Sunday, February 22, 2015


So, it's been awhile...the length of this post will attest to that.

It seems the ease at which I can upload pictures to Facebook has been the downfall of my blog.

And, as time has passed, I feel a bit overwhelmed as what to share. Where to begin? 

I've taken up running again. My sisters and I are "training" (and I say that loosely as it comes down to squeezing in one long run a week lately) for a half marathon in two weeks. And since these long runs are well, long, I've had ample thinking time that have produced all sorts of topics to write about. But, when I get home, poof! they're gone as I get back into the fast moving pace of life.

And so, this post will be a hodge podge of thoughts that best represent life right now.


I often blog about my struggles with homeschooling. And while they are still there and more popping up by the minute, I am thankful for this opportunity. For one, I'm thankful for the struggle. In the struggle I'm learning to turn to the Lord more because it's just so hard. It's so hard to be patient, selfless, wise, long suffering, joyful, and kind. Every day I'm faced with the glaring reality that I am not those things...not apart from Christ. He is patient, selfless, wise, long suffering, joyful and kind. And so I turn, to Him who is the Giver of all those things I'm called to be. Oh that I would turn more often and more quickly. 

I'm finally learning to surrender, surrender to unrealistic expectations and embrace the beauty of homeschooling: educating my children where they are at, not where someone tells me they should be. We can move at a pace that doesn't breed frustration because a foundational skill was not mastered before moving ahead. And, it's okay if we have to work through a math book twice in order to grasp concepts. 

There have been tears this year, from both mom and students. But we've had lots of great moments. Our motto this year is "struggle well," and that goes for me and my children. We're going to struggle, so let's struggle well and not give up. 

Moments like these I wouldn't trade for the world:

And for those who ask me (and I get asked a lot)"What about socialization?" Well, our socialization is going just fine. We have periods where we force them to get in groups and talk to other kids...

that is, if we missed our Classical Conversations group that week, or ballet, or flag football, or church, or the neighborhood kids didn't come over that day, or we missed a play date with friends, or the car didn't work and we didn't go out to run errands, or a field trip wasn't scheduled that week...


If there was a kids' Survivor, Hannah would be on it (she'd just be fully clothed). Living outside, creating a shelter, getting dirty, living off of the land while being a social butterfly (see those forced group talks are really working out)...that sums up our Hannah. Part of our struggle with homeschooling is she just wants to go outside and play with her friends. She, along with her brother and sister and the neighborhood kids, have discovered a special place in the woods to call their own. They are currently building shelter and creating a a second home. The tire swing adds a special touch as well. 

And while "roughing it" doesn't seem to bother Hannah, something else does...pulling teeth. It was quite a show to get this tooth out. If she hadn't been in intense hysterics making it difficult for her to breathe, well, we would have videoed it. I bribed this tooth out. Not one of my finer moments. 


The big news for Kate is that she's riding her bike sans training wheels. This I attribute to her sister Hannah, who, unbeknownst to me at the time, had her on a tight training regimen in the yard. It worked. In a few short minutes, Kate was proudly riding. Kate's next goal is to master a few tricks. This doesn't surprise me. Nor will it surprise me when she is out first child to break a bone.

In other news, Kate has also learned to write her name. And she has managed to not break anything lately. Both major accomplishments. While Hannah (fully clothed) is appearing on Survivor one day, Kate will be performing somewhere, my guess is in a Comedy Club or maybe American Idol since it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I'm guessing American Idol Season 35. 


Oh Grant. After a year boycott of riding his bike, seeing his younger sister take off was just the push he needed to gain the confidence to get back on his bike. It's still a mystery as to what caused the sudden break up between him and his bike but Kate's sudden accomplishment was just the antidote he needed to get back on it. 

Now, I wonder how long it will take for him to get back on his scooter after his colossal wipeout that was stopped only by his face's traction against the asphalt? I'm guessing two years for that one. Hey, he scored some new glasses out of it.

In non X games news, Grant continues to sharpen his Lego skills. He's our child who goes through phases. It began with Mario, then moved on to Angry Birds, then to Star Wars and Legos. He's also passionate about Minions and looks forward to the upcoming Minion movie this summer. 

While Hannah (fully clothed) wins the million on Survivor, and Kate wittingly wins over any audience she performs for, Grant will be creating the next video game or app for the "character of the year."

And for me and John, well, we're just trying to keep up each day because we know all too soon we'll have an empty nest and only these memories to go back to. . .and hopefully a few vacations to enjoy!