Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mommy's Moment: Rowena

Today I feel like Rowena.

Who is Rowena? 

I don't exactly know. However, when I picture the name Rowena, I picture long locks cascading down her back and flowing away from her Victorian dress.

Today, I feel like her, minus that whole romantic vibe.


Because my hair has grown ever so long. Not as long as the above mentioned Rowena, but it might as well be for me. My hair has not reached this length since, well, maybe since I was a young child. I'm at a loss of what to do with it.

Therefore, my Rowena-like hair often gets pulled up into a beautiful, pulled halfway through, "bun."

Now, I can sympathize with those "What Not to Wear" contestants who also must have felt a bit like Rowena, had they "known" her. Their long hair combined with kids meant no hair drying and pulling it up to get it out of the way.

And now, I too have been guilty of the same. And I'll confess, I've enjoyed my no hair drying days of late, but, I've also come to the realization that someone may just be video taping me to be the next contestant on "What Not to Wear" because, folks, I'm looking rough.

Untouched by the hair styling tools of today, my hair is not worthy to be compared with Rowena's. It's just not. And I'm not sure if Rowena had a hair dryer or not. Chances are, she did not and her hair magically dried as if she were headed to a Pantene audition.

So today, I took the time to dry it and straighten it and add some relief to it's flowing tresses that encumber my vision and just plain get in the way. I'm not convinced that I am a Rowenian. I find myself missing shorter hair days. But, until our budget loosens, I will embrace my inner Rowena and make do with what I have, lest I show up on the next episode of "What Not to Wear."

Obviously Kate ain't diggin it.


The Noonan's said...

What a beautiful mama! Maybe Rowenia is a recovering scissor-a-holic too! Haha! I'm with you on that lovely pull through bun - practical but not so fashionable.

Courtney said...

you are rockin' the long hair, Jess, work it! :) I'm with you, I get my hair cut maybe every 5 months at the hair school. (it only costs $10 and they usually do a great job because they are very careful, though it kinda takes awhile.)

LB said...

yes, I like the long hair on you!! And I am right there with you. My hair needs to be cut so badly, but it probably won't be any time soon. I came home from running errands the other day and looked in the mirror, and I was slightly horrified that I had been out in public with my hair which was washed, but only air dried and NO make up. It was really, really bad.

Jenny said...

Kinda off subject, but do you really have a giant deer head over your bed?? How do you sleep at night with that thing up there!?!

Jessica said...

Jenny..yes but it's in our guest room. Nothing says welcome like a deer watching over you at night! ;)

Mary said...

I know you will think I am just buttering you up, but I love the long hair on you! I have never seen it this long but it really looks great!