Thursday, June 26, 2014

Keepin' It Real

Let's get real.
Like, this kind of real:

I don't play games.

Unless it's Hide n' Seek, or Babies, or Dollhouse.
I like those.

There's also this other game where Mommy asks if I have something in my mouth. To which I reply,
And, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, you just never know.

If I do, and, uh, Mommy sees, and uh, it wasn't "Mommy Approved" well, the game takes a turn for the worse.

I quickly realize any effort to talk my way out of it only proves more harmful. I have to bite my lip to keep from further incriminating myself.

And I'm quite shocked to realize my honest attempt to refrain from further degradation still doesn't change Mommy's response.

I'm hurt.

I tend to harbor a bit of hard feelings.

But I'm quickly on to the next thing, like seeing how wide I can open my eyes while sticking my tongue out.


You've just been served a dose of "Keepin' It Real" by your's truly,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Grant

I'm over a month late.
My boy is six.
I glance at him and then stop and then stare.
Where did my little boy go?
His legs have sprouted. Those jeans testify to that.
And that face, that face lost that final "baby fat."
Glasses now graze the top of your nose. And forget about putting you in Cars themed clothes.(UNCOOL)
One year of school now under your belt.
As well as two trophies that now sit on your shelf.

Each year I learn more about you, my sweet son.
I know you are my most introverted one.
Quiet at times and alone, quite content
yet also there's always that stubborn temperament.
Though the tantrums and meltdowns have become very rare, I continue to discover the possibility is still there.
So we work together, only by God's grace, to work on your heart to eradicate
the sin that plagues you, as it does me,
as the Lord shapes you into the man He would have you be.
Oh my dear son, I overflow with joy, to know the Lord crafted you to be our boy.
Imperfect am I as a mother to you
and relying on God's grace to know what to do
to know what to say when I lose it again or when you come to me, struggling with sin.
Forget perfect grades, a stellar career, a comfortable life where struggle is not near
My deepest desire for you far exceeds
the empty promises of each one of these
Run to the Savior who frees you from sin
Who gives hope to the most hopeless of men.
Dazzle in His glory and rest in His grace
Seek your pleasure in His lovely face.
That is my prayer for you my sweet son.
It is most certainly my most persistent one.
So onward we go, in laughter and tears,
as we navigate together another gracious year.