Friday, April 04, 2008

Go Tarheels!!

This blog goes out especially to Grandma and Aunt Ash...the two biggest Tarheel fans I know (really the only Tarheel fans I know...hey...I'm network is only so big). In honor of March Madness Mommy put this shirt on me that was Allie's. Now, as for Mommy, she isn't a major basketball or even sports fan...but being from North Carolina herself, she does pull for UNC when pressed to choose a team. But as for Grandma and Aunt Ash...I've never seen such commitment as their's. So this is for you guys! Yahoo!


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO, HANNAH!!! We'll show you the ropes of yelling for your favorite team!!! It's loads of fun!

Love you,

Tanya said...

Woo-woo...go Tar Heels! (Let's not forget their unfortunate game last night). We still love them best of all (well that is after GA Tech of course)!

Tanya said...

Sorry...that meant to say "let's FORGET their unfortunate game last night).