Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Conversations with...Hannah

Okay, so I'm starting all sorts of different topics to blog about. My newest...Conversations With....simply because my memory is so short that my only hope in remembering these precious conversations is to write them down.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hannah: A mom. I will cook for you (definitely will be sharing this with her and holding her to it).

Me: What will you cook?

Hannah: green beans, (yes that green bean she chews for thirty minutes), macaroni, and basghetti (still, after two years of talking she can't quite get this right. fine by me.)
Hannah: I'll take care of you because you'll be old. You'll be old and die (we've just recently had SEVERAL discussions on death after mourning the loss of my grandma and I must say, she has no fear of death in her tone).
Me: Yes, but because I love Jesus I'll be in heaven having a good time.
Hannah: Do you walk to get there?
Me: Only Jesus knows how we get there.
Hannah: I want Great Grandma Hart to move (again, remembering the funeral)
Me: Well, Great Grandma Hart is probably dancing and singing in Heaven and I'm sure she has no wish to come back down here.
My sweet Hannah. I am so thankful for her inquisitive heart and the compassion that shines through. I am thankful she sees the role of a mom as something to be desired. Perhaps one day the Lord will grant her that opportunity. I am thankful that she sees no fear in death because those who love the Lord find their greastest joy in heaven with Him. She tells me often that she wants to go see Jesus (of course I tell her I hope that's a long time from now because I want as much time with her as I can get!) But, I pray daily that she comes to know Him and love Him and that she will spend eternity with Him.
And, on a lighter note, I'm thankful she wants to cook for me! Yes! I already am eagerly awaiting that day. Let's hope she's as enthusiastic about this in forty years as she is now!
I love my sweet Hannah.


Learning as we Live said...

I love this!! Isn't it so special that she wants to be a mom?!? and most importantly, that she is talking about/questioning heaven and Jesus!

Mary said...

so cute! I love that you are jotting these down to remember, I may steal that idea from you! So sweet that she will cook for you, I hope my kids will cook for me, too! ; )