Friday, February 06, 2009

Camo, Wheely Bugs, and Knighthood...a Typical Day in the Harman Hood

These pictures speak millions. Where do I begin? Let's start with the camo. Yes, this is my first, and most definitely not my last, time wearing camo. Daddy is eager to turn me into a hunter by the age of three (just kidding grandparents, no guns yet). Hunting is a must for boys in the Harman Hood. Just ask Daddy. It's not a must, however, for the girls. Just ask Mommy.
Where are the pants, you ask? Well, I pooped on them. Yes, I did. This is typical in our world. Probably every day I have a major accident that requires being stripped of some, if not all, of my clothes. Luckily, for Mommy, it was just my pants. Unluckily for me, it was just my pants. I had to crawl (yes I did say crawl, we are behind these days but I am officially a crawler as of a week or so ago...more of that coming soon) around without pants on for awhile. Do you know how awkward that is? Next time I'll be sure to soil ALL my clothes so then Mommy is forced to put on a new outfit for me.
Where is your other sock, you ask? Well, so typical this is...moreso than the poopy pants. I have quite the knack of taking off ONE of my socks. Yes, just one. Most days I am crawling around with one sock. Who knows where the other one is. This creates an annoying problem for Mommy. You see, there are SEVERAL solo socks sitting in the hamper just waiting for their mate. It's somewhere around the house. I promise. Mommy doesn't believe me though. They still wait, alone, in the hamper.
And then there's the Wheely Bug. Yes, the Wheely Bug, a Harman favorite. I'm enamored by it. I can't take my eyes off of it. And so, Hannah so kindly knighted me with my chew ring as the Wheely Bug Prince. She said she would pass this family heirloom down to me when she tires of it. I'm thinking that may be awhile though. She sure rides it a lot.
And finally, there's our messy floor. Yes, that too drives Mommy crazy. It seems she can't keep it clean and so, often times she gives up and lets it collect the crumbs and drips we give it. Then, when she's just about had enough, she'll give it a good sweeping and mop down only to be confronted with the problem yet again in thirty minutes.
So, there you have it. A typical look into the Harman Hood....camo, Wheely Bugs, missing socks, poopy pants, and dirty floors. Don't we lead a glamorous life?


Mary said...

This was great, I loved this post! Oh, I can relate !!! He is such a cutie...and such a great vocabulary!! ; )

Wheelybugs said...

It's great to see kids using a toy that inspires their creativity in opposition to sitting in front of video games or the TV, great work =)