Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mommy's Moment: Seriously?

What are they thinking?

I had to do a double take as I sorted through my inbox this morning. Did that really say, "how to make the cutest lunches ever?"

I laughed upon viewing this picture. The carefully designed giraffe with its well placed spots and flower cut outs had to be a joke. Is parenting.com that out of touch with mothers?

Or am I that bad of a mother?

For me to create such a masterpiece would require a lot of time and maybe even an art degree.

I have neither.

A mom of three, our lunches are quite chaotic. Not the best atmosphere for delving deep into my artistic crevices to create a lunch simply too impressive to devour.

My version of "how to make the cutest lunches ever" would be using my cookie cutter to turn those pb and j's into a star or heart. And, quite frankly, I rarely even do that. But when I do my kids think they're the bomb. Wow. what would they think if I crafted this giraffe and his jungle atmosphere from a wide array of food on the food pyramid (oh wait, they got rid of that, thanks Michelle Obama...that was a really important endeavor)?

I don't think I want to find out. Their expectations of me and their lunches would sky rocket while my sanity would crash and burn.

Crash and burn.

While my hat goes off to those moms who have the time, energy, and creativity to create such an eye pleasing display, I will press on. Press on simply to feed my kids. That in and of itself is a feat. And at the end of the day isn't what really matters the fact that your kids are still alive, whether they ate a giraffe whittle out of a block of cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich slapped together in record breaking time?

I think I'll let Subway keep the title "sandwich artist."


LB said...

you mean you don't create lunch time masterpieces everyday? You really need to get with the program, Jessica. Ha--I am just happy when I can claim that their lunch is slightly nutritious.

And yes, I am reading blogs while I should be packing. It's a mini-break;)

Jess said...

Um, my boys wouldn't eat half of that stuff anyway. I don't think, if I went to that much trouble, I would actually let them eat it. I would probably Shelac it and keep it forever! I did strategically peel a cheese stick into an "octopus" to get Micah to eat something healthy one day....worked like a charm. It could also go over as a pom-pom. They could cheer "Goooooooo Mom!"
We will stick to our pb and j.

Courtney said...

oh Jessica, you always give me so many moments of laughing out loud!!! You're like the funniest person ever & I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said. You're the best :)

Learning as we Live said...

ha! that is crazy. I'm impressed with myself if they actually eat from more than one food group!

travelingstacey said...

Right there with you, Jessica! Lol You cracked me up with this one. Was that asparagus I saw? No way would my kids eat that! I think mealtimes are some of my most stressful times of the day...especially since I found out this year that Sophie is allergic to chicken, green beans, and broccoli...three things that she likes. So I have to limit all of those. Joe can't have anything with any spice because of reflux. Corn and tomatoes are basically the only two veggies Isaac will eat. Let's just say if I could pull off scrambled eggs and pancakes a couple of times a week I'm feeling good!

Mary said...

You seriously cracked me up with this one...and one has to wonder,can kids even be sufficiently impressed by this to warrant the 45 minute effort designing it? I mean, isn't that kind of like spending all day whipping up creme broulee for kids who just want a ho-ho? I am with you...I give myself a hearty pat on the back when I make heart shaped pancakes once in a blue moon!!!

The Noonan's said...