Monday, February 25, 2008

Growing Up

Mommy says this new outfit and bow makes me look so grown up. Last summer Grandma bought me some new clothes for the spring. Since today is so warm outside we decided to wear my gouchos and green top. Yes, don't be fooled. The pants I am sporting are in fact gouchos. For those of you unaware of how these pants fit, let me explain. They should fall just below your knees. Well, I'm a shorty so they actually look like a nice wide leg pair of pants. Surprisingly they did fit around my waist. Mommy did have to do a few yanks to keep them from falling all the way off. And this is my first time ever to wear a big girl bow. I actually like it because it really keeps all of my luxurious locks out of my face. Mommy said it looks like I'm ready to go to school. I guess this is what school kids wear. Being the picture taker she is, Mommy insisted we get some shots of me in this new get up. Well, I got so tickled during the photo shoot that Mommy ended up taking A LOT! Most of them are blurry because I kept moving while I was laughing. But we feel these shots capture the silly Hannah I am most of the time. So sorry about the blur. When we hit it big one day, we'll get a camera that can handle all of my crazy movement!! Enjoy! Oh and the serious one with me looking off in the distance will be put aside for anyone interested in using it for a clothing ad. I'll be expecting calls shortly.


I decided to stop for a moment to give Mommy a good shot. It didn't last long though. As soon as she shot the picture I was back to my playtime. I'm a busy girl these days...I don't have time to just sit around and take pictures. Sheesh!

Get in There!

Well, I love my school bus and I love all my dolls. This one...AKA "Heady Freddy Ball-Headed" is an antique. What I mean is, it belonged to Mommy when she was little. Her sisters and cousins made fun of the baby and coined the name mentioned above. So that's what I call her now. But I love her. I really love her to ride in the school bus if I can ever get her in. But that proves to be quite a challenge. Give me some time and I'll make it work.


One of my new words I've learned is chin. Well, I can't say it yet but I love to point to it when Mommy or Daddy ask me where it is. I like to raise it up high so they know I clearly understand. I can also point out my elbow...which I call "elba" (this is actually my new favorite word and body part to point out), my eyes, ears, hair, nose, tummy, bottom, knees, and feet. PHEW! Daddy is working on cheek with me now. For some reason they really like me to know all my body parts! Oh and I can also say "poo poo" now and point to my bottom. Mommy and Daddy are so proud!

Holding Hands

CJ and I are becoming quite good buddies. . .so much so that we are now holding hands! Last week CJ, Mommy, and I made a hand train and walked down the hall together. We loved it so much that we decided to continue to do so on our own. Sometimes CJ enjoys it a little more than I do and grabs me and tries to pull me along. I'm not too crazy about that. But most of the time I think it's fun. Whose hand have you held today?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Breakfast with Elmo

Guess who I dined with this morning? ELMO! Mommy and I went to Truett's Grill (part of Chick-fil-A) with Ellie and her mommy and we saw Elmo! I loved him so much that I kept asking him to hold me!! Mommy said she was surprised I let Elmo hold me. But I don't know why...I love Elmo. I also loved the Chick-fil-a cow that kept walking around. I kept asking her to hold me too but she seemed pretty busy!! What a great time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Pregnancy Update

Here's Mommy at 26 weeks pregnant. She's not too proud of this shot as it was done at the end of a long day. But there have been requests to see her belly. An update is also needed so I am here to report it. I went with Mommy to her doctor's appointment on Monday. Mommy was still concerned that her due date was too early. She expressed her concerns with the doctor who, after looking over her charts, agreed that her due date was in fact May 24th, not the 6th. You see, they moved it several weeks ago after the ultrasound. But they weren't accurate...what Mommy thought. So now my brosis should arrive around May 24th. That gives us a couple of more weeks to get things together! All in all, the pregnancy is going well. Mommy is getting tired chasing me and the two boys around. But she's hanging in there. She is thankful that so far, her pregnancies are fairly easy...just the usual aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy. We'll try to get a more appealing picture of her later. Until then, this will have to do!!


Well, here is the progress in my big girl room. We added beautiful white curtains, a fan (not pictured), Papa's shelves he made just for me, and my chest of drawers that mommy repainted and added new hardware. Thanks Grandmama and Grandaddy for picking it up and bringing it down here for me! Oh yeah, and the pillow is a picture of what my new bedding will look like. We haven't gotten that out yet. This weekend Mommy says I will be moving into my big girl room officially. We are borrowing a crib from some friends so my brosis can use the one in the nursery. All we need is the crib and the twin bed with the bedding and my new room will be finished!!!

Playing in My Big Girl Room

Here I am breaking in my big girl room. I like to pull my things off the shelves to play with them. Don't worry, Daddy bolted them to the wall so they won't fall on me. I have all sorts of fun things on my shelves. Mommy pulled out all her books from teaching and let me put them on my new shelves. Then we got some of my favorite stuffed animals and added them. And of course, Mommy added a few of her decorative things that she thought would compliment my room. I especially like the little boxes Papa made. They're just right for me!! Thanks again Papa for such beautiful shelves!

A Little School Girl

Do you like my little school girl outfit? Good friends of ours are letting me borrow it. I just love it. I wore it to church on Sunday. Mommy is letting me wear dresses again now that I can walk. You see, when I crawled I would always get caught on my dress so she thought it would just be easier to sport pant outfits until I could get around by walking. So folks, I am a pro at walking now so out come my dresses. I tried to post a video of me walking but it wouldn't work. So next time you see out! I am on the move!!!


Here CJ is pointing out my nose. Good Job CJ! You found my nose!! Oh the fun we have when we're together!!

Laying of Hands

Not to be disrespectful, but Mommy and I couldn't help but laugh when we saw this picture. It looks like my good buddy CJ is laying his hands on me and praying. It is a very serious moment as you can tell from my spiritual prayer face. Thank you CJ for your words of encouragement.

So Sleepy

Well, the past week has been a rough one for me and Mommy....mainly because of ME. I can't articulate the way I have been feeling but I just didn't sleep. I wouldn't take my naps, I would wake up several times at night and holler loudly. Mommy thought I might have an ear infection so we went to see the doc (I HATE seeing the doctor). But there was not an ear infection. I tried to tell Mommy that before we made the trip but she didn't understand. Those of you who know me know that I am a GREAT sleeper so this came as quite a surprise to Mommy when I wouldn't go down for naps or sleep well at night. Needless to say, I became quite the tired little tyke. Here I am after I fell asleep during my lunch! One minute Mommy saw me wide awake and the next, she saw me fast asleep. For those of you concerned, I have made improvements and am getting back to my normal sleep habits. Today I finally took my usual two hour nap...the first in a little over a week. And I am sleeping through the night again. No more falling asleep at the table.

For Me?

Guess who brought me a special Valentine? My good buddy CJ. Here I am after I see his little box of chocolates. What a sweet boy!!

Well, Open Um'

Hannah: Are these for me?

CJ: Well, yeah, you are my one and only're really the only girl I spend time with regularly.

Hannah: You shouldn't have.

CJ: Mommy told me I should.

Hannah: I don't know what to say to this kind gesture.

CJ: Well, just open um' already and let's see if we can eat a piece.

The Aftermath

Well, Mommy made me share a piece of my special chocolates with CJ. Needless to say from these photos, we enjoyed them very much!! Thank you CJ for such a sweet token of your affection. I enjoyed every taste of my Valentine chocolates!!


Here I am, messy hair and all...enjoying my Valentine's Day surprises. I just love my Elmo and balloon. I can finally say "baloo" for balloon. I used to call it a "ba" but my vocabulary is increasing everyday!! I have enjoyed walking around with my "baloo" that Daddy picked out especially for me. And of course I have enjoyed my you will see in the next photo.

Loving Elmo

Once I woke up a bit and warmed up to the camera that early in the morning, I gave Elmo a BIG squeeze to show him how excited I was to be his mommy. I think he really appreciated it. Happy Valentine's Day everyone (a little late but I was saying that in this photo)!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'll Regret This One Day....

Last night when we got back from Bham I was feeling a little frisky. Well, not really, Mommy just didn't feel like putting my pants back on after she changed my diaper. And anyways, it would be bathtime soon. So, after a little awkwardness at first and a few taps on my legs to remind Mommy I had no pants on, I went with it and enjoyed the freedom. I did insist, however, that I wear my new sparkly shoes. I needed something on that half of my body that had a little bling. I will probably regret this someday but for the moment, it was quite enjoyable.

Check out These Beauties!

So, here I am in my new outfit again. Mommy and I went to Bham this past weekend to my cousin Kyle's dedication at church. Mommy took my new outfit so Grandma and Papa could see me. I didn't have shoes to go with it so Grandma bought me these babies at Wal-Mart. Aren't they somethin'? They keep calling me Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (but I don't think I'll ever get to watch that movie because Mommy says over and over how it creeps her out so much so I'll just trust you guys on this one.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. I am a shoe fanatic anyways and I appreciate a beautiful shoe when I see one...and this is one!!

Me and My Boys

The other day Mommy had CJ and Mac for a little bit. It was fun having both of my buddies there with me! We all got along great and didn't give Mommy too much trouble...thanks to me that is. I kept the boys in line as you will see from the next photo. I'm just practicing my big sister bossy role. Hey, aren't all big sisters bossy? Aunt Ashley, Mommy said you were! :) ("It's a whale, not a shark!") But where would this world be without all the big sisters to keep things in line?

The Boss

This is my house and I'm the boss. So here I am telling the boys that they can't go up the stairs...not without Mommy. They seemed to listen pretty well. They refocused their attention elsewhere shortly after my redirection. I think I'll be a good teacher one day and a great big sister sooner than that!

My Big Girl Outfit Photo Shoot

Here are some more shots of me in my big girl outfit. I was just being silly, how I am most of the time these days! Oh and my rocking chair is my new favorite toy lately. I love to climb in and rock and then climb back out. I also like to put things in the chair with me but sometimes we don't all fit and I get a little frustrated.

My New Big Girl Outfit

When Grandma and Papa came last weekend they brought me two new outfits. This one is my most favorite of all! I feel like a really big girl. I guess she got it for me because I'm getting a big girl room too. Don't you just love it? It ties in the back...a lot like Mommy's tops these days. And these pants are so nice a soft...kind of furry. Mommy told me it's velour. I just feel like the cat's meow. Thanks Grandma and Papa!

Cheering Up Daddy

That same weekend Grandma and Papa came, Daddy got sick. So here I am trying to comfort him during his sickness. We just rested on the couch and watched some hunting. I really like to see the "dee" aka deer walking across the screen. I like to growl when I see them too. But Mommy says deer don't growl. But Mommy, the growl is the best animal sound I can make. Be patient with me.

The Overseer

My job was to oversee the paint job. Overall, they appeared to be doing a jam-up job. I had to make my presence more known, however, when I saw some spots not fully being covered. So I climbed, by myself, to the top of my little ladder so they would take me more seriously. But you know, I don't even take myself seriously so it was hard for them to do so as well. You can tell Papa wasn't. How do you like my vibrant green? I'm not supposed to know this, but Mommy and Grandma aren't the best at hiding a secret, but Grandma and Papa got me some big girl bedding that Mommy picked out. It's supposed to be my birthday present for my next big day but I get the feeling it's going to come out before then. I've already seen the pillow shams. It's pink and green. I can't wait to see my room once it's all finished! This is fun!