Monday, May 23, 2011

One Thousand Gifts: 51-70



#51: a lead today for John's business

#52: a trapped fox

#53: memorized Scripture to fight anxious thoughts

#54: dinner with friends

#55: Hannah's growing success in beginning to read

#56: a great big squeezy hug from Grant

#57: that the Lord gives "us this day our daily bread."

#58: a laundry system that IS FINALLY running like a well oiled machine

#59: people who make me laugh

#60: the sounds little Kate makes

#61: fresh picked flowers

#62: hearing my kids say "I forgive you."

#63: another birthday for Grant

#64: $5 horse rides

#65: prayer

#66: the end to the Oprah show (one girl who WON'T be saddened on May 25th)

#67: a swimming pool on a hot day

#68: a pudgey Grant belly

#69: a healthy check up for Grant

#70: the food co-op


thejoyproject40 said...

loving #53 and hearing "i forgive you". the oprah show ending made me laugh out loud! thanks for sharing your list.

Jenny said...

Oh, do tell about your laundry system...I'm needing serious advice in that area!!

Jessica said...

Well, we'll see how long it lasts but I put a basket in front of the washer, one in front of the dryer. I put a dirty load in the basket in front of the washer while also having a load washing..then a load drying, then a basket of clean clothes to fold in the basket in front of the dryer. This helps me keep piles of clothes off of the floor in other rooms and it doesn't seem as daunting fo a task this way. I try to fold one load a day with this system. So far, so good. Don't know if that makes any sense at all!

Deborah said...

What a great list. Loving # 59 and 62. Thanks for sharing.
(I agree with your #66 also)

Mary said...

I love the one about hearing your kids say "I forgive you..." it gets me every time!