Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My First Time in a Dress

Okay, so mommy got me from my nap and wanted me to try on this dress you see me in. Wow! What an ordeal! Mommy said she wanted to see if it would fit for Thanksgiving. It sure took her a long time to get me into it but she said I was super good because I didn't fuss a fact I tried to encourage her through the ordeal with a few good smiles. Once I was all suited up we realized it was a little too big but Mommy said after all that work she was going to at least get a picture of me in it. I think I look pretty nice. I told her to give it a couple of weeks and I should be big enough!


Grandmama said...

I just love your new dress, Hannah we need to go shopping and pick out some more dresses for you. I love you, Grandmama