Monday, January 21, 2008

A New Trick

Well, since you've last heard from me, which we know has been awhile, I have begun a new project. It is called, eating with a fork and spoon. However, these pictures only document me using the fork. Today was my most successful attempt. I actually stabbed three pieces of banana and a piece of my quesedilla all by myself. I carefully manuevered it to my mouth. But, once it got there, I realized I didn't really want it and then spit it back out. But the main point is that I was successful at stabbing the food and then ushering it successfully to my mouth. Mommy was super excited. I wonder what she'll do when I score a goal in soccer one day? I'm sure it will be intense if she gets this excited about me putting a banana in my mouth! Oh, on a side note...I am beginning to walk!! I made 10 steps today...the farthest I've gone yet!! We'll have to get a video soon.