Sunday, August 11, 2013

Music to Our Ears

When you can't breathe, life is tough.
It took a bad allergy flair up for Mommy to cave in and take me back to the ENT, the one we visited when I was three.
Since then I've lived for
TWO LONG YEARS of nasal inflammation.
And it seems my nasal passages were completely, completely closed.
No air moving in, no air moving out.
I'll admit, it wasn't always that bad, but thanks to something in the air the night before, my nose was, well, unusable.
Mommy felt bad.
Real bad.
So with some serious steroids (don't worry, not the beef you up kind), Claritin, and Flonase I was excited to announce:
"Mommy, listen to this..." as I inhaled and exhaled several times. "Do you hear the air?"
It was music to our ears.
Nose music.