Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a Bird...It's a Plane....It's HANNAH!

Well, I am learning all sorts of new moves on my stomach. Here I am trying to be a bird. Mommy does often call me her little bird. I don't know why though! So I thought I might practice being a bird. Mommy said that she was impressed I could do that without much strain. She said she would be in tears if she did that as long as I did! Well, what can I say...I have been training quite a bit...and it seems to be paying off!

Road Trip

Well, mommy and I drove to Statesboro last week to visit Aunt Ash and Maggie! We had such a good time! I really love my Aunt Ashley and I am so happy she let us stay for a few days. It was very relaxing and I had my first ever experience at McAlister' of mommy's favorite places to eat. We also got to see some of the fun sights of Statesboro..including the building where Ash works! Thanks for letting us come and stay!

Me and Maggie

Hey Guys! I bet you didn't know that Maggie makes a great pillow....and a good friend! She was very nice to let me lay on her! I do love a good cuddle! I don't know that she was too excited about it...I think it was more like she was annoyed more than anything but she was a good sport and let me have my fun. Maggie, if you're reading this, I sure had a good time with you and I just can't wait to see you again!

Comin' Over to Play

Look who came over to play with me the other day....Ellie!! We had a good time together although a few tears were shed (continue reading and you will soon see what I mean). I can't wait until she comes again!!

Talk to the Hand

I was trying to tell Ellie something but she put her hand in my face to get me quiet because it was time for a picture. As her hand was in front of my face I thought, hmmm, I wonder what that would taste like? So I gave it a go.

She is SO Funny!

I sure wish you guys could understand Ellie because man is she funny! I just can't stop laughing. I mean, my side is just killing from all of her funny jokes!


I was trying to show Ellie a new move and I accidentally got her in the eye. She didn't like it too much. Who knew I could pack such a mean punch? Guess my training is really working!

Put Um' Up!

Here we are again. Ellie is getting back at me for the punch I threw. I'm trying to get my hands ready to defend myself. Boy, are our mommies going to have their hands full in a few months!

My First Birthday Party

So last week I got to go to my first birthday party! My buddy Samuel from church turned one and I was invited to the big shin dig! It was outside so mommy made me wear my shades and my hat to protect myself from the sun. I am holding his present we got him. He got some shades and books...some of my favorite things! The party was a blast. I can't wait to go to Allie's birthday next weekend!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Look Who's Rolling Now!

Everybody, I have a big announcement to make. On Thursday, April 19th, 2007, I, Hannah Elizabeth Harman, ROLLED OVER! Now, unfortunatley we do not have a photo at this time to document this milestone, but, mark my word, I did it! Here's how it went down: Mommy was getting ready and I was laying on the floor kicking around like I usually do. Suddenly, I found myself on my side and I got there pretty easily. So, I tried again with a little more force. Mommy was talking to me while fixing her hair but I wasn't listening. I was focused on this roll. Well, before I knew it, I was on my stomach! Mommy turned to me to finish talking and lo and behold there I was propped up on my arms, stomach to the ground. What I heard next frightened me....she screamed so loudly and shouted...Hannah, you rolled over! Well, of course mommy, how else do you think I got here?! She actually didn't see me do it but I did and I can't wait to do it again and catch in on the camera!

Sunglasses Model Anyone?

Does anyone need a sunglasses model? Mommy got these for me when we were shopping the other day. I just LOVE them. A lot of people told mommy that I would just pull them off but I proved them wrong. I enjoy them and the nice pink tint they paint the world with. I tried them out the other day when we ran some errands and I kept them on the whole time...even inside the grocery store! We were gone for at least an hour! Mommy even caught me just sucking my thumb and looking at the new world around me caused by these super shades in my carseat while she was driving. Oh and I even put them on the top of my head like mommy so often does with her sunglasses. I feel like such a big girl! Oh and check out the sides of these beauties...just like a flower with the stem and all! How clever!!

Hannah, Is That You?

Emmett could hardly recognize me in my new shades! He had to get really close to make sure it was really me. I gave him a pat to reassure him that it was indeed me and then I had to back away a bit...that dog's breath stinks!! Anyone have a mint?

Mommy's So Proud!

Mommy also got me this new suit the other day when we went to the outlets to do some shopping. She was so proud of the shades and suit she just had to get in a picture with me (disregard the tag, she had to make sure it fit before we took it off...returns can be such a headache!)! I think she did a pretty good job picking out a suitable suit for me. She showed me a couple and I thought this one was by far the cutest and the most appropriate for my body. Mommy just ordered her a suit too but don't worry....she won't be posting a picture of her's on the blog. But we will be so stylish making our way to the pool this summer! Can't wait!

Where's the Beach?

Excuse me, can someone point me to the beach? How do you like my new suit, accessorised with my new pink shades of course? I just can't wait to hit the beach...or the pool in my case. This suit fits a little better than my patriotic one. But maybe I can wear both. . .not at the same time!

And I'll definitely have to add my super cool pink hat too to finalize the look!

Check Out The Back

Now, I want you to check out the back of my new suit. Do you see those ruffles on my bottom? That's my favorite part!! Check those rolls out too...on my legs that is. Ya'll haven't seen that view in awhile...looks like my Chub training is doing some good right? Mom says this will be the only time I will be proud of rolly thighs. And I AM proud!

Bye, Bye, Birdie

Well it sure is great knowing a lot of people with babies because they often give you or let you borrow some of their stuff for awhile. Take this activity mat, for example. Some friends at our church have a young boy and are expecting another soon and they felt this mat was a little feminine for their boys so they thought of me! I am feminine! They said I could borrow it while I am little. And boy it is a blast!! Unfortunately, I got so excited one time that I kicked this bird that pops out of his house so hard that I broke it! Mommy feels really bad. I am a strong kicker though and, personally, I think mommy should have thought of that before she layed it at my feet. But we are grateful for the mat and hopefully we can figure something out to make up for the bird, or the bird head (that was all it was, it had no body...go figure), that no longer has a home.

Go Grease Lightening!

So look what Mommy did to me now! I don't know how many of you are familiar with Cradle Cap but I have it and have had it since I was just a tiny little tyke. For those of you bewildered by this odd name, let me explain. Cradle Cap is when your head is flaky and scaly due to dry skin. It is very common. Well mommy was fed up with it and finally got some good advice from a friend regarding a sure way to get rid of it. That's where these funny pictures come in! You have to drench the head, my head in this case of course, with oil and let it sit for thirty minutes or so to saturate it. So Mommy did just that and I looked like a grease ball. She couldn't stop laughing and even proceeded to stick my hair in all these odd shapes. She even had to put a cloth under my head to be sure that I didn't leave grease spots. After she took these crazy pictures she combed my head over and over so as to pull up all the might say I looked like a fish with all those scales...a dying fish when she was scraping it all off! It was a mess! But very satisfying for us both! Afterwards I took a long bath and Mommy made sure she washed my head twice so to be sure all the oil was gone. And let me tell you....I felt like a new woman after that bath. My head felt so smooth and clean. The advice worked! Can't wait for you to see my new and improved head!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Goofin' Off with Dad! (and a little side story)

Daddy watched me the other day while mommy went to get a haircut. Some of you may find this interesting that mommy hasn't had a professional haircut in over THREE years. She said the last time she got it cut was a few weeks before their wedding!! For those of you still interested in this story you may be wondering why then does she always have short hair if she hasn't gotten it cut in SO long. No, she doesn't have some abnormal thing wrong with her...well she kind of does...SHE has been cutting her own hair! That's a little abnormal I suppose. She said she was a little Obsessive Compulsive about it...not sure what that means. She would keep cutting it to get it just right and then say she would grow it out but she always found something she didn't like about it so she cut it yet again. Well, she finally decided the best thing to do would be to go ahead and get it professionally cut to clean it all up and the continue to grow it out. So that's what she did folks. It doesn't look too different but it doesn't have so many uneven parts to it. Well, back to the pictures. Here I am having a good time with daddy. I love this guy!

Yet Another Special Visitor Jillian!!! She came to stay with us for a few days this past week. She is friends with mommy and daddy and in fact was here when mommy found out she was pregnant with me last year. Unfortunately she doesn't live here...although we keep saying she should move down here. Maybe one day we can convince her. But she was so nice to me. I really like her and hope she comes to visit again! Oh yeah...see Emmett? He really likes her too!! He wanted me to tell everyone since he can't type!

Bad to the Bone

Am I Bad to the Bone or what? Mommy has been looking for some appropriate shades for me but in the meantime she is letting me borrow hers to play in. I think I look pretty good in these. It's really dark though.

Listen Up!

Okay, listen up! I'm about to show you something pretty amazing.I can actually sit up by myself...for a little bit at least. Watch carefully as you follow along in a day of training for the Chub Olympics. I mean, this is behind the scenes stuff I'm letting you see! I should warn you, it gets pretty intense. But it will be well worth it. So invite a friend and scroll on down for one heck of a story

Pulling...Striving...Being All That I Can Be

I'm pulling....I'm reaching....I'm chasing my dreams. I hear mommy's voice faintly in the background cheering me to press keep give it all I sit tall. I can't help but think what hard work this is but I feel that it's worth it. Just a little more....a little more.....

Sitting Tall

See! What did I tell you?! I can sit up so much better. I don't always need the Boppy to keep me sitting. It took a lot of work but that's what training is...hard work that will eventually pay off . I mean, just look at me (disregard the disgruntled helps me stay focused and keep my balance). The proof is in the pudding!! Mommy has been timing me since this shot to see how long I stay up without falling backwards...or forwards sometimes (don't worry...a little pain never hurt anyone). And I must say I have made it to six seconds! I'll keep you updated if any further progress is made.


Hmmm...what should I do? I'm beginning to feel a little weak. I can't stop bending forward (by the way..I am pretty flexible...I mean how many of you can sit in this position?) Do I pull back? Do I fall forward? What do you think? Please...tell me....hurry....


Well, I started to lose control and I face planted into the ball here. But, what can I say, I did the best I could. And I am grateful the ball caught my fall. As a result, I began could I further use this ball to enhance my strength?? Continue reading for the answer to that question (don't you just love how my blog is full of suspense???).

Do I Have an Exercise for YOU!

Hi Guys! Well, as most of our loyal readers know...I am training in what we call the Chub Olympics. Not only do I need to gain some weight but I also need to build my strength. So do I have a treat for you! Grandmamma and Grandaddy got me this great ball you see to my left (you're right). Mommy and I have been using it to strengthen my muscles. We have created an exercise that I think would be useful for any small tyke like myself in need to beef up a bit. So please follow the instructions below so you too can train with me.

Get in Position

Now, get into position like so. Your back should be flat against a firm surface. Breathe in through your nose and then let out a nice exhale through your mouth to relax for this challenge. Now, you're ready to go!

Look Carefully

Okay, now look carefully. I simply push off with my hands. See how they are both firmly planted on the ball? Make sure your hands look like mine. Once they do you may proceed to the next step.

Just a Little Kick and...

The exercise is almost complete. I tried not to make it too difficult for those of you who wish to try it. Here I just roll it down to my legs and then POP it up with my knees. Please continue reading for the final instructions.

The Final Move I go...I just kick it over and continue the momentum with my arms until it falls over my head. This, of course, is the final move in this simple little strengthing exercise I call the Ball Builder. Thank you folks and if anyone is interested in this particular exercise please contact Mommy and she'll fill you in more. If we have enough interest we may even look into creating a video. I'll title it The Road to Chubby.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Playing Dress Up Already

This little purse was in my Easter basket from Grandmamma and Grandaddy. It's a lot of fun. It even has a little cell phone in can see it to my left. How do I look?

Trying to Keep Busy

Grandmamma and Grandaddy bought this grocery cart cover that doubles as a playmat for me. I was a little stinker yesterday and wouldn't take a nap so mommy pulled it out and let me play on it which lasted for a few seconds (like I said, I was a stinker and not in a good mood for very long...just look at my face...I'm a little tired), but here is a semi good picture of me having some fun on my tummy...for a few seconds..but it's really neat and I love it you guys! Thank you so much!

Happy Easter!

Well, yesterday was Easter and who knew I got gifts on Easter? I got a basket from mommy and daddy, one from Grandma and Papa, and another one from Grandmama and Grandaddy! Wow! Thank you all so much for all my goodies! We had a wonderful Easter. I enjoyed spending time with Grandmamma and Grandaddy and Uncle Tim and Aunt Bethany. And we even got to celebrate mommy's birthday a day early because Grandmamma and Grandaddy brought mommy a birthday cake! I can't wait to eat some at my party in 6 months!

Uncle Tim and Aunt Bethany

I was so thrilled to see Aunt Bethany and Uncle Tim on Easter! I haven't seen them in awhile so I wanted to show them how much I had grown and matured. I don't think I was very lively the last time they saw me so I wanted to make sure they didn't think I was a dud! I did my best to show off all my new moves and tricks. I think they liked it. Thanks for coming down for Easter!! I can't wait to see you again! You guys are so much fun!

Playing with Grandaddy

Grandaddy and I had a lot of fun this weekend. I was so happy he and Grandmamma got to stay over Saturday night! We had a blast! I loved it when Grandaddy bounced me up and down on his knee! It was like I was riding a wild horse! Hee Haw!

Eatin' with Grandmamma

Grandmamma was so nice to give mommy a break and feed me the other day. She did a really good job. I ate it all up! I am becoming a good eater for all of you out there. I tasted sweet potatoes and they are good! I just gobble them right up. What else do I like, you might ask? Well, I love applesauce and I do enjoy my cereal now. I used to like bananas but now I don't so much anymore. Really, I love sweet potatoes. The Lord has made so many good tasting things in this world! And I thought I was stuck eating bland ol cereal for the rest of my life. I can't wait to see what mommy pulls out next time! I think the Chub Olympics is definitely going to chub me up! Check ya later!

A Bonnet??

We went to the grocery store last week like we do every week and it was rather chilly so mom put me in this great sweatsuit from Grandma Hart. It fits perfectly now and I got a lot of complements on it. The lady at the checkout, however, was a little confused when she mistook my hoodie for a bonnet. But that's okay. I let it slide this time. I don't wear bonnets for all of you out there. I have nothing against them, I just don't wear them. So don't be confused if you see me in this sweatsuit. It's just a hoodie like many of you have on your jackets.