Monday, June 13, 2011

One Thousand Gifts: 91-105

The list continues...I am thankful for

91: sleepy kids at naptime...a quiet house for an hour

92: the Lord's protection in the every day

93: the smell of fresh cut grass

94: kisses from Grant

95: Hannah calling me her best friend

96: my good health as I'm reminded that many live each day in physical pain

97: another lead for John's job (praying and hoping the Lord will
use one of these leads as a means of provision)

98: the lake in the back of our neighborhood, especially at dusk in the middle of my runs, such a reminder of the Lord's beauty and source of inspiration

99: Kate finally making progress in "Baby Boot Camp" by showing sure signs of sleeping through the night (yes, she's 8 months)

100: straws, an added perk to drinking a Coke!

101: that the Lord does not deal with me as I deserve

102: children who reflect simplicity, simplicity in the way they forgive and forget, simplicy in what makes them laugh, simplicity in what makes them content, and the reminder that I should be like minded

103: rolls of laughter I too rarely share with my children

104: modern conveniences that make life so easy

105: milk, that although its date expired, never tasted spoiled...thank you, thank you. :)


Christina said...

#101--Yes! Thank you Lord! I too love the way children live life simply. Great list!

The Noonan's said...

What a sweet pic of your kids!

Mary said...

I love # true. And humbling.