Monday, October 22, 2007

My New Green Overalls

Check out my new "rags." That's my slang for clothes these days! Grandma came last week to visit and brought these along! Do I look stylin' or what? The hat is the finishing touch although I love it so much that it's hard to keep it on my head. I think this would make a great gardening outfit don't you? Grandmama also came to see me last week and brought me a new outfit too. I'll have to model that for you as well as soon as this cool weather finally comes and decides to stay! I sure do love my grandmas! Oh yeah, Emmett wasn't too impressed. He was a little jealous of all the attention I received and wondered why he didn't get any surprises. In the second picture I'm trying to console him. I told him I would make a case for him. So if anyone is feeling sympathy for my little dog, feel free to bring him a special gift.