Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

It's hard to believe that today Grant turns 2 years old! Before having kids I always heard how fast time flies when you have kids. Now I really believe it. Sometimes I just want to grab the clock and hold it there so I can soak in a few more minutes of this season of life (and sometimes I want to do the opposite!). In this past year Little Buddy has changed so much. Here's a few developments from the past year:

*He walks...and runs...the most precious run you've ever seen.

*He says "Mommy (Daddy) ah-lu" (love you) at least ten times a day (I'm not kidding).

*He throws fits...big fits...fits that will test your patience and your whole philosophy on disciplining. I could camp out here for awhile. Let's just say Little Buddy can stand his ground for over two hours on a simple issue as putting magnets back on the fridge.

*Thankfully his strong passion also crosses over to positive characteristics like giving hugs, patting (he loves to do this), and loving people. He gets along well with most everybody.

*He doesn't like to disappoint. After disciplining he often comes and hugs me and tells me yet again, he loves me.

*He knows most of all his colors (this surprises me because I don't think Hannah did at this point).

*He's an AWFUL eater. At one point he'd eat chalk but refuse any vegetable. Now he eats broccoli and thankfully has given up the chalk. I've given up in the "forcing him to eat" department. Maybe an unwise move. We'll find out.

*He loves Mickey Mouse.
*He loves his sister and will do just about anything she does (not always a good thing). He calls her "Hanny."
*He says "hold shu" and enjoys to be held and carried (sorry to disappoint the little man in a few months).
*He L-O-V-E-S to sing. His most requested song "I Love You Lord" which he tries so hard to sing along to, most of the time just ringing in on the last syllables of each word.
*He's a bit of a scaredy cat. He doesn't enjoy being tossed into the air or being pushed to high on the swing. I'm hoping this is a phase.
*He's an avid thumb sucker.
And I could go on and on. Mostly, this post is for me to remember this little guy at this age. I always thought I'd remember certain things about Hannah at this age but I'm so sad to say I quickly forgot alot of them. All the more reason to write it down. I am so thankful that the Lord chose me and John to be Grant's parents. I know it's cliche but he is such a blessing. My biggest prayer is that the Lord would draw him to Himself at a young age and that Grant would grow into a godly man who loves the Lord and glorifies Him through his life. In my heart of hearts (though I don't always feel this way when days are bad and long) I am honored to be a part of this little guy's life and I pray the Lord would give me and John wisdom in how to be good stewards of his life while he is with us. Happy 2nd Birthday Grant. We love you!


Groovers said...

awe, happy birthday sweet Grant!

Grandmama said...

Happy Birthday Grant! Grandmama loves you to. I hope that you get to eat some more jelly beans today.

Jess said...

This was absolutely beautiful...and so is your baby/big boy!!!

Mary said...

I just loved this post....what a great idea to write down what they are doing each are so right, the memories fade so fast, despite our best intentions. I wish I had been more faithful or consistent with a journal through the years. Sweet Grant, what a special little guy, and a special mom & dad!!!

Sarah and Phil said...

These are such cute pictures of Grant! What a handsome guy. Happy birthday to Grant!