Monday, June 11, 2012

Dirty South Third Child Style

You're a third child if...

 you look like you've run the streets alone for the past week while surviving solely on red popsicles.

you're allowed to eat chocolate pudding in your church dress BY YOURSELF.

you were allowed enough time alone to grab a purple marker and color all over yourself AFTER you also managed to create a beautiful purple masterpiece on paper while also downing a glass of water? juice? that was mostly enjoyed by your shirt.

You've fallen asleep mid biscuit bite at the dinner table because you missed your afternoon nap trying to keep up with your older siblings.

your best friend is a boy because he doesn't seem too bothered by stinky, messy clothes and hair.

This goes out to all you mothers out there who feel like you're doing a bad job. When you're feeling down, remember me.


Grandmama said...

She might like to get dirty but she sure is pretty while doing it. Kate enjoy life you are beautiful through and through.

Anita Kay Head said...

I think I'm in love with this post.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! So there with you! Somehow, well I know how, but our 3rd usually isn't wearing many clothes...oh well! ...Allison D