Sunday, November 24, 2013

While Mommy's Teaching...

So many of you all have asked Mommy:
"What do you do with Kate while you are teaching Hannah and Grant?"
I'm guessing you are expecting some helpful answers like these:
She's doing a folder game.
She's identifying her ABCs.
She's stringing beads.
She's coloring by number.
Or cutting out her shapes and sorting them.
I'm afraid Mommy didn't get that kind of kid.
And I didn't get that kind of mom.
And so, I'll give you the honest answer.
I cut my hair.
"Butcher" may be more appropriate.
I also enjoy rummaging through Hannah's things.
Sometimes those "things" may include lotion, pink lotion, and sometimes I may "accidentally" pour that bright pink lotion all over the carpet in our room.
I also have a knack for stirring Molly up to where she runs rampant through the downstairs while howling.
It's amazing.
And some days, when all of this is just too much for Mommy, I get to watch Dora.
So that's the "REAL" answer to your question.
Like it or not.
On the bright side,
at least I have something to show for all my "activities." And unlike most pieces of work, this one will last for quite some time.