Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Grant!

Today we celebrated another year of Grant. 
I am so thankful for another year the Lord has given us with our beautiful son.
I often take for granted the lives the Lord has given us and as I went back through pictures to post on here, I was overwhelmed by His goodness in giving us these children.

With each year our children become more defined. Strengths become clearer, as do weaknesses. And with each year, I realize, I must proceed with humility. Humility, because I realize these little people are so far beyond myself. They are far more than accessories to my life. I believe the Lord has designed them specifically and for a purpose and I often realize that the unraveling that I often write about isn't quite how I thought it would go or how it would look.

Sweet Grant. 

This past year it has become much clearer that you have a knack for learning. And while you often won't come out and say it, there is no denying it. You have a sharp mind for math. And a strong comprehension of material read to you. And you've surpassed me in the memory work required for Classical Conversations. 

Your love for games only increases each year. You love to play any kind of game, a card game, a board game, an outdoor game, and especially video games. And you're good at them. You especially like to share these games with me. I'm sorry I don't play them more with you. I know that is a special way I can show love to you. I think our bond deepens over a game of Pac Man.

I still think you are an introvert, especially when I see how you form extremely close bonds with just a few. You have Micah, and ya'll are TIGHT. And I think Hannah may  be your other closest friend. You enjoy her company and even miss sharing a room with her, often leading you back into the girls' room for "sleepovers" where your new fun is having her read to you (that is when you aren't making trouble). You are even willing to sleep on the floor with only a pillow if it means you can be in there.

That temper, that temper is still there. It manifests itself differently these days than in the past. I'm afraid between me and Daddy, we didn't set you up too well for avoiding this one. Kate tests your temper lately the most. I am always praying for wisdom in how exactly to help in those situations. I've thought before, how can I help stifle this now before he becomes a grown man? I pray the Lord would be gracious in leading you to repentance.

You're our most shy one, and that probably goes hand in hand with introversion. But I don't want that to define you. I often pray for boldness for you, and for all of us. Daddy has helped you come out of your shell in ways like making you order your food at a restaurant or going up to the Chick fil a counter to ask for icecream. I hope we will continue to take small steps like that to help you not fear man.

You continue to be tender. I'm SO THANKFUL that at 7, you still want to hold my hand. And that you ask to sit in my lap and let me carry you to bed. I know your tenderness won't always manifest itself in this sweet way (it would be weird, right?) so I try to remind myself to soak it up. I'm sorry for the times I have not. I know that,too, communicates love to you. 

You love to talk. I get that. You don't talk much in public but when you are familiar with someone and it's in a quaint setting, there's no stopping you. You have a lot to say. Some of it is just crazy, like potty humor, while other topics are very insightful. 

You, my dear son, are unique. The Lord knew you BEFORE creation. And now, I have a front row seat of seeing you, in all your beauty and all your mess, coming to be. My prayer, as always, is that you would know the Lord. And that you would put to use all these qualities the Lord knit in you while you were inside of me for His glory. Repent. Trust in Him. Be bold, my son. Fear not, for the Lord is with you. Go and do mighty things for Him.