Monday, November 25, 2013

Growing Joys

Often I lament at the rapid rate my children are growing up. The cliché, "they grow up so fast," is alarmingly true.
And there are many days I wish my kids would not grow up. But last night I caught a glimpse of the joy of growing and maturing children.
This is the first year they were able to help put up the Christmas tree.
It was delightful!
One, the tree was put up in about half the time and two, the joy in their eagerness to serve was wonderful.
In the past it's been a lonely endeavor, often dreaded. But this year, because my children are older and able to help, it was delightful.
And I am thankful for a glimpse of the joy of aging children.
Because the world tells us the best is behind us when our kids emerge from the preschool years. I hear this frequently when we're out running errands. I'm sure you do too.
It's a lie.
Last night was a gift from the Lord as He showed me differently in such an ordinary way.
And it gave me a lot to look forward to.


RETA said...

How wonderful! Yes, I think you will always marvel at what beautiful human beings they are. As they grow, under your guidance, and with help from God Himself, you will see - the best is yet to come, one day at a time.