Saturday, April 25, 2009


I wanted to show off my climbing skills to Mommy when she wasn't looking. So, as she was rinsing off dishes, I decide to make my way onto the dishwasher. When she turned around I yelled, "SURPRISE!" (okay, not really but in my head that's what I screamed). It seems that Hannah never ventured to climb onto the dishwasher when she was my age. Man, she doesn't know what she missed! It's amazing up here. There are spoons, dishes, and forks galore. I wanted to get my hands on everything. But, it seems Mommy didn't. And so, shortly after this shot was taken, I was displaced to the floor and encouraged to go back to my usual ways of playing. I mean, how much longer can I be entertained by that singing farm game and Hannah's stroller?

A.I.T. (Artist in Training)

You've heard of M.I.B, N.K.O.T.B, A.S.A.P, and M.I.A, but have you heard of an A.I.T? Probably not. He's name? Gwant Harman. He's my artist in training. He's a bit difficult to work with. Eating crayons isn't what being an artist is about. And those colorful knobs on my easel, they're just there to hold the easel together. They have nothing to do with being an artist. However, it seems Gwant can't keep his eyes and hands off of them. While he's drooling (seriously) over crayons and colorful knobs, he's missing out on my dynamic artistry. He doesn't make for a good student. On a side note: yes, those are my mermaid panties. Excuse my indiscretion. I'm an artist. I enjoy the freedom of movement. My pants, they were a hinderance.

"Mommy, Can I Love on Gwant?"

What's my favorite thing about being Gwant's big sister? Lovin' on 'im. In fact, if you're hanging around my house don't be surprised if I ask, "Mommy, can I love on Gwant?" And then I proceed to "love on 'im." But, sometimes Gwant gets mad. Mommy says it's because I have him in a headlock. What's that? I just like to hug on his neck. She's been trying to teach me how to "love on 'im" around his tummy. She said that's a better idea. So, I'll work on that. I know that I love to be loved on so I'm sure Gwant appreciates it too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Bein' Me

This post could be about a lot things...maybe it's those boogers you see so clearly in my nose or maybe it's my big blue eyes, or that scratch next to my boogery nose, or perhaps it's the fact that I have a plastic hot dog sticking out of my mouth. Really, this post is whatever you want to make of it. It's just me bein' me.

Pee-Peeing in Style

I make this look G-O-O-D!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Balloon Time Fun!

A couple of weekends ago we all went to eat lunch at Hannah's favorite place: "chicken lay." To those of you who've never heard of "chicken lay," don't try to find it in the phone book. It's not there. What she means to say is, Chick-fil-a. We just love Chick-fil-a. They're so friendly. And did you know they now pass out stickable place mats for us little guys? How thoughtful! And best of all, you get a balloon. We just got one for Hannah, but after Mommy and Daddy saw my excited reaction to this balloon, I think next time I'll get one too. I couldn't stop smiling when I saw it. It was just amazing. I wanted to squeeze it as hard as I could but Mommy said no. Hannah and I were both sad the next day when the balloon no longer flew through the air. How disappointing. I hope it won't be too much longer until we can go again. I want a green one!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thanks Grandma and Papa!

Grandma and Papa got me and Gwant an early birthday gift. You see, in a few weeks we'll be going to Kansas City for a Larson family reunion (that's Grandma's side of the family). And yes, we'll be driving...well...riding with Grandma and Papa. Now, that's a LONG drive so Grandma and Papa decided to get us this early birthday gift to use on the trip...a dvd player for the car! Allie's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks so we'll try it out when we drive to Birmingham then. We're really excited! Here we are, working as a team, to open our joint birthday gift. Thanks so much Grandma and Papa! Mommy is looking forward to hearing Veggie Tales the whole way to Birmingham!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So Long Diapers...My Potty Training Tales

What's new in my world? Panties. Yes sir (or mam). I've said so long to diapers and hello to the world of princess panties. The past two weeks I've been training hard. . .potty training that is. I was a bit disappointed to realize there is, in fact, no actual train to ride. I told Mommy and Daddy time and again that I wanted to see the "Potty Train." I've yet to see it, so I've come to the conclusion there is no train and that it was just a ploy to get me excited about pee-peeing on the potty. But, it worked. Yes sir (or mam) I am pee-peeing and poo-pooing on the potty quite well. I've even graced the public bathrooms of Michael's (twice, once it was a false alarm) and Walgreens and left my mark in their potties. It was a little difficult though because Mommy had me hovered over the potty while Grant barely hung onto her waist. I recommend waiting to potty at home if you're one to get stage fright. And while I've had a few number two accidents, I am still averaging above 50% for times gone in the actual potty. Impressive, I know. My favorite part about "doing the do", going with Mommy to put it down the toilet. I say, "He's swimming!" and then, "He's going to see his mommy," as he whirls away into the dark unknown. It's fun! And, just as Mommy says, "I'm so proud of you Hannah," when I do my business. I return the favor and say, "I'm so proud of you Mommy," as she whisks my excretions away and empties them into the toilet. It's a team effort. And now that I'm an expert I've decided to potty train my dollie. Well, just today I told Mommy that she, my dollie, poo-pooed in her bed. So, I, just like Mommy, went to clean it up. And then, lo and behold, she pee-peed on the floor. So, I, just like Mommy, went to clean it up as well. This potty training is hard (and messy) business. But we've all got to do it!

If You Haven't Heard...

If you haven't heard yet, Mommy is throwing me a John Deere birthday party. I don't know who he is or if he'll be a special guest at my party but he must like tractors. Mommy said she's making me a tractor cake. And Grandmama got me this John Deere shirt with a tractor on it to wear for my big day. Who knows, I'm just interested in the whole "cake" part. Sign me up for that!

Monday, April 13, 2009

And Grandma...

Shortly after Ashey's visit, Grandma and Papa came. I just love visitors! I had a lot of fun! Here I am with Grandma. And Grandma, Mommy is going right now to email you this picture. Don't we look great?

Aunt Ashey!

Still two weeks or so behind....Ashey came to visit me and Gwant (I have a hard time saying my r's so Grant comes out like Gwant when I speak...looks like speech class for me too. Mommy went to speech class for this same problem). I was thrilled to see Maggie and show off my mad Wheely Bug skills for Ashey. I did have a slight injury. While running around in circles full of excitement, I fell on the driveway and got a boo-boo. When asked if I'd like a band-aide, I exclaimed no. Some of you may remember my intense fear of band-aides as documented in one of my doctor posts. Ashey said I was a tough little girl. So now, when asked about my boo-boos, I respond with "I'm a tough little gurl." I sure do like when Ashey and Maggie come. I can't wait for another visit soon!

I'm Growing

I just wanted you all to know, I'm growing. Take this article of clothing (Daddy says boys don't wear outfits so I must say, article of clothing) for instance. It fits nicely, right? It's comfortable. I can move around nicely. It's an all around fine piece of clothing. Well, I put on the same type of "article of clothing" yesterday (mind you this was taken a couple of weeks ago. I know, we're still behind). It wasn't so fine. In fact, I felt like the Incredbile Hulk. It was if I was going to bust out of it any second. In fact, some things did bust out of it...poop. But that's a story for another time. It's a 12 month suit. And in two weeks it went from comfortable to very uncomfortable. Even my poopy wasn't comfortable in it. So folks, the conclusion one can draw from this is, I'm growing. Mommy is just sad because she and Grandmama picked out three other suits just like this a few weeks ago. Maybe some of my younger friends can benefit from them...boys only though.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Check it Out

Mommy has been highlighted on one of her favorite blogs, Money Saving Methods, as a Southern Living at Home representative. Mrs. Carrie is hosting Mommy's first ever online party! She's highlighting the All You magazine subscription. You get two years for only $19.95...that's half off the regular price, so Mommy says! What's so special about this magazine? Well, you know how Mommy is SO into couponing now? Well, this magazine is stuffed full with them...around $50 worth! Mommy says the magazine will pay itself back from all these coupons. Interested? Head on over to Money Saving Methods to get the full scoop and to place an order! Tell your friends! Whooo Hooo!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Shout Out

Dear Mrs. Amy,

Thank you so much for the cupcakes. I enjoyed them. . .every last morsel. How did you know I liked cupcakes (or "birthday cakes" as I like to call them) so much? I just couldn't get enough of them. I stuffed them in my mouth (after licking every inch of icing off first) so the taste would flood into every crevice. My senses were overwhelmed. . .but oh, how sweet that was. I just can't thank you enough for the cupcake surprise. I dream in cupcakes now only to wake up disappointed that it was only a dream. You're a dear friend, Mrs. Amy. A dear friend.

Your biggest cupcake fan,

So Long from the Park

Well, we're thinking these park pictures are getting kind of old. Mommy took A LOT that day. Can you tell? So, we thought we'd end with this one. I love the slide. In fact, I'm already gearing up to go down the BIG SLIDE this summer at the pool. We'll be sure to post that picture. It will be utterly amazing.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Serious Business

I take my job as slide patrolman very seriously. Why, you ask, do I feel the need to patrol the slide? Well, it's to protect my big sis. You see, a couple of weeks ago Hannah was standing right where I have now taken up post. She was enjoying watching the other children go through the tunnel and down the slide. Now, if I'm honest, Hannah is a bit shy when it comes to being around bigger groups. She's more likely to take it all in before fully committing to the fun. And on that disappointing day, that's exactly what she was doing. All of a sudden, out of the blue (or the tunnel to be more exact) a boy came and hit her on her head. Folks, it wasn't pretty. Hannah had her mouth open for like a minute while she silently sobbed...and then...the ear piercing scream. I think her feelings were hurt more than her head. But I didn't like that boy picking on my sister. No sir. And so, it won't happen again, not while I'm on patrol here. And, you do see some crazy things (hence the weird face I'm making in that one photo...I won't even get into that) while being the slide patrol man. But it's worth it if I can protect Hannah from any more suprise attacks.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More Playground Fun

Here's the continuing story of me and Grant at the park. I love walking through the tunnel and Grant enjoys camping out at the top of the slide. He decided to be the slide patrolman. He did a fairly good job. He tended to get overly excited about it, but hey, he's a kid.