Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Check This Out!

Hey, check out my robe! I am a BIG girl!! Mommy and daddy have robes and now so do I!! After bathtime mommy suits me up in it to help keep me warm while she is getting my diaper on and putting lotion on my rather dry and itchy skin!! Our good neighbors, who sadly moved away, got me this robe and mommy has been waiting and waiting for me to be big enough to fit in it. I think I look rather cute don't you?? I want to tell the Phipps thank you so much for my robe! I feel really special in it!! (Can't you tell by my BIG grin!!!)


Grandma said...

Hannah, you look darling in your robe!!! You are SO CUTE!! I love you,


Tanya said...

Absolutely adorable! I hope you Harmans are having a wonderful Valentine's Day today!