Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Make a Note

We have proof.

Not proof of our obvious inability to be photo ready...there's plenty of proof for that throughout the blog.


Proof that we can clean up nicely.


Let's be honest. Mommy is making us post this picture so when we complain that we always looked like ragamuffins, she has proof we didn't.

Even if that proof is ONE picture of us on Christmas Eve on our way to church.

I'd like to know who would look like a ragamuffin on that day.

But, we'll give it to her. Because, we have a far more convincing case...hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of mismatched outfits, uncombed hair, and peanut butter and jelly stains gracing our face and our outfits.

She doesn't stand a chance.

So, let her glory in this moment. It won't last long.


Grandmama said...

They are so pretty, I just love the dress on Hannah. Tell her she looks like a real princess going to the ball. Thanks for posting.

Mary said...

Your kids always look good to me!

Anonymous said...

This Grandma thinks they look SO CUTE, too!!!