Friday, October 26, 2012

Usborne Book Party!

Hello Cyber World!

I am hosting an Usborne book party. And I'm inviting you! Don't worry, you won't show up at my house (unless you're local) can browse, shop, and buy all online and have it shipped to you!

I'm really excited about hosting this event because I love books! And being a stay at home, homeschool mom, I love great books to help teach my kids! Usborne has great educational books that are vibrant and exciting for the kids. I used some when I taught in school and now I have a handful to use with my kids at home. I hope to add to my library via this party.

These would make GREAT Christmas gifts. They also have several books marked down by up to 70%! I hope this may be a way to cross some names off of your Christmas list. I hope it is for me too! ;)

If you're interested, click on the link below and find my name under the e-show...

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

It's time for that know, to go along with the gazillion others who posted their pictures on Facebook...

The Annual Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza...

Those of you may remember our pumpkin patch fiasco two years ago while Kate was knocking on the door of Mommy's womb and Grant and I had colossal meltdowns as we left without that joyous pumpkin patch feeling.

This year I was a bit skeptical when Mommy announced we would be visiting a new pumpkin patch. Okay, let's say devastated. I was devastated. To miss out on the hayride with the Disney characters placed in the woods (alongside a broken down washer) was the worst news I've heard as a six year old.

But Mommy promised this one would be better.

Upon arriving, I was hopeful as I spotted a jumpy house. That's always a good sign.

And of course, animals. However, Grant had it in his head that the chickens were going to race. While we knew pig races were on the agenda, I'm not sure how Grant got the impression chickens would also be showcasing their fast footwork.

After enjoying several bounces in the sideways cow house, we took our growing enthusiasm to the underground slide.


We were all fans.

Then, we made our way through a corn maze. However, I'm not so sure we were supposed to come out the way we came in. Whatever. It was getting hot.

And then, we tried out their hayride. Far more educational than the Disney character display we're used to, this one proved a bit disappointing. We took a tour around the corn maze and heard, "yada yada yada, come buy our strawberries, yada yada yada, come buy our blueberries, yada yada yada, oh yeah, we sell Christmas trees too." Hands down the Disney hayride takes the cake.

After Kate helped Daddy shoot some corn across a big activity Grant and I had no interest in.. . Kate's a sucker for anything...we made our way to the huge jumpey pillows.

And, that's when, the annunal Harman pumpkin patch disaster occurred.

Oh it all started well. Lots of laughs...well, maybe not from Kate as she continuously face planted into the pillow. I mean, Mommy or Daddy could have at least helped her. They were allowed on the jumpey pillow but they played ignorant. Mommy insisted on taking pictures and maybe she was wiser for it. Not too much later...

a grown lady bounced too high and sent me flying and landing on my ankle. I give her all the blame. I told Mommy, had it not been for that grown up, I'd be fine.

Upon trying to regain my footing...

I screamed. Daddy and Mommy calmly reacted assuming I was being overly dramatic.

I screamed some more.

I refused to walk.

We were all sweating. Again, October proved to be a hot month.

We carried our commotion under the pavilion where they thought I'd calm down and be ready to run in minutes.

It wasn't so.

After listening to a Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton wannabe...Mommy and Daddy finally came to the conclusion that our pumpkin patch time was coming to a close...

And with that, we left another pumpkin patch another year, in tears. Okay, I did. Grant left continually asking why we weren't able to get a pumpkin and why that cow ride Mommy said he could ride no longer would happen.

And, Mommy and Daddy left disappointed because apparently they had to shell out some hard earned cash to get our family into the festivities, of which we were not able to fully enjoy and squeeze out every ounce of fun. Kate was likely the only content human in the car.

And the car ride home was filled with shrill screams from me as my ankle swelled and bruised a bit and Grant's incessant asking of when we were going back.

Unfortunately, we must wait another long year before we risk our lives and our sanity at the pumpkin patch. Something tells me Mommy and Daddy are okay with that.


Kate clearly was bored as well on the hayride, to the point of falling asleep. She wasn't amused.

We like to tell how hot it is by the amount of sweat that exudes from Grant's head. On this day, there was enough sweat to make all natural hair gel. You organic people should appreciate that.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Guess "Whoo's" Two?

Okay, so the previous post gave the answer away.

I'm two.

Yep. TWO. Just when I got the hang of saying one when asked my age and holding up one finger, I've now got to say two and hold up two fingers. Is life always this complicated?

Well, did you catch my witty title?

I had an Owl Party.

Who has an owl party (other than me I guess)? I guess when you're two it's fun to celebrate with owls. Hey, I heard Hannah had a pig party when she turned two so I'd say an owl is a step up from a pig. Just go with looks like in a year or two my voice will be heard. I've heard Hannah throw around ideas such as a Rock Star party like cousin Allie had, and Grant, well of course he wants an Angry Bird party after his super hero party after his Olympic party...

But for today, we'll share about my owl party.

What do you do at an Owl Party? Well, until last Saturday I hadn't a clue. But, believe it or not, owls can be fun.

Mommy bought the first ever pinata. Okay, not the first EVER pinata but our first ever pinata. Yep, for me. Hannah was jealous. She asked why she never had a pinata. Seems like she needs a little lesson in contentment if you ask me.

And, thanks to the awesome world of Pinterest, Mommy had us make our own hanging lantern owls. . .yes, for me and my other friends who are two. Apparently she thought we were really great with gluesticks and spatial reasoning.


Warning to all parents, come to a Harman birthday party, be prepared to pitch in and reach into your inner artist. These parties aren't for the faint of heart.

After we carefully arranged our owl lanterns, yes, Mommy DID help me with mine, we took a few swings, okay SEVERAL swings, okay several unsuccessful swings at the ol' pinata which finally fell after a dad, can't remember who, probably our daddy, beat it to a pulp, almost literally. It is made out of paper you know.

We did have a good effort by Grant.

And just like that, all that candy Hannah, Grant, and I stuffed into that old bird came pouring out. As you can imagine, the stampede was intense.

Following the sugar rush...literally...we ate the owl cupcakes Mommy made which was also from the "ever flowing cyber world of ideas, Pinterest."

"Owl" tell you I've never tasted anything like them. Excuse my manners.

And, finally, presents. I mean, hey, I was thrilled after I opened my first present. I was happy just to sit and play with it (Hannah needs to take notes here). But, just like the candy that came aflowing out of the ol bird, so did the presents, except not out of the owl. I'm now the proud parent of a beautiful blonde haired "baby," toddler may be more like it, whom I can stroll along in my new shopping cart. It's awesome, really.

And at the end, if the party goers felt a little jipped on sugar, they left not only with a consumed cupcake and icecream and their bag of candy, but also with delicious Owl Gummy Worm bags, compliments of Pinterest.

And that folks, is how you throw an inexpensive (apparently Pinterest is also full of over achieving moms who spend outrageous amounts of money on parties, even owl parties, that would put our party to shame) yet satisfying owl party.

Add some awesome friends to celebrate with you and you've got a real hoot of a party!
Though John wasn't too sure it was all such a hoot. Oh well, an owl party isn't for everyone I guess.

Kate is Two

Kate, you are two.

Funny how someone so little is full of so much.

You are full of humor as you squeeze my cheeks between your two little hands and say, "chubby Mommy(when you read this later on in life please know that was a term of endearment at our house)." Or when you dance a jig for no reason at all.

You are full of snuggles as you constantly wrap your little arms around my neck so tightly when I carry you. Or when you pull my hand to your face so it can rest in its palm. Or when we rock each night, for you won't let me forget to, and you rest your head on my arm.

You are full of mishief as you poured what had to be 500 small beads across our floor. Or when you smeared toothpaste on our walls and carpet. Or dumped that bottle of shampoo out across the bathroom floor (I'm still working on that one). Or when you spread Grant's body wash on the kitchen floor (yes, kitchen). Or when you showed me you poo pooed by exposing your dirty finger. get the point.

You are full of love as you hug your brother and sister and "pet" them on their heads. Or when you say unprovoked, "Mommy, I wuv you too." Or when you put your baby in her bed and comb her hair.

You are full of giggles when Mommy makes funny faces at you or when Daddy tickles you. Or when Hannah and Grant are being silly.

You are full of song as you hum and sing as you go throughout the day. Or as we rock at night and you join in with our favorite song, "Baby Sunshine."

You are full of confidence when meeting new faces and new places. You fearlessly enter a new environment and don't bat an eye.

Kate, you are full of life. Outgoing. Easy going. I foresee you being the life of the party. A friend to many. Openly affectionate. As with Hannah and Grant, I look forward to seeing how the Lord has created you and will use you. You are a blessing to us and I know you will be a blessing to many.

Happy Birthday sweet baby Kate...

5 days late...

But that's how you roll with the third.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Race


Each day starts in my mind like a race. Racing for what, I'm not always sure. Racing to accomplish. Racing to meet people's expectations. Racing to finish. And it seems in the racing during the day I miss out on life. I get frustrated when the race gets slowed down by spilled beads, kids' questions, unexpected guests, distracted interests. And, at the end of the day, after I finish the race and put the kids in bed I wonder, what did I just do? Was the race that important? Did I miss out on valuable moments? Was it worth losing my temper for the hundreth time when what I hoped to accomplish did not get accomplished? And so, the last few days, I've tried to slow down, to run with meaningful purpose. To take a deep breath and tell myself, it will get done in due time. And so I can enjoy the little faces that I am so fortunate to see every day...for I am reminded these faces will not always be here. These moments will soon pass.

Five Minute Friday