Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lovin' Life!

I just love life!! So many great things you can do each day. There are so many things to these blocks for example. I look forward to each day and what it holds in store for me. I get super excited now and at random times I will just scream a high pitched squeal at the top of my lungs...because...well...I can! You should try it sometime. It's so exhilirating!!

Busy at Play

So I finally could get into these blocks I've been curious about. Grandmama and Grandaddy got me these for Christmas but I was too little to play with them at the time. But now, oh boy, can I do some serious playing with them! Mommy just empties them in front of me and I go to town. I like to taste test each one to see if their texture is pleasing to my tender gums. If not, well, I just toss them to the side to search for another one. But after awhile I need Mommy's help because I will have tossed all of them out of my reach! So Mommy rounds them back up and places them back to where I can reach them. She's a good helper. Then I do it all over again because I have forgotten which ones I preferred! Oh yeah, I also like to bang them together because they make such an interesting noise. I bang them together a few times and then holler out at the top of my lungs! It's such a fun game! So this is me...busy at play.

Just So Sleepy....

Phew! All this playing really wears you out! I can barely keep my eyes open. Mommy sure knows how to pack in a full day's worth of play in only a couple short hours! Is it nap time yet? Please?

A Better View

Here's a better view of my big girl outfit. The shirt is a little big so it covers up the cute sash that surrounds my waist. But Mommy said it still looks stylish. I'll take her word for it!

Eight Months Old and Loving It!

I turned 8 months yesterday (May 25th)! Boy, time sure does fly! I am just so excited to be 8 months. Can't you tell by the big smile on my face? Mommy put me in this big girl outfit. She calls it my school girl outfit because it reminds her of outfits she would wear on her first day of school! Yikes! I I already that close to going to school? But Mommy told me no..I have several years before I have to leave her behind to pursue my studies. Phew!

Suit Up!

Well, here I am, all suited up, ready to go to the pool! These were the only "pool" pictures Mommy could take. Once we get to the pool Mommy has to keep up with me and has no time to take pictures. But when Daddy goes with us we'll try to take some. This suit I am wearing is compliments of Great Grandmama! Don't you just love the matching hat? I am super excited to go. I actually really love the pool now. I'll have to show you all my moves when we can take the camera. You'll be so impressed!

A Tight Squeeze

Last week Mommy and Daddy's community group went to have a cookout on someone's property. Of course Ellie and I got to go too. We didn't take our stroller so Mrs. Kim let me sit in their stroller with Ellie. Since I am such a little squirt I squeezed right in. I did try to pull Ellie's hair some. I was just noticing how nicely it was coming in and wanted to feel how much she had. I still have a huge bald spot on the back of my head! I was simply admiring her beautiful locks. So Mommy thought it best to give me something else to grab and chew on.

Sharing with Ellie

So last time you saw me and Ellie we were being a bit troublesome with all our hard punches. Here is a more amiable situation. I have this cool pink cell phone that Grandmama and Grandaddy got for me on Easter. I just love it...I love to chew on the antenna. So I showed Ellie and told her she should also try chewing on the antenna. She agreed and thought it was real swell. See, we do love each other.

Johnny Jumper

Hey, check this out! The Sandersons are letting me borrow their Johnny Jumper. Now, because I am such a little tyke I can't quite weigh it down enough for my feet to reach the floor to bounce off of. But sometimes Mommy and Daddy will bounce me around in it. Sometimes I just twirl around in it, catching in all the sites around me. I also like to swing back and forth in it. That makes me really smile! It's quite the relaxing contraption. Wish you guys could try it out!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taking on a New Level in Performance

So my ball training has taken on a whole new level now that I can sit on my own! Mommy and I roll the ball back and forth to each other. The best we could do was show my end of the exercise since mommy was of course taking the picture. Pretty impressive huh? Hopefully this will strengthen my arms...those of you who have seen them know what I mean...those of you who haven't...well let me put it like this...they look like noodles!

Here She is Again...

Now mommy took a lot of pictures of Anabelle but not many of anyone else! She's crazy sometimes! But here is little cuz again...a little blurry...again...but there was a lot going on so not much time to get a good mommy says.


Anabelle likes to chew on things like me! She's already got some teeth though. I can't wait til mine come in! Anabelle filled me in on how it will feel when they start to come I am ready for some action!

Grandmama and Her Grandkids

So here we all are...the grandkids on the Harman side. That's my other cousin Wyatt. He sure is a funny guy! I like him because he sucks his thumb like me! These were the best mommy could do as far as the picture goes..she knows they are a bit blurry. Do you see me? I was being a little silly...I was trying to make Grandmama laugh. I am known to be a little stinker at times!!

Me and Anabelle

Look who I finally got to cousin Anabelle! We are very close in age...she's just two months older than me! I don't get to see her or Wyatt very often because they live in Croatia. But I sure am glad I got to meet them. I also got to meet Aunt Dani and Uncle Daniel. They are so great!! you can see...Anabelle is already so great at sharing. But you know what I like best about her...she's a little squirt like me! Finally...someone who can relate to me! I asked her if she was in the Chub Club too. We talked about it a little and she seemed interested. I sure wish I could see you guys more often. But I am thankful I got to see you last Saturday! Can't wait to see you again!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Side Story

Well, I have no clever story to go with this shot. It's just yet another closeup mommy took of my face. It is changing; however, don't you think? Anyways, I thought it to be a good time to let you all know I had my first pool experience this past week. Unfortunately we do not have any photos at this time to document it. BUT I will tell you briefly about the experience. I went with my good buddy Ellie (and with our mommies of course). And...well...I can tie this into the picture because my face in this picture captures the expression on my face when mommy dipped my legs into the rather frigid water. I was shocked...and so was Ellie. However, after some more exposure to my legs, the water became more tolerable and I compromised with mommie and I sat on her lap and let my feet dangle into this unusually cool water. I mean all I am used to is the warm bath water. I think I'll go back to the pool...but I'll give it some time I do believe. Mommy says the water isn't usually so cold. But thankfully I wore my little swim coverup compliments of Great Grandmamma Harman. It kept me warm as we ventured back home. I'll keep you updated on the pool as the summer progresses.

Let's Hear it For Emmett

You know, since I've been around these past several months I feel as though Emmett hasn't been receiving the attention he used to before I arrived. Now, I feel a little badly about that and thought it to be a nice gesture to give him a little bit of the spotlight here on my blog. So folks, here he is...the one....the only...Emmett Powell Harman. Ain't he somethin'?

Sitting Pretty

Okay folks...look what I can do NOW! I have graduated from sitting with assistance to sitting with none whatsoever! Can you believe it?! Mommy took me and Emmett outside for a few minutes so we could blow some bubbles and take some pictures if a Kodak moment presented itself. did...just look at me! I am still a little uneasy with my new achievement so sometimes I do fall over so I can't get too cocky. But I must say...I am pretty proud of myself.

I'm Getting Hot

Okay, here I'm ready to go in was so hot out there I just couldn't take it any longer. So I told mom to grab the bubbles and camera before I had a meltdown.

I Can Even Do It Sucking My Thumb!

And to top it off....I not only can sit by myself but I can do it WHILE sucking my thumb! What do you think of that?! I feel pretty proud about this moment. Pretty proud.

Prunes...You Gotta Love Um!

Looking at my face you would never know most of the prunes went down my tummy since it looks like they all landed on my face. I am proud of my artwork though...I do believe I covered the whole canvas of my face and I couldn't even really see what I was doing! Some of you may think of prunes as old people food....but babies eat them too...and for the same reason most older people eat get your insides a movin'. And...let me tell you...they did. THANK GOODNESS! So I have to give props to the old prunes. They really helped me out in my time of dire need. And mommy was so thankful too! So let's join hands and say together...Prunes,

You Gotta Love Um!

Daddy's Little Friend

Look who daddy brought home for me to meet...our new pet opposum! (JUST KIDDING!) But he did bring this little guy home for us to see. He was pretty cute! But daddy let him go out in the woods. Daddy sure does have an interesting job! My friends will think he's really cool when I get older because he sees so many animals...but from what I hear he is hoping to not be doing this much longer. Daddy, I think you're job is neat!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Loving My Grandma

So this past weekend we went to Birmingham to help celebrate Allie's birthday. It was a BLAST to say the least. Keep reading to see how much of a blast it was! I was glad to get to spend some time with Grandma. We hadn't been to their house since Christmas! I was a little squirt then so coming back was good since I could romp around a little more. Grandma, I sure had fun with you! I loved playing with you and spending some quality time with you. You are great! Can't wait to see you again!

Grandma and Her Girls

Her we are with Grandma. Allie is so active this was the best picture we could get with all three of us! I wasn't quite ready for the shot but it had to do because Allie was back on the go right after we took it! That's okay! I'm just glad to have a shot with Allie and Grandma and ME! CHEESE!

Playing with Allie

So here I am with Allie. She was so nice to let me play with some of her new toys she got for her birthday (keep reading to find out more about her big day). She got Mater from the movie Cars and she was so nice to share him with me. She also gave me a big hug as you can see from one of the pictures (oh and mommy told me to tell you to ignore her crazy face in the background...she didn't know she was in that shot!). Oh and did I tell you Aunt Melissa is pregnant with her second? She will have him or her in September...just like me! Wow! I can't wait to meet him or her (they didn't find out what they are having...I like that because I got to surprise mommy and daddy when I came's fun for us little guys to do that and see the surprise on our parents' faces!) Allie, I sure had a blast playing with you and I can't wait to come to your next party. I should be more mobile then!

Happy Birthday Allie!

Saturday, May 5th was Allie's second birthday. Mommy said last time we celebrated Allie's birthday I was growing in her tummy. Did you know you get a cake for your birthday? It looks SO good. This is Allie's cake. She loves the movie Cars so she got a Cars birthday cake. I didn't get a taste of the cake but daddy gave me a little lick of the chocolate icecream they served with it and boy was that something else! I would love to have some more! Mommy and Daddy also gave me a little lick of the watermelon they had for lunch. That was quite tasty too! What a time I had at the party! As you can see from the picture...Allie really enjoyed her cake too! Happy Birthday Allie and thanks for letting me come to your party!

Allie's Trike

Look at what Grandma and Papa got Allie for her birthday...a tricycle! Looks like a lot of fun to me! She seemed to be enjoying it. Aunt Ash had to give her a few pointers before she could really take off. But it seemed to help. Man...I can't wait for my birthday. These really seem to be a lot of fun!

Three Generations of Girls

Here I am with Mommy and Grandma. That's three generations of girls mommy said! This is at Allie's party too. I am eyeballing Grandma's food and wondering if I could get a quick sneak of some of that delicious food that mommys says I'm too little to have. Nobody is looking. For those of you who weren't there...I didn't get it....maybe next time.

One on One with Papa

While we were in Birmingham I had some good one on one time with Papa. I enjoyed sitting with him. I was very comfortable. He played some games with me and I really liked that. He kept getting my toes and I thought that was funny too!! We had such a good time together, didn't we Papa?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Having Fun

I sat in my new booster seat for over an hour today while mommy took pictures of me. I didn't fuss a bit either because I had so much fun! If you keep reading you will see what I mean. I did all sorts of things in my big girl seat!