. He thought that would keep him dry from any more tinkling that could occur...but I got daddy good! I tinkled so much it got the towel soaked and daddy's shirt!! I may look cute and innocent in my froggie but looks can be deceiving!!! (If you look closely at my can see me already plotting my next trick..hmmmm....)

My Favorite Thing

This is the best I could do getting Hannah watching her mobile. She just LOVES her mobile and smiles right away when it starts to go! I know when it has stopped because her crying begins! Thanks Aunt Melissa,Uncle Sean, and Cousin Allie for a super gift!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fall Festival

Here is Hannah at her first Fall Festival. You can tell she is really excited about being there! It was also her first experience in the Baby Bjorn. She seemed to like it okay. It definitely kept her warm on this cold October night! It kept me warm too!! Her best friend Ellie is in the carrier behind her!