Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm messy. I don't like messes too much but I'm pretty good at making them when I eat. This mess is a combination of watermelon, ketchup (from my hot dog aka "hot gog."), and applesauce. Lately these days I like to point out messes to Mommy and Daddy. Whenever I see weeds, woods, or rocks scattered about...I like to say "messy." Mommy is afraid I'm a little OCD. But I just like things nice and neat. That's not a bad thing is it? Lots of times when we're out walking I'll say, "oooo, mess!" If my hands get dirty I go up to Mommy and say, "I messy!" Sometimes I won't let Mommy go until she gets whatever is on my hands off.


Jeremy, Trista, Hayden, & Layne said...

Hayden is the same way about saying things are messy. It's weird! I think she's going to be a neat freak when she grows up. Maybe Hannah and Hayden can start up a cleaning service when they get older!

Groovers said...

wow - kinda wish Savannah was that way! She LOVES to play in the dirt, sand, anything "messy" and cover herself (and eat it too usually). And then with food, I have to watch her like a hawk or otherwise it's all in her hair, her face, and basically everywhere! She's pretty much the opposite of Hannah, haha!