Friday, November 24, 2006

My First Thanksgiving

Here I am with my Aunt Bethany on Thanksgiving Day. We went to Grandmamma and Grandaddy Harman's house. This is my only picture because I slept most of my time there!! Mom said the food was real good!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My First Doll

Grandmamma Harman gave me this's my first ever! This was the best picture we could get with her the other day. I wasn't feeling too photogenic that day and began to fuss after mom kept trying to get my picture. It's good of my dollie though...she always seems to be smiling!! I just wasn't in the mood. But thanks Grandmamma Harman for my dollie!

My First Time in a Dress

Okay, so mommy got me from my nap and wanted me to try on this dress you see me in. Wow! What an ordeal! Mommy said she wanted to see if it would fit for Thanksgiving. It sure took her a long time to get me into it but she said I was super good because I didn't fuss a fact I tried to encourage her through the ordeal with a few good smiles. Once I was all suited up we realized it was a little too big but Mommy said after all that work she was going to at least get a picture of me in it. I think I look pretty nice. I told her to give it a couple of weeks and I should be big enough!

Me and Daddy

I love my daddy! Here we are after I awoke from a nap...I'm still a little sleepy!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Hey! I am growing!! We had to go the doctor this week because mommy thought I might have tongue ALWAYS stays white!! So while we were at the doctor they weighed me and I am now 9 lbs. 2 ounces! Can you believe it? I am growing so much mommy said I can now start wearing my big girl three month clothes!!! So she suited me up today in this comfy sweat suit. I thought it would be good for us to get some pictures since I look so cute! I love this outfit you can see from my big grin! Mommy calls me little Rocky Balboaette with my hoodie and all. I started to laugh!

Our Little Froggie

Here I am right after a bath in my super cool Froggie Towel!!! Two nights ago I decided to play a joke on mommy and daddy and tinkled on them both. I first decided to tinkle on mommy while daddy got my bath ready and then after some complications getting the water to stay in the tub mommy handed me over to daddy and he wrapped me up in my froggie. He thought that would keep him dry from any more tinkling that could occur...but I got daddy good! I tinkled so much it got the towel soaked and daddy's shirt!! I may look cute and innocent in my froggie but looks can be deceiving!!! (If you look closely at my can see me already plotting my next trick..hmmmm....)

My Favorite Thing

This is the best I could do getting Hannah watching her mobile. She just LOVES her mobile and smiles right away when it starts to go! I know when it has stopped because her crying begins! Thanks Aunt Melissa,Uncle Sean, and Cousin Allie for a super gift!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fall Festival

Here is Hannah at her first Fall Festival. You can tell she is really excited about being there! It was also her first experience in the Baby Bjorn. She seemed to like it okay. It definitely kept her warm on this cold October night! It kept me warm too!! Her best friend Ellie is in the carrier behind her!

Little Piggy

Hannah has started to enjoy her little piggy given to her by Aunt Ash. I will sit her in her piggy and read her a little story. It's never too soon to start reading!! Here she is just hangin out with her pig. I tried to get some more smiles out of her. In one of her pictures she is also sporting one of her wrist rattles given to her by Heather. She has started whipping her arms around so I thought it would be a good time to introduce her to her little rattles. I think she's going to be a little dancer with all her arm and leg movements!!

Swing Time

Hannah loves her swing. She has just started noticing the little mirror and animals that rotate above her! I tried to catch her with a smile. These were as good as I could get.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Sleeping is Hannah's favorite pasttime...she takes after her dad!

Bathtime with Hannah

Hannah loves her bathtime! Here are a few candid shots of her just relaxin in her tub!

Flipper Slippers

Here is Hannah sporting her Flipper Slippers graciously given to her by her Aunt Ashley.
Hannah says, "Thanks Aunt Ash!"

The Proud Daddy

Here's Hannah and her proud daddy at the hospital.

Hannah's First Day

Here is little Hannah on her first day...catchin some z's after some hard work coming into the world!!