Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Year Older

Another year passes...
How can it be?
It seems you were just growing inside of me.

Six years now I've known you
Six years I have seen
The Lord unravel a girl, now long and lean
with freckles that cover the bridge of your nose
and long narrow feet topped off with painted toes.

Our Hannah, so tender, so mild mannered, so sweet
all wrapped up in a package so small, so petite.

Great things come in small packages,
this I know is true
Because I've gained so much joy through knowing you.

You hugged me so tightly at a time of great loss.
You've given so freely, even knowing the cost.
Your coins you collected, and gave them to me
for a Coke at the drive thru, you couldn't wait to see
the smile on my face as I saw your surprise
It's moments like these that make Mommy cry.

I see the Lord's grace moving through you each day.
May He move in your life in a mighty way
And cultivate the gems I'm beginning to see
and use them for His Kingdom and for His glory.

Hannah, you are precious, a gift undeserved.
A gift I can't describe with these simple words.

But know you are loved, by us and by Him.
You, Hannah, are a beautiful gem.



Mary said...

What a beautiful sweet poem! Made me cry!