Wednesday, June 06, 2012

An Update

Check out my signature Harman "thumbs up" toe, compliments of Daddy

It's me.


What's been going on with me, you ask?


I'm still swinging. Bravely. I yell, "ush!" if I see that the speed of the swing has decreased to such a level where my hair no longer flaps in the air. And, I'll urgently let you know if I'm not flying high enough. It seems Mommy does not yet understand that I have HIGH expectations.

Hannah, on the other hand, gets it very well.

In other swingset news, I have now mastered going down the slide head first.

It's awesome.

My next endeavor, head first on my back.

While we're on the topic of slides, I'm also enjoying training for the bobsled competition with my siblings. You see, Strong Woman Hannah takes the slide off of the set, turns it over, and we all ride on it down the hill.

I like to call us, The Locust Grovian Bobsled Team. We've got real potential. Hannah has the speed and agility, Grant will, one day, have the brut strength that often accompanies the stocky build, and I, well, I have the good looks to distract the other competitors. However, that may be hard to do when helmets come into play. I'll be working on that. Once I've got it figured out we'll make a post solely dedicated to our bobsled progress. It's sure to be a hit.

Moving from the swingset to the pool, I've got more news.

I love it!

I've plunged under water three times. I didn't shed a tear. In fact, I smiled. If Mommy wouldn't cramp my style I'd be out in the water with Hannah and the deep end...where all the fun happens. It's a little embarassing to watch from the shallow end with your mom insisting to hold your hand. I want to say, "I've got this, Mom," if only my vocabulary was more developed verbally. Maybe she'll read the blog.

In non-active news, I'm also drinking from a non-sippy cup. I've got mad skills. I've only made a few messes. I pleasantly surprised Mommy and Hannah when I showed them that I could handle the task..AT HAND.

Where are all the pictures to document these amazing accomplishments? Waiting to be takien with the camera that sits in the kitchen. It seems that while I can handle all of these awesome new discoveries, Mommy cannot, at least not while also managing to capture them on the camera.

So, be patient, she'll get there, and in the meantime, I'll be getting elsewhere, whether by slide, pool, or swing.