Monday, July 01, 2013

Mommy's Moment: A Farewell to Diapers

Could it be, oh could it be
that this is my official farewell to messy?
seven years of poopy, runny, wet, and dirty
 comes to an end in my early thirties
Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and Generic
You name the brand, my kids did wear it
Coupon cutting, finding steals
those days are over of chasing diaper deals
saggy diapers full of pee
drooping almost past their knees
smells that permeate through the home
as a dirty-diapered bottom roams
clothes stained from an unexpected explosion
(you know, one where you need to bring the hose in)
are all now a thing of my not-so-distant past
as long as Kate's potty training success lasts
So I take a deep breath
I made it through
seven years of sifting through lots of doo
It's an accomplishment I'm proud to announce
for this stay-at-home mom, it's quite pronounced.
So, so long dirty diapers and messy bottoms
goodness knows, I've seen a lot of 'um
So I jump up and shout
as I close this door
thankful to not be changing diapers anymore!