Saturday, October 05, 2013

Strength Training

You never know when you'll need your strength.
And so, I like to be prepared.
And seeing as though a gym membership isn't in my forseeable future, I have to be creative.
I have to use what I have to my advantage.
That includes my siblings.
And a jump rope.
And a plasma car.
On an incline.
And, voila, you have a strength training regimen built for an Olympian.

But, don't forget, you must run. To walk is to fail.

 And, do it barefoot, like the Kenyans, who share my body type and who also share many Olympic gold medals in marathon running. It's best to take your cues from the top.

And, like any rigorous activity, you have to smile. Or else, you'd cry. I think I've got the smiling down pretty good.
And, with that, I am building up my stamina. For what? I'm not sure. But at least I may be able to hold my own during an ugly sibling fight.